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Optional lobby connect on startup
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Authored by ffffffff on Dec 13 2017, 4:07 PM.


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Not sure about this, but option for going directly into lobby at game startup is for power users good.



pls discuss

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ffffffff created this revision.Dec 13 2017, 4:07 PM
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Isn't such a feature typically implemented with a command line argument and separate desktop shortcut? (Not endorsing that implementation or the feature itself)

Yes. Just thought about have it more into gui, as the code makes it realy easy to implement. For an easier on-switching and saving into options settings, it might be really helpful. Especialy, if focus is on lobby anyway, as online player usual are always in the lobby. If more buttons come to lobby D1055, then it's even more nice, as to focus to the lobby.

Also wanted hotkeys for the menus once upon a time. But you are right that the patch is useful to fan(atic)s of the game.

ffffffff updated this revision to Diff 4849.Dec 21 2017, 8:25 PM

Only auto-connect on startup on prelobby.js when user login credentials are known.

ffffffff added a comment.EditedDec 21 2017, 8:28 PM

mainmenu hotkey like tab/shift+tab and / or arrow keys up/down for switching to next/previous button and right/left for opening closing/go into under menu and enter pressing button?XD

mapkoc added a subscriber: mapkoc.Dec 22 2017, 6:14 AM

I love this, once new buttons get to lobby (should there be a button for mod selection and join by ip? :) ).
But needs quitting game when leaving lobby. :)
Its good for hardcore MP players. Not sure how devs feel about us skipping main window.
If its a command line option I'm glad too, thats how i run game anyway.

u want review @elexis ? appreciating

But we have the lobby and confirm hotkey now (D817), no more need for the mouse interaction.

A better implementation would be a command line option and for windows users a "0 A.D. (Multiplayer Lobby)" shortcut on the desktop.

Having this as a config option means that lobby players who want to see replays, options, structure tree or anything else first have to enter the lobby and then leave the lobby.
I know there is a a patch to add every button of the main menu to the lobby, but I'm not convinced of that either.

ffffffff updated the Trac tickets for this revision.Jan 18 2018, 7:11 AM

I don't really like the auto-connect. Besides we have the hotkey, so players don't even have to use the mouse to connect.

ffffffff added a comment.EditedJan 27 2018, 1:40 PM

Its an optionaly feature.
Would nice to have that.

bb added a comment.Feb 6 2018, 6:25 PM

Voting for the command line option/desktop shortcut

but desktop/option would be uneasy to change quick for normal power user. Why not having this little option in options?