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Move six actors to correct location
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Authored by Nescio on Sat, Jul 6, 4:24 PM.


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This patch moves six structure actors (they're structures, not special):

  • Ishtar gate from special/ to structures/babylonians/*
  • pyramid from special/ to structures/egyptians/
  • minor pyramid from special/ to structures/egyptians/
  • stoa from special/ to structures/hellenes/
  • great stoa from special/ to structures/hellenes/
  • Babylonian tower from structures/persians/ to structures/babylonians/

and updates the simulation templates that use them accordingly. Also remove the Persian civ and name from the (unbuildable) Babylonian tower.

Yes, this creates two new structures/ folders with just two templates each; however, that's not unprecedented: mercenaries/ contains three files, thebans/ and viking/ one each.

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Check nothing is overlooked.

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Build 13403: Vulcan BuildJenkins
Build 13402: arc lint + arc unit

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Nescio created this revision.Sat, Jul 6, 4:24 PM
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Vulcan added a comment.Sat, Jul 6, 4:26 PM

Successful build - Chance fights ever on the side of the prudent.

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