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Show Spread Hit Radius Adapted To Elevation Range In Tooltips
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Authored by ffffffff on Feb 26 2018, 2:09 AM.
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Info about spread hit radius as unit spread differs much even more due to a23 balance changes in D834 in archery tech and unit upgrade to advanced grade and from unit to unit as f.e.
catapult spread 4.0, archer horse 3.0, skirm 4.0, hero champ infantary unit 0.5, champion archer 1.0, defense tower/cc/.. 1.5.

@elexis made already a patch for a21 #4421 i just ported to a23
and @temple made some accuracy graphs

and i made some screenshots

so info added "Spread Hit Radius: [Spread] meter at [Elevation adapted range] meter" as spread is calculated to distance to target we take in account that he can hit that as maximum.

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at Elevation adapted range

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maybe math.round down to "unitRange" sprintf attribute don't need to round here.


As the spread number is the radius wherein the projectile will hit in to an object in 100m distance we calculate and show a spread hit radius, that is more representative to the unit as it's only the maximum range relevant to a unit more than 100m distance. We calculate with the elevation adapted range as the it is the real maximum range.

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Not correct, its a multiplier for the random function in Attack.js randomNormal2D(). But it gives some information about how the spread of the projectiles will be.

We show the max range already, so we shouldn't say it again.
Spread is a complicated idea, so I think the choice is either something simple like "Spread: 4m" or nothing at all.
We don't mention projectile speed, for example, so I don't think it's necessary to mention spread.
The batch time modifier is another complicated idea that we omit from tooltips.
So I'm leaning against adding it but I don't feel too strongly.

atm i lean to spread: 4

I think "Spread Hit Radius" or even "Spread" are awkward wording. "Accuracy" is better, even if the code doesn't use that term. Players will understand that better than "Spread Hit Radius" or anything like that. I really hope you agree. I understand that "Accuracy" isn't the best term either, but it's better. Remember that 90% of our players are laymen who don't care about 100% accurate terminology and programming jargon.