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Credits: Add missing authors + balancing credits category

Authored by elexis on Nov 22 2019, 5:51 PM.


rP23182: Add Balancing credits, refs #5444.
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Occasionally Wildfire Games merges balancing patches by community members.
Wildfire Games had always added authors to the credits when their first patch landed.
However there is no Balancing category in the credits, so some players were not added easily.

For example this happened with Grugnas and borg-.

Grugnas was added to the programming creidts when writing some JS patch.
borg- was added to programming as well since we didn't create a balancing category.
Now in D2392 I'm facing the same problem again with ValihrAnt who proposes a balancing patch but that I cannot commit without either breaking the credits policy (by either omitting him or adding him to a wrong category).
Hence I wrote out all people who created balancing patches so that we have a category where we can add authors that wrote a balancing patch but not programming or art patch.

Before we can lis all people there, we have to specify when someone is added to the list and when not.

The most practical definition I found seems to be:

An author is added in the balancing credits list if
(1) he created a copyrighted work committed in the repository and
(2) the patch was created with the intent to adapt the existing game balance, without introducing a new code/unit feature or artwork.

This is to distinguish contributions to the programming category that modified some simulation code that influences the balance as well but was not programmed to modify the balance but to implement a missing feature.
For example the authors of simulation components, fcxSanya implemented Trade and Barter, leper implemented the Heal component (rP11536) did that to develop the game, not to balance it primarily;
whereas a patch only changing numbers in templates is not adding anything new but - a balancing patch.

Another example are artists like enrique, LordGood and Stan adding new buildings that may or may not end up being buildable.
They are often not really reviewed for balancing impact and thus would not satisfy the category of people doing balancing work despite it affecting balance.

However a gameplay feature addition (e.g. new simulation component) may still qualify as a balancing patch if there is evidence that the author tried to actually performed balancing work and if intent to balance is noticeable.

So the list is most likely incomplete since I only looked at commits in the entity template folders and didn't determine for every simulation commit in how far balancing was considered.

The second change in this diff the addition of some programming author that had not been present in the list currently, see #5444.

Test Plan

See the history research posted on every author.
Ground data comes from svn repository, IRClogs, trac and forums.

Diff Detail

rP 0 A.D. Public Repository
Automatic diff as part of commit; lint not applicable.
Automatic diff as part of commit; unit tests not applicable.

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elexis created this revision.Nov 22 2019, 5:51 PM

Successful build - Chance fights ever on the side of the prudent.

Link to build:

Successful build - Chance fights ever on the side of the prudent.

Link to build:

Stan added a subscriber: Stan.Nov 22 2019, 6:26 PM

Any reason why you didn't create a separate file ?

elexis edited the summary of this revision. (Show Details)Nov 22 2019, 7:09 PM
In D2436#101535, @Stan wrote:

Any reason why you didn't create a separate file ?

Number of entries in comparison to the other categories:

 916  special.json
3.3K  misc.json
7.1K art.json
 11K  programming.json
 16K  donators.json
105K translators.json

and importance of the category in comparison to the others.

Author: Alexander Yakobovich

That this is the same Alex is shown in IRC logs matching those commits

2007-09/2007-09-15-QuakeNet-#wfg-Meeting.log:16:59 < {Alex}> I'll commit my XML files for now
18:29 < Matei> now that we have the building limit, we will even be able to prevent farm-spamming :)

  • rP5244 counts as a programming patch, I guess rP5261 as balancing patch

2012-11-13-QuakeNet-#0ad-dev.log:21:36 < superMario_> I joined, made a few icons and images, and then got too busy with paid work :[

  • So it seems these cursors were made by him (?) rP7789
  • Fullname and nickname in that commit message
  • Nickname is fullname and was used in IRC while being aware that this is a public and logged channel

2010-07-22-QuakeNet-#0ad-reviewed.log:20:09 < mfmachado> Im supposed to add the new icon to the svn
2010-08-16-QuakeNet-#0ad.log:15:07 < mfmachado> new animal icon dds
2010-08-16-QuakeNet-#0ad.log:16:59 < Brian1> mfmachado: Commited your animal icons. They look great! :)
2010-08-12-QuakeNet-#0ad-reviewed.log:17:55 < Brian1> mfmachado: About the installer icon, you might want to center it vertically. I also noticed that scaling it down with an extra pixel on the left and right, and them resizing to cut off a pixel on the left and right, allowed a slightly taller icon. When it's scaled down that much (48x48), the pixel lost on each side isn't noticeable and the pixel gain on the top and bottom makes it look better.

Therefore he should be added with that nick and that fullname in the art credits to provide credit and document copyright ownership.

Quentin Pradet is cygal:

Nick Owens is DigitalSeraphim:

  • Fullname in credits already, but nickname missing
  • Fullname was given for the purpose of authorship documentation in 2009-08-12-QuakeNet-#0ad.log, see rP7109


20 ↗(On Diff #10382)

Sundiata has helped frequently with historic references, especially to be credited for the documentation of the Kushites in rP21128. Full name is present in the credits already under 2D art and on the forums.

91 ↗(On Diff #10382)

user1 is a lobby moderator since 2016 and one of the lobby administrators since 2017 or 18. The entry is copied from the programming credits.

44 ↗(On Diff #10382)

borg- did not write any code patches afaik, but only balancing, hence moved.

elexis added a comment.EditedNov 22 2019, 9:08 PM

Balancing authors:
How I obtained the list of balancing authors:

  1. New simulation entity commits git shortlog binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/templates/
  2. Old simulation entity commits git shortlog 29b5247bd5811365a2b405758bba019b2db93e81 -- ./official/entities/ See also to click.
  1. New simulation entity commits:

These are all simulation entity commits, thus allowed to identify most balancing commits therein:

Alexandermb (9):

Rome Testudo & Anti-Cavalry formations animations:
Ships update
Continuation of the cleaning of the art unused or duplicated files from rP22260
Fix for unsync siege weapons unpacked with horses idle animations
Special formations
Update outdated icons and last updated cavalry icons to use the new horse assets
Carthaginian mercenaries duplication removal.
Replace samnite_swordsman.xml actor properly following rP22775
New Roman Republican and Imperial Shields.

Badmadblacksad (5):

Stances draft, refs #865
Gates. Adds UI buttons, replaces wall section with a gate, defines and create obstruction shapes, detects friendly units and eventually disable door's "block movement" flag, allows us to lock / unlock the door by disabling "block pathfinding" flag. Needs icons, play sound, animations. Fixes #1385, refs #619.
Uses xml attributes instead of elements for obstructions shapes.
Get the gate template name from the wall name and fixes two templates which caused errors.
Do not close a gate if some units are in the passRange.

Deiz (14):

Give the Brythonic and Gallic gates the new Celtic gate footprint and obstruction.
Disable rally points for Celtic wall towers (which can't be garrisoned).
Added the new ControlPersist XML element to wall tower templates.
Stone wall segments now have costs dependent on length. Rebalanced gate/tower costs per IRC discussion.
Forgot to add the new short, medium wall templates.
Made citizen-soldiers build 25% faster than female citizens, per k776's suggestion.
Reverted k776's not-suggestion from r12491, per k776's suggestion.
Adjusted wall sets so that all wall segments have the same health. Gave gates 2/3 of wall segment health.
Don't sed templates at 5 AM without testing.
Tweaked a few fishing-related templates, removed ugly workaround.
Regular champions take 13 seconds to build, Persian Immortals shouldn't build 2.6x as fast.
Domestic animals should be unable to gather treasure.
Enable rally points for corrals.
Prevent naval gatherers from trying to reach land drop sites.

FeXoR (1):

Fixes an error while placing Cartaginian walls ingame.

Imarok (4):

Correct siege wall icon
Improve minimap colors
Domesticated animals shouldn't be visible in FOW
Wild domestic animals should stay visible in FOW. This is broken since rP20248.

Itms (37):

Hide changes to buildings in the fog-of-war.
Rename the Briton hero Cynvelin to Cunobelin, which is a more common appellation, and is coherent with the historical data of the game. Also fix some typos by this mean.
Remove some "Counters/Countered by" tooltips as the hard counters system has been disabled.
Remove another leftover "Counter" string, see also r15867. Patch by thamlett, fixes #2830
Add a new Visibility component that will eventually allow scripted components and mods to influence an entity's visibility.
Fix actors not retained in FoW after r15925. Refs #2913.
Move template items GetRetainInFog and AlwaysVisible from Vision to Visibility.
Improve template code style for the Decay component.
Implement the Rotary Mill aura for Celtic factions. Patch by niektb, fixes #2900.
Clean up redundancies in templates for the Visibility component, refs #2913
Move back the computation of most of the visibilities from JS to engine, to improve performance.
Make the Ptolemaic lighthouse reveal the shore on the entire map. Fixes #3174
General review of Greek specific names. I didn't bother to go through Seleucids, who might be modified, and I ignored the history section most of the time because we don't use it anywhere anymore AFAIK.
Amend previous commit, reported by qwertz
Temporarily revert r16666 for technologies, refs #3262.
New long-range pathfinder.
Correct the outpost tooltip for capturing. Adapt the Theatron tooltip to the new specific name of the technology. Add a final stop.
Fix the male variation of non-Roman healers. Fixes #3318
Use the terrain-only grid for terrain edges in the short pathfinder algorithm. This grid is updated on each terrain change, whereas the passability grid is updated once a turn. This caused OOS on rejoin, fixes #3292.
Update templates to reflect the recent obstruction changes for units. Fixes #3294.
Fix enemy corpses visible in the fog of war. Fixes #3179.
Reenable formations and fix/improve the communication between UnitAI and UnitMotion. With the new pathfinder some path requests can be completed instantaneously, so UnitAI has to handle MoveStarted messages even in the IDLE state.
Fix some issues reported on Transifex.
Some string fixes.
I shouldn't rename things.
Fix the garrisoning flag for some Seleucid buildings, patch by stanislas69. Fixes #3631
Improve some aura and technology descriptions where there was a confusion between speed and time.
Limit arrows on certain buildings and ships. Patch by sanderd17, fixes #3196. Balancing by elexis, reverts r16776 in favor of the new total arrow limit.
Remove or fix some broken art files. Bring wrld_med_plant.png back from the dead.
Fix some strings reported by translators.
Fix the Mustang template. Add tests for the UnitMotionFlying component.
String changes, based on feedback from translators.
Spelling corrections for Gauls. Rename Britomartus to Viridomarus. Patch by Phormio.
Correct Mauryans into Mauryas.
Rename the Viking longboat into longship, and fix the form of the specific name of the Roman bireme.
Fix issue in rP22182, detected by the script.
Improve Roman specific names.

JoshuaJB (3):

Fix #1496 with a revised version of my patch. Also moves damage-related functions from Attack.js to a seperate file in the global namespace.
Fix template typos and inconsistaint whitespace.
Fix #3613 by adding the visibility component to triggers. Patch by elexis.

Jubal (5):

Gives all fish the new IsSeaCreature class, so AI can identify them more easily.
Changes IsSeaCreature to SeaCreature, gives whales SeaCreature
Adds a new class, ForestPlant
Given the new Dropsite classes to mills and farmsteads - they'll need to be added to CCs and Docks at some point, but for the moment I'm dealing with CCs separately and the AI still doesn't build docks so that's lower priority.
Adds the GarrisonTower and GarrisonFortress classes to towers and fortresses.

LordGood (60):

Ptolemaic walls commit
Ptolemaic market draft commit
Ptolemaic blacksmith draft commit
Ptolemaic dock draft commit
Ptolemies corral draft commit
New Carthaginian wonder commit
Carthaginian farmstead remake
Ghost commit for fields
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Iberian wonder
Seleucid Tower and textures
Seleucid house commit
Seleucid temple commit! Minor edits to Sele_struct_2 texture file.
Seleucid civ center placeholder
Seleucid storehouse
Seleucid farmstead
Seleucid Fortress commit
Seleucid walls, finally Placeholder normalmaps and specmaps added too
Seleucid barracks edit Seleucid wonder commit
Colonnade for Seleucid city building
Seleucid market commit
Seleucid corral
Seleucids blacksmith, fixed a few things with the corral and barracks too
Stan's Ptolemaic military colony and a few updates I forgot to commit with the seleucid blacksmith
Seleucid dock
its a biggie, finishing up the seleucids, new wood towers and some gaul roof and fortress stuff. I dont care much for mass late uploads like this, everything works on my end
Very large art commit, hopefully I don't break anything foundations and construction sites, not-yet-implemented animations, briton walls, fortress, and textures Carthaginian buildings, destruction variants
Stan's Gaul storehouse, metropolitan Seleucid cc actor, Cart wall foundation and scaffold actors
first commit for Spartan buildings
fixed a few errors and complaints regarding new spartan structures
corral and possible theatron fix?
Last of the Spartan buildings, wow's normal fix, and Stan's archery range
few minor edits to the spartan range and workshop, added template tree for future ranges, stables, and workshops and assigned new actors to them
Persian range and Stan's Iberian stables. Template edited for Iberian range.
seleucid,persian, and stan's iberian models, actors, and templates. persian ballista tower in there for a goof. little seleucid house edit
seleucid elephant stable and carthaginian regular stable. fixed persian hay cart
Carthaginian range, workshop, elephant stable, mauryan stable, babylonian defense tower
mauryan range and workshop
Ptolemies stable,range,workshop,e-stable & Roman stable
Final barrack split assets for Rome, Greece, and Gaul.
Black Pines, Cattails, Atlas Cedars, and Saplings
Mature and dead Baobab trees
Baobab age variants, Bamboos and banyans
Doum and Nipa palms, Normal maps and specmaps for the new trees
Palmyra Palms
Updated date palms
Giant reeds, rocks, fruiting date palms, few more date palm variations
I'm a huge fan of Mediterranean fan palms, which are themselves not very huge, mind you
Dead palms and some more stone cliff variation
Quarry stone
fixed anchor points on quarry entities
Holly oaks, fixing some weird normals on the atlas cedar, and a few edits to the quarry stone and texture maps I don't remember doing, but I can trust past me to have made good decisions, right?
bananas and strangler figs
may have forgotten an actor file, also areca palms
Teak, dragon bamboo, scaled down some baked normal and ao maps larger than the base map, minor edits to areca palm
entity template for the juniper tree
Cypresses, maritime pines, emergent teak variant, grasses ptolemaic tower, walls and temple commit, ptolemaic texture split
Artillery tower master commit, Keep your eyes open for errors, everything's good on my end but my subversion is filthy
deleting broken template that slipped through

Pureon (134):

git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Added resource gathering sounds to celt and hellene females
Gathering sounds for Celt and Hele infantry units
Added bark sounds to celt war dog
Female acknowledgement sound placeholder
New siege ram sounds added. Celt siege ram files.
Added eyecandy bridge edges.
Celt siege ram produced in fortress buildings
siege ram trained sound effect added
hele wall and wall tower obstruction stat changes
make bridge unselectable entity
Added Iberian siege ram unit
Added unit icon to Iberian siege ram
Iberian corral fix
New celt temple. celt_struct texture changes. Renaming old temples to stone monuments
Initial structure destruction sound effects added.
Selection sounds added to siege ballista and onager
Added new building constructed and selected sound effects
Sound effects for wall gate
Hele siege tower basic setup
Garrison multiplier for hele siege tower
Mechanical siege tower update
Stop siege tower garrisoning itself inside itself
Siege tower update
Palisades committed. Some need obstruction offset
Palisade spikes template files
Wooden bridge edge files
New Kart corral files
New palisade Outpost, Watchtower, and Spike structures
Closed palisade gate
Carthaginian dock and superdock files.
Carthaginian embassy buildings update
Scenario only embassy simulation template
Updates to Carthaginian buildings
Carthaginian building updates
Siege ballista entity setup
cart mechanical siege ballista xml
New Persian houses
Persian Corral building
Removes Conquest Critical class from obelisks
Persian stable actor and template
New Persian dock
Larger dock for the Persians
Persian sb2 building placeholder
New Persian wall, wall tower, and gate placeholder
Ram attack and attack order sound files
Persian scout tower prop variations
New Persian trader
Carthaginian and Persian trader sounds
Some more fish animations
adjustments to some animal movement speeds
Roman siege ballista templates
More changes to Roman ballista
Animated Roman ballista siege weapon with delayed attack sounds.
Roman siege ram with animations
Running animation for sheep created by Zaggy. Movement speed reduced
Iberian Fireship model and basic template files
Roman walls
New Roman and Hele trader units
Palisade segments for the click-drag wall system
Adjustments to palisade walls and rotated gate
Celt Murus Gallicus wall, tower, and gate
Persian wall segments
Iberian wall segments. New design and models
New Hele walls
Roman wall segments - long, medium, and short. Gate needs work
Celt wall segments
Carthaginian wall segments
Renaming the old celt wall files and new templates for them
Added stone and mining rate techs for all Mills
Pair of infantry techs for the barracks
Healing rate and range techs for all temples
Changing range values of defense outpost template
Armour and Attack techs for siege weapons
Changes to Iberian wall obstruction widths
Stockbreeding tech for the corral
Trade convoys tech for the market
Audio files added
Added new voice sounds to all female units. Recorded by khegarty
Siege ram for the Macedonians
New death sounds added
Mauryan structure templates
Unit sim templates
Updates to some more Mauryan civ files
Mauryan support elephant
Update to Mauryan civ template and some new tech icons
Territory decay rate tech for Outposts
Mauryan infantry archer template tweak
Mauryan Elephant stables added
Adding icons to wooden gates
Resized model of the Carthaginian gate. Same size as long wall.
Celt gate resized to the size of long wall
New Celtic Broch fortress
Three new technologies for ships
Small nerf to all warships. Less attack and range
Garrison healing tech for temples
Roman army camp icon
Carthaginian mausoleum building
Carthaginian mausoleum icon
Packed siege unit icons
Mauryan elephant stables ui icon
Macedonian library scroll icon
Balance tweaks to Ram WalkSpeed, House cost, Herd Buildtime, Melee Cavalry, Hannibal
Elephant sounds created by EvanBogunia
New icons for dock, mill, stoa, theatron, and monument structures.
Military Engineers, Artillery Instructors, and Metalworker techs
Crannog settlement for the Britons
Siege Onager model and animations. Texture is placeholder.
Mauryan Farmstead wip
Mauryan Corral model
Some animal sound effects
Horse sound effects by Evan Bogunia
Improved animal attack sounds
Model and texture changes to some Mauryan units
helmet variations and tweak to ballista template
Bolt shooter accuracy tech
Small nerf to bolt shooters
Animations for Mauryan wall gate
caliper icon and Mauryan wall tweak
Mauryan long wall template edit
Mauryan ship footprints
Placeholder Mauryan merchant ship
Ashoka pillar variations and footprint fix
Chanakya hero template
Mauryan ship icons
Small boats move around quieter than large ships
Applying stwf's sound attribute to ballista + pers fortress decals added
Persian Palace structure
Template tweaks to palace
New shipwreck models
Marker objects for Atlas
Small audio folder restructure and further deletes
Icons for palisade wall and palisade fort
Icon updates

Spahbod (7):

Adds new metal and stone mines for polar and alpine biomes.
Found a better name for Persian fishing boat.
Templates for new tropical flora.
Templates of the new trees.
Fixing the name of tamarix tree.
Revised Persian names.
Implements resource trickle. Allows decimal player resources. Fixes #2413.

Stan (99):

New Brittonic stable + compressed blendfile with packed textures Reviewed by LordGood
New Brittonic range + compressed blendfile with packed textures Reviewed by LordGood
New Brittonic storehouse + compressed blendfile with packed textures Reviewed by LordGood & Enrique
"Remove History string wrongly re-added in previous commit and height tag, which is inherited from the parent template"
Remove some specific useless specific names from my previous commits
New Brittonic workshop + compressed blendfile with packed textures Reviewed by LordGood
New ram for Mauryans, by AlexanderMB, with a new icon. This mechanical unit is now trainable in the fortress. Blend file + Icon xcf committed to the art repository
Remove ram from fortress to let people in charge of balancing make the call on whether it should be added to the civ or not. Add Alexandermb to the list of 3D contributors. Thanks elexis for raising concerns
New siege fire animations for units, made by AlexanderMb and some cleanup in those files done by myself. Reviewed by Lordgood
Change onager footprint to better reflect its shape add player color and icon (Textures edited by WowGetOffYourCellPhone) And change its specific name to onager
Fix broken (as with wrong parent) template. noticed by Imarok fixes rP20492
Remove useless ungiven specific names, add drop props for the briton workshop, and fixed a broken drop prop in the elephant stable that caused warnings. convert files from utf-8 with bom, to without. fixes rP20427
New gaul stable Reviewed by Lordgood.
Add new operators for onager by Alexandermb, Reviewed by me and Lordgood.
New Zebu anims and armature. I made Idle, Walk, and used Alexandermb's work to make death variants. Skeleton was generated using the python script I wrote some time ago.
Move a sheep texture to the correct folder and make use of it. Only trainable sheep have the player colored collar.
Add gastaphretes as an atlas only unit for now Accepted by Lordgood: Thread :
New horses commit part 01 New seleucid chariot, using the new horses Accepted by Enrique Discussed here
New horses commit part 02 New pony meshes by AlexanderMb Discussion here
Remove a useless actor now that new horses are committed Add two dogs as fauna, in case people want to use them for scenarios
New Seleucus Nikator (Victor) helmet Discussion here : Accepted by Lordgood
Add a different siege tower for ptolemies to make use of their own garrison flag. Use the hele_flag for the hele_siege_tower, as it's now used only by macedonians and they do not have their own. Update the template to use the new actor
Fixes #4634 Update Theatron and Stonehenge foundations making them with more props Make Stonehenge foundation slightly bigger allowing one to select it without having to place the cursor in the middle.
Fix an incorrect icon for ptol healers. Thread :
New cavalry icons by Wowgetoffyourcellphone for romans Reviewed by : Stan
New cavalry icons by Wowgetoffyourcellphone for macedonians Reviewed by : Stan
New cavalry icons by Wowgetoffyourcellphone for ptolemies Reviewed by : Stan
New cavalry icons by Wowgetoffyourcellphone for seleucids Reviewed by : Stan
Add templates for some heroes who already have actors Discussion here:
Make the zebu trainable in the mauryan corral, as what was asked initally in #1992 Discussed with: Mimo, elexis Funny Image: Itms
Add missing template in rP20947
Some new icons by wowgetoffyourcellphone Reviewed by : Stan.
Some new icons for the dogs by wowgetoffyourcellphone Reviewed by : Stan Add a new mastiff dog version without spikes (the collar is part of the mesh so I can't remove it completely) Tweak the templates to be more like the wolves, hence inheriting the roaming stuff
New completion sounds for archery range by Lion.Kanzen Reviewed by : Omri, Stan Thread:
Use the icon for the 300 version of Leonidas.
Delete camel sound file that is not death and is unused. Move goat death sounds to the death folder, and use every one of them.
Artwork by: LordGood, wowgetoffyourcellphone, Stan, wackyserious, Lion.Kanzen, Sundiata, Alexandermb Templates: wowgetoffyourcellphone, Hannibal_Barca, elexis, mimo, Sundiata Maps: wowgetoffyourcellphone History Research: Sundiata Tested By: FeldFeld, (-_-), Grugnas, mapkoc, Dizaka, Cesar, Liberty, Sundiata Discussed With: Itms, niektb, WhiteTreePaladin, feneur, fabio, leper, Pureon
Change seleucid spearman name to pikeman, to better reflect their function.
Change pyramids class on mimo's request.
New range icon by Lion.Kanzen Thread:
Update the templates to match the new unit names. Rename ptol cavalry to camelry to better reflect what they are. Update the maps accordingly.
Fix decal and rubble size. Based on patch here:
Add a new hero  (harsiotef father of nastasen) that should replace nastasen eventually as noted by sundiata.
rever the change in rP21202 as it will cause some issues and the behaviour hasn't been well defined.
Placeholder hero so the civ is complete, basically all that needs to be changed is the turret the rest is fine.
Differential Revision: ​ Reviewed by: elexis Comments by: wowgetoffyourcellphone Fixes #4832
New animation for fishermen by Alexandermb Thread:
New Blemmye camp for Kushites Issue:
Make Thureophoroi use hoplite animations. They should be able to use Phalanx as said here
Tweak Kushites as asked there for AI compatibility Transform the camps in embassies Remove special class Rename the mercs Remove the more explicit camelry name
Fix some templates errors introduced by the recent camel renaming.
Rename some heroes using the common scheme. Those heroes were introduced in rP20929 The new convention from now on will be civ_hero_name(_type(_weapontype)) where parenthesis are optionnal. However it would be nice to when a infantry hero is added for instance, than the other one specify it's cavalry Since it requires map changes, it will be up to the person introducing it.
Rename missing hero in rP21449 Refs: rP20929
New nuba camp kush building set is now complete. Discussed with Sundiata and Wowgetoffyourcellphone Sketchfab soon
New Kushite icons by wowgetoffyourcellphone.
Add a new icon for vercingetorix I made using wowgetoffyourcellphone psd template. Fix #5087
Fix incorrect file naming noticed by Alexandermb
New greek quiver by Alexandermb Thread:
Reduce decay time for units to avoid lag when too many units are dead. Make their decaying faster too so they do not stay too long under the ground for no reason. Leave it some time still so players can still have an idea on how many dead units are there.
Improve existing boar texture to make it less cartoony. Add blendfile for the boar so that it can be reexported more easily in the future. Reduce the boar's max range so it attacks its enemies closer. Add a feeding animation variant.
Reduce existing rome barracks footprint and use a more recognizable layout. Move the old file to the art source.
Fix the deer feeling like it runs in slow motion, it is now like the gazelle.
New Persian Farsi voices by dMZeroCold & dMAthena. Post SFX Treatment by Samulis.
Remove gaia from the civ for a few templates to simplify them Patch by: Nescio Differential Revision: ​​
barracks → Barracks
Add a donkey fauna template, to be able to place it in Atlas - Use the rotary mill icon (copy it) - Fix the walking speed. - Add a material.
Fix missing refs in sound files. Reported by: A script and Fork AD Path by: Fork AD
Fix inconsistencies between specific name and generic name Patch by: Nescio
Remove unnecessary gaia from other/ structures Patch by: @Nescio
Templates for domestic horse and camel Add two templates for mapmakers that don't want horses and camels roaming around. Will be useful for scenarios. Patch by: @Nescio
Update Kushite stable, range, workshop, and elephant stable's specific names. Patch by: @Nescio Names by: @Sundiata
Merge entity templates, removing two templates with non descriptive names.
Celtic structures' specific names update
Improved pig animations and textures.
Fix wallsets throwing annoying errors when loaded in Atlas. Refs: rP16022, rP11760, #786
Add Gaul theatron (Unused for now)
Fix gaul assembly's template. The civ was incorrect and it was missing a specific name and a generic name. Reported by: @Nescio
Update templates to use the new foundation sizes.
Add special scaffoldings for the wall towers as well. Based on a model by @LordGood.
removes <Actor> from the generic template_* files removes <SpecificName> from the generic template_* files removes <GenericName> from the gaia/ruins/* files removes <GenericName> from the gaia/treasure/* files removes <Icon> from the gaia/treasure/* files if it's identical to the parent template adds the appropriate actors to their specific children in the cases they were not yet included there adds the appropriate specific names to their specific children in the cases they were not yet included there use title case for the gaul theatron <Actor> is still present in the following generic templates: template_formation.xml template_unit_catafalque.xml
Some cattle Fauna New Cattle Textures New Sanga Variants New Maur trader chariot
*New Horse models *New Horse textures *New Horse fauna (Breed, Marwari, Lusitano, Celtic) *Cleaner distribution of animations for riders and horse files *Better usage of variants to reduce amount of lines in Horse Actors *Chariot for Kushites Done by @Sundiata *Single armature for chariots
*Faction exclusive shield shapes for Britons and Gauls *Differentiation of Celtic factions (Gauls and Britons)
moves territory_pull.xml from other/ to special/ and updates the only file in which it is currently used (maps/scenarios/Campaign Test Map.xml), because it is something special and thus doesn't belong in other/ (which contains various gaia structures).
New Briton Blacksmith. Make all the props in the blacksmith buildings separate Add three tools, one hammer, two tongs Use the new briton shields on the blacksmith Use the new helmets on the blacksmith Add new crates, and gives it a bit more geometry. Update the anvil eyecandy prop
Unify stables names. Fix some decals, Remove AO suffix, Rename struct_b to roof Use stable_elephant as per the art convention <general>_<civ>_<type>_<extra>_<variation>
New less broken walls for the gauls, move the gaul walls to the gaul repository, the gaul gate will be moved when it's replaced/improved.
New horse and cattle fauna template corrections Patch by: @Nescio Reviewed by: @Stan
Fix the smoothing group issue reported by @vladislavbelov on the chat today, that is made more visible by Phab:D1925. - Rename civil_centre to civic_center - Rename the shield prop object to a more explicit name. - The template and the rubble template should be renamed in another commit to make sure that do not affect the AI.
New bushes, trees (Oaks, firs, Birch) by Big Tiger, as well as new cliffs, and decals.
Correct Persian specific names Patch by: @Nescio Reviewed by: @Stan
Rename gastraphetes template corrects the <Identity> node: Patch by: @Nescio
Use the @wowgetoffyourcellphone's Uffington Horse as the Briton Wonder committed in @Enrique's special commit rP19095. As such the building is no longer garrisonable, and no longer gives a population bonus. Discussed with: @wowgetoffyourcellphone Thread 1: Thread 2:
Revert the quarry change from rP22383 and instead create a new template to accommodate the new quarry model. Reported by: @elexis
Fix ptol temple's (from rP22804) rubble size and foundation size using the closest matching rubble and foundation. Rubble is currently not using correct units and is close to the size of the 5x9 foundation. The temple is a bit bigger than that one but we don't currently have anything bigger.
Add new improved berry bushes based on the old grapes actor.
New cattle sounds by @Samulis Sound repartition suggested by @Samulis
Add new rubble for the gaul civic_center. Use the the new destroyed texture for the brit rubble, and the celt_dock rubble.
New Elm trees. Art by: @BigTiger Reviewed and adapted by: @Stan

amish (14):

git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
New icon for celtic kennel
Elven Ship(under the name noldor_ship_trireme)
#New Carthaginian Merchant Ship
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Persian Scythed Chariot
# Assyrian Ram

bb (43):

Add missing and remove redundant phase required technology entries from templates
Cleanup farmstead size related template data.
Add footprint and obstruction sizes in skirmish farmstead fixing rP20202
Make corral obstruction and footprint match the actual building size.
Resize storehouse so obstructions matches visually
Match house obstructions visually and cleanup some related template data.
Equal siege status bar sizes
Allow attack and attack_impact sounds for multiple attacks
Fix some SelectionGroupNames
Rearrange tower templates
Cleanup the conquest code
Allow walls to have rally-points
Move undeletable tag to identity component, preparation for allowing units without health component. Also fix a missing init from D750/rP19987
Make houses conquestcritical, since the can train female
Make the kennel depend on military structures instead of special as stables have the same inheritance structure
Make unit icon naming consistent
Let the embassy depend on military template instead of special, since that is what the name suggests and an embassy can be used for any civ.
Create a parent template for the maceman and add a maceman identity class. Macemans and swordsman are different, and more civs than just maur might get them (maybe in mods), so a parent template for them is good to have. Updating the tech so it keeps affecting the same (but notice it doesn't do anything with macemans).
Rename wolf_snow to arctic_wolf
Fix the currently wrong entity order/select/attack/trained sounds.
Give all entities a looter component so building arrows bring in loot too
Move the fish template under template_gaia since fish is a resource like trees and mines.
Nuke the misleading Structure_Defence from the wallset template name
Remove a misleading unit_fauna_decorative from the bird template
Change structure_defense to structure_defensive so it is consistent with the other structure types. Nuking the weird defense_defense_tower name while at it
Add "At Least" to the front of the disabledTooltips
Remove unneeded death sounds from structure templates, as they inherit from template_structure
Reduce duplication in template_structure_military*
Add ConquestCritical to structures that want it, instead of removing it from those that don't want it. While add it remove conquestCritical from benches/fences/tables/columns etc.
unparent the range from the barracks, and reduce the duplication in the civs' range templates while at it, make the classes consistent and remove the cav from the range
align the footprint an obstruction size with the model size for the kush range
Bring the palisade templates under their own parent (instead of the stone wall).
Communicate field diminishing returns to the player in the fields tooltip
Correct the grammer of rP22203
Rename pers_stables to pers_stable as rest of {civ}_stable to simplify check done by Petra
Seperate stable from barracks
Reduce defensive_wall* duplication
Set ship status bars in parent
Rename Stables class to Stable since we use the singular forms. Fixes rP22280
Merge persian and mauryan Archery Tradition technologies Add the tech to ranges, and make them also pop upin captured barracks
Add skirmish templates for range, stable, wonder and workshop While at it clean some obstruction and footprint sizes in stables and workshops Add a specific name for some workshops
Standardize formation tooltips
Clean Gaia's Selectable

ben (46):

Idle worker button now cycles through Worker, Trade, and CitizenSoldier classes in that order (then by increasing entity ID). Fixes #209.
Adjusts unit selection behavior to account for ranks. Triple-click now selects units regardless of their rank. Adds modifier hotkey to select units offscreen. Fixes #826.
Adds hotkey for finding idle warriors (comma). See #792. Updates finding idle units to be more flexible. Resets finding idle units when unit is deselected. Adds Warship class to relevant templates.
Removes ConquestCritical token from fauna units, so they don't count against victory. Fixes #911.
Implements building restrictions (by terrain, territory, category, and distance). See #41. Fixes #804, #287. Implements build limits. See #687. Implements autorotation for dock placement. Fixes unit spawning to consider terrain passability. See #893. Adds new passability criteria based on distance from shore. Updates build restrictions on some templates. Changes unit spawning search to 4 tiles away from foundation. Changes garrison/training spawn failure to nicer UI notification.
Fixes garrison behavior for ships - they no longer unload units underwater. See #893. Fixes behavior when ships are destroyed (garrisoned units at the time will also be killed). Updates ship templates accordingly.
Changes chicken parent template to herd instead of hunt per DD (no behavior change). See #971.
Adds new NaturalBehaviour "domestic" to UnitAI, useful for tame animals who should never flee an attacker. Fixes #971. Renames herd_passive template to herd_domestic.
Removes ConquestCritical class from certain non unit-producing structures.
Disables rally point on corrals, since goats don't respond to orders. Fixes #1049.
Fixes typo in theatron construction sound.
Fixes Celt war dog's selection group name, and renames icon for consistency.
Adds multiple entity selection to Atlas (including move/delete). Fixes #678. Makes all actors selectable in Atlas and gives them selection rings (an EditorOnly flag is used in the template for Atlas-only selectables). Adds player colors to Atlas selection rings. Fixes decal selection by falling back to old-style AABBs. Refs #1032. Replaces UnitManager selections with EntitySelection helpers. Adds DrawOverlays to Atlas views, for Atlas-specific rendering. Fixes bug where selection rings conflicted with Move/rotate tool in Atlas simulation test.
Fixes idle champion units not being found. Fixes #1188. Adds trade class to merchant ship (for use in "find idle workers"). Explicitly adds females, traders/merchant ships, fishing boats, and healers to "find idle workers". Fixes typos in fire ship template.
Fixes stance change during garrison causing instant garrison. Fixes #1184. Adds range check to garrisoning, with <LoadingRange> element added to GarrisonHolder. Adds maximum range values to templates (2 for land units/structures, 10 for ships). Adds retry to garrison failure due to unreachable target. Cleans up a few templates.
Fixes broken defense tower reference
Makes territory_pull selectable in Atlas only.
Prevents fishing ship from attacking structures (docks).
Fixes Builder component to allow repairers who can't place new foundations.
Adds animation and sound support to wall gates. Uses temporary sounds for now. Adds new animation choices to actor viewer/editor. Refs #619
Gate-related template cleanup and tweaking
Adds gate conversion to palisades and siege walls. Fixes bug that all player entities in a selection could be converted to gates. Cleans up templates slightly. Refs #619
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Implements always visible hero selection rings, based on patch by Deiz/F00. Fixes #1365
Adds notes about a few currently useless special buildings
Removes skeletal animated pine tree
Implements SpawnEntityOnDeath property for entities (i.e. rubble). Fixes #1166. Adds some placeholder rubble entities. They currently reuse foundation actors until proper rubble models are created.
Adds rubble entities to most structures. This and r12717 based on patch by quonter. Refs #1166
Implements siege packing. Closes #1718. Adds templates for packed and unpacked siege units - needs stat tweaking.
Increases garrison loading range for fortresses and army camp, as workaround for siege engines being larger
Fixes incorrect siege templates
Factors out common properties from siege templates, refs #1718. Simplifies pack-related tooltips.
Adds building previews that rise during construction, fixes #1174, refs #21. Adds scaffold support for foundations, includes two examples for 3x3 and 4x4, fixes #1581. Extends CmpVisualActor and CUnit to support random variant seeds. Fixes bug in actor hotloading. Fixes serialization failure caused by destroying entities in OnDestroy handlers.
Adds player color to rubble entities, thanks to ericb for the patch, fixes #1887
Sets Distanceless flag on most selection sound groups. Adds new sound groups for gates.
Renames mill to storehouse
Implements entity terrain anchoring as a visual effect, based on patch by sanderd17, fixes #1988. Sets cavalry and quadrupedal animals to 'pitch' anchoring. Cleans up mine templates.
Fixes broken statue ruins template and replaces old statue treasures with ruins
Implements skirmish maps, based on patch by sanderd17, fixes #1198. Skirmish maps are like scenarios, except the player can choose their civ during match setup. To create a skirmish map: place some skirmish entities for each player in Atlas (see templates/skirmish/* for examples), uncheck the player's civ in Atlas' player panel if desired, and save in the maps/skirmishes directory. The map will appear in match setup under the "Skirmish" match type. Implements custom, VFS-based map load/save dialogs for Atlas (replaces broken native file dialogs), fixes #631, #889. Fixes map loading/saving to handle arbitrary subdirectories for better organization. Adds default settings to Atlas player panel, fixes #1872. Each setting now has a checkbox to choose whether it should be saved with the map (avoids writing lots of useless default data for each map). Adds map preview setting to Atlas, refs #1745. Cleans up and simplifies some duplicate code. Fixes optional serialization performance test.
Implements attack notifications based on patch by madmax and zoot, fixes #1719
Reverts field limits from r13909 until we can fix AI and UI problems, refs #2187
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Fixes crannóc spelling, thanks to GunChleoc
Removes duplicate FleeDistance property from template_unit_fauna_decorative (found by
Fixes inconsistencies in spelling of colour/color by preferring "color" (only wxWidgets remains with some API that requires "colour"), fixes #1029. NOTE: requires update-workspaces and may require correction of some modded actors/scenarios
Fixes Polybolos template inconsistencies. Fixes Palisade Angle Spike obstruction size failing new minimum requirement.

bob (1):

Mauryan Swordsman body textures

brian (23):

Added <IconSheet></IconSheet> attribute to entities Added icon_sheet attribute to GUI interface Made session GUI reference template.icon_sheet
Added female citizens to civil center
Converted resources:  wood -> wood.tree  stone -> stone.rock  metal -> metal.ore Added resource: metal.treasure Renamed cursors and added placeholder treasure cursor Fixed basic templates and Hellene actors to work with new resources (need to fix Celt actors) Fixed some warnings in the session scripts. Added entity "Golden Fleece" placeholder
Fixed the resource type (wood -> wood.tree)
Made Animal AI default to "PASSIVE" if its type was not found Added rudimentary fishing for units and merchant ships Adjusted resource gather rates Improved Mountain Pass map
Cleaned up code (slight redesign) Added more wood to trees  Standard trees 100 -> 300  Special trees 300 -> 500
Adjusted gather speeds Rocks have more resources (500 -> 1000)
Fixed bandboxed entity preference code from relying on parsing template names
Added golden fleece actor placeholder Change golden fleece resource value from 3000 to 1000 Changed large tree resources from 500 back to 300
Animal icons by Mario Machado
Reworked selection details and rank code Added rank tag to templates to avoid string parsing
Made structures reference new buildings icon sheet
New GUI layout Delete confirmation dialog Resource bar replaces resource quantity/icon Selected units are grouped by type regardless of rank Ranked units use the same icon "Basic" units are now considered to have the rank of "Basic" for grouping purposes
Removed unnecessary health component from fish which made fishing impossible
Only show formation icons for units
Give female citizens enough attack to get a chicken in one hit
Garrisoning for buildings based on patch by Evans (fixes #610)
Made Celtic heroes inherit from a specific type of hero, instead of a generic hero
Made GUI always visible Adjusted size of icon buttons in the session GUI Allowed support units to garrison in watch towers
Allow garrisoning of siege weapons in the Fortress Civil Center can now hold 20 units Temple can now garrison units (15)
Added food.treasure, wood.treasure, stone.treasure, wood.ruins, stone.ruins Added placeholder cursor for ruins Added entities for testing these types
Based selection groups off of a new tag which must contain a valid template name.
Make fishing ship not gather treasure

danschub (1):

Updated Greek_Fortrees_Up entities and added foundation to the model.

elexis (173):

Show icon for the female inspiration aura. Fixes #3384
Increases the gatherer limit for some special resources. Fixes #3583.
Don't link unused eastereggs to wrong civs. Patch by Stan, fixes #3679.
Do a more explicit sanitycheck in loadCivData (in case we encounter the value false). Make that viking boat gaia which is more coherent with the other eastereggs.
Defeat the player if he/she has no more units, nor buildings that can train units. Fixes #3229.
Display all auras in the tooltips (even if there are some with an identical name). Patch by s0600204, fixes #3655.
Adapt the template for corrals to the limitation in UnitAI.CanGarrison. Refs #3412.
Proportionally adapt cost for civ-specific fortresses since the generic template was changed in r16760. Thanks Hannibal Barca for reporting.
Defeat the player if the only building owned is an athenian theatron. Patch by fatherbushido, refs #3229.
Add/move the `Mercenary` tag to `VisibleClasses`, so that all mercenaries are influenced by auras and techs. Patch by fatherbushido, fixes #3770.
Don't shoot an undocumented arrow from UnitAI if the entity also has a BuildingAI component shooting arrows. Fixes #3763. Instead, add the arrow to the affected unit templates (except bireme and trireme, refs #3196).
Give the mauryan pillar of ashoka a trade speed bonus, fixes #3639.
Require players to own a wonder for 10minutes (instead of 5) before declaring them the winner of wonder-victory games.
New gamesetup option enabling the host to vary the time required to win the wonder-gamemode. Patch by svott, fixes #3234.
Limit population cost to at most 3, as suggested by scythetwirler.
Train naked fanatics in town phase to promote rushing, completes r18025.
Balance garrisoned regeneration rate as proposed by mimo and scythetwirler.
Make ptolemian bolt shooter available. Patch by fatherbushido, fixes #4006.
Balance hellenic champions.
Use relative template for r18249.
Balance the wonder and improve unique building tooltips.
Template cleanup. Patch by fatherbushido, fixes #4016.
Actually delete it, refs #4016.
All wonders should have rallypoints. Patch by Sandarac, fixes #4002.
Template cleanup. Patch by Palaxin, fixes #4022.
Template cleanup. Patch by Palaxin, refs #4021.
Template cleanup. Patch by fatherbushido, refs #4021.
Allow garrisoning elephants at the elephant stables. Patch by jonbaer. Also add missing obstruction class to the elephant archer and fix its walking speed.
Fix some string issues pointed out by leper.
Elephants are not expected to capture buildings.
Wonder mode cleanup.
Trireme and bireme ship balancing.
Add missing territory to corrals (to prevent decay in connected allied territory). Increase territory of the storehouse slightly to allow adjacent buildings.
Implement wonder victory games that are finished instantaneously after build, refs #3234.
Buff quinquereme, especially the garrisoning of expensive catapults. Patch by causative, fixes #4065.
Fix lineendings of all files in simulation/.
Remove gathering capacity from elephant archers as they are way too clumsy for that (as they would use the melee/slaughter attack too).
Garrison tooltips by fatherbushido.
Remove unneeded population bonus tooltip strings. Patch by fatherbushido, refs r8559.
Update healer tooltips to also show up in the selection details with actual values from the simulation. Based on patch by fatherbushido, fixes #4026.
Attack component cleanup.
Fix tests. Patch by fatherbushido, refs #2706.
Splash damage tooltip.
Prevent fishing ships from trying to attack entities besides fauna, refs #4092.
Merge duplicate big house templates. Patch by Sandarac, reviewed by mimo, fixes #4100.
Ram garrison balancing.
Fix fileendings of files with mixed fileendings in the public mod (except art, l10n) and in source/ (except for source/third_party/). Thus fix lineendings in files that were missed in r18558, as reported by Imarok.
Remove charge attack from the templates which isn't implemented nor designed yet. Patch by fatherbushido, fixes #4139. Remove the unused "recharge" attack timer which was introduced in r7309 but should have been removed with r7775.
Crannog icon by LionKanzen, refs #3959.
Unify siege armor. Buff bolt shooters and siege towers slightly. Reviewed by fatherbushido.
Loot balancing overhaul and cleanup. Based on patch by fatherbushido, refs #4193.
Revert the usage of the "disable" tag in the Loot component, since these should become mandatory instead of optional. Fix a typo "disabled".
Offer the same techs and production queue at the Temple of Vesta as are available to the general roman temple (in particular Sibylline Books tech). Reviewed by fatherbushido, fixes #4232.
Make wooden tower upgradable to the defense tower. Reviewed by fatherbushido, siole and Hannibal Barca, fixes #4125.
Delete two orphaned templates.
Add minimum distance to outposts since players made walls of them and since they shoot an arrow each when garrisoned. Since vision range is 80m (120m upgraded), a minimum distance of 50m should be more than fine enough for the intended purpose.
Fix some string issues reported on transifex.
Nerf iberian tower by reducing garrison limit from 10 to 8. Reviewed by fatherbushido.
Give the Sentry Tower some territory influence. Reviewed by fatherbushido.
Reduce the maximum crush damage of siege towers (25 / second) by half and increase pierce damage. Reviewed by fatherbushido.
Increase the number of units to garrison for some special buildings, reviewed by fatherbushido: from 5 to 10 for champion buildings and persian palaces, from 0 to 6 for embassies, from 0 to 5 dogs for the kennel while keeping the garrison limit of the seven other special buildings at 5.
Rename pers_palace.xml since that template contains the currently unused palace while the Apadana is the palace found in the game.
Add missing mime types to the templates added after r15285 and remove the UTF-8 byte order mark from the seleucid military colony introduced in r18758.
Nerf british population bonus for town phase buildings, in agreement with borg and fatherbushido.
Add missing preferred classes to ships. Reviewed by fatherbushido, refs #4194.
Sentry tower icon by Lion.Kanzen, refs #3959.
Nerf mauryan chariot spam by allowing them to be trained only at the fortress. Suggestion by nigel87.
Nerf population bonus of all celtic civs, not only britons, refs r18891, reviewed by fatherbushido.
Tag persian skirmishers as mercenaries and make their cost consistent with the other mercenary champions. Patch by fatherbushido.
Slightly nerf gallic naked fanatic rush.
Revert r18753 as it revealed an OOS on rejoin in the engine code, refs #4232 #4316.
Fix an OOS on rejoin caused by ParamNode.cpp using an invalid node cache. Patch by leper, fixes #4316.
Further increase metal cost and train time of Spartan Skiritai swordsmen (r18249), in agreement with borg, Vercingetorix and Hannibal Barca.
Actually remove trailing whitespace for non-header files as well.
Nerf slingers, since infantry should not be able to destroy buildings easily, in particular in village phase.
Increase catapult and bolt shooter health by factor 2.5 and 2 (as rams have 4 times that health and still vanish quickly enough when encountering sword units). Make catapults more affordable by reducing their stone cost from 350 to 250 per unit.
Rename wooden tower template to sentry tower.
Remove the second, confusing and non-promotable skirmisher cavalry template from the Seleucid faction (which was a duplicate from the persian template).
Allow Romans to build the sentry tower, revealing the new model from rP18754. The faction couldn't build it before as the wooden tower added to all factions except Romans in rP16285 was logically a part of the palisade which Romans couldn't build either following rP11860.
Remove the (only) inconsistent UnitMotion walk speed entry in the civ specific unit templates (cavalry) and an unneeded one (ship).
Polar Sea random map script.
Ships should not heal units. Patch Stan, fixes #4398.
Merge duplicate elephant templates to a new inherited template. Patch by fatherbushido, refs #1487.
Prevent animals from attacking siege engines and ships, prevent females from attacking ships and heroes. Overviewed by fatherbushido, refs #1487.
Use XML files instead of hardcoded C++ code in the template manager to universally change template properties at load time.
Fix an oversight in 19296: Spartan females should remain able to attack heroes.
Resource trickle for wonders, highlighting their trait of being the most magnificent building.
Revert UnitAI changes of r19254 (besides the patrol comment) and use an exotic template instead. The originally intended approach to support move-orders independent of the Identity classes can be discussed in an independent proposal.
Revert the addition of the Female identity class to the Boudica heroine from r19095, because that tag is only intended for female support citizens.
Rename the Female identity class to FemaleCitizen, because it is intended for female support units only.
Only britons should be able to train war dogs from captured kennels. This was the last building with this capturing bug.
Buff war dogs slightly and make them slower to train. Limit them to 50 because they have no pop cost attached. Their use was nerfed a bit too much in r15713.
Large passability class for hero elephants. Elephant now a VisibleClass so that players know which of the heroes the elephant one is.
Whale should not break naval gameplay by blocking ships in the middle of an improtant battle.
Capture The Relic gamemode.
Pillar / Monument cleanup.
Merge the wolf with the snow wolf template. Rename the special wolf template that reacts to UnitAI attack orders to fauna_wolf_snow_attack, so that the name becomes agnostic of the way how it achieves that.
Catafalque templates and auras for each civilization.
Fix three catafalque auras. The looter one didn't work at all, the armor one wasn't working as intended and the max pop one worked but didn't use the proper type. Order resources in the usual way. Remove second newline at the end of XML files.
Add selection group for catafalque relics as proposed by fatherbushido.
...and keep the naming consistent.
Nerf champion infantry spearmen slightly, so that they lose in direct combat versus champion infantry swordsmen but win against the same if equally backed up by citizen soldiers.
Allow units without Cost component and use it for the Catafalque template.
Add UnitAI CanPatrol boolean property to selectively disable patroling for some units, in particular animals, traders, fishing ships and female citizens.
Add asian elephant infant template and use it for the India map.
Sort aura templates into a more clear directory structure.
Nerf Iberian fireships as they are much cheaper than garrisoned WarShips, easier to spam and destroy docks 5 times faster.
Roman Entrenched Army Camp balancing.
RangeVisualization component and use it to visualize Aura ranges.
Revert the decision from rP18765 to let cavalry units prefer siege engines over human units, because they most often don't reach the siege engines before being massacred by the attackers.
Buff elephant archer after rP18286 made it slow, rP18363 removed the capturing ability, rP18453 removed the resource gathering ability and rP19333 made it fat.
Fox templates and portraits for the existing models.
Option to disable garrisoning of heroes in regicide gamemode. Accomplish this by adding a Garrisonable component that can be removed from individual units or templates.
Give the mauryan hero healer Chanakya a heal aura just like the briton hero Cunobelin has, because that aura is an order of magnitude more useful, making that hero a viable choice. Nerf Cunobelin aura by 20%, since 100 units can fit easily into the aura range and heal while fighting and moving too.
Rephrase a hero tooltip and update the roman army camp description following D405 as reported by Hannibal Barca.
Technology to rank up mercenaries, making them a more reasonable choice.
Reduce rabbit health from 100HP to 10HP to make them more realistically huntable and have them consistent with chicken (5HP). Increase footprint slightly for both artistic and gameplay reasons.
Remove fake minimum attack distances. These structures can always attack near enemies because the minimum attack range is within the building obstruction. Thus prevent the minimum attack distance tooltip from D267 to show misleading numbers, refs D111. Remove the effective minimum attack distance of the hero cavalry archer too for consistency with all other units following rP13494.
Train bireme at the briton crannog for consistency with the regular dock and allow researching the town phase at a captured one.
Hide rubble in the fog of war except to the owner, so that other players don't see deleted buildings, especially civic center foundations. Should use a special filter once the AI supports it (#4611), so that decorative rubble can be placed by maps too.
Slightly buff pikeman walk speed (less than alpha 17 rP15713, more than alpha 18 rP16341).
Buff sentry tower damage.
Use more fitting civic center rubble entities.
Revert the use foundations as rubble placeholders for corrals from rP12717, as that just confuses players. Use stone instead of wooden rubble for all corrals, as the models all contain stone.
Revert the use of foundation placeholders for (mauryan) docks from rP12717 as it only leads to confusion. Use regular stone rubble instead for the time being. Don't use the hellenic dock actors in the rubble of non-hellenic docks.
Revert the use of foundations as rubble placeholders for some random buildings from rP12717 as it just confuses players. Do not use the legit rubble_3x3 actor from rP12719 as it isn't as appealing as rubble_stone_3x3. Rename it to make it more obvious that the template stands out.
Revert the use of foundations as rubble placeholders for palisade walls from rP12717 as it just confuses players. Use the 2x2 stone rubble for now (which is definitely too big but doesn't confuse anyone). Use it for spikes and the celtic hut too, which had no rubble prior.
Remove placeholder rubble templates from rP12717 which just contain a foundation and thus would (as readers of previous commit messages might have guessed already) just confuse players if they were used.
Buff Carthaginian Naval Shipyard capturing defense (4x more capture points, 2x more regeneration rate to compensate the 1/4th garrison capacity). Buff by 5 pierce armor levels to be equal to the regular dock.
Women Attack balancing fixes.
Add missing semicolons and remove unneeded template definition following D722 reported by temple.
Revert the production cost addition of peacocks in rP19095 since, contrary to Delenda Est, the mauryan corral (nor any other building) can currently train peacocks in the public mod.
Revert the Phalanx formation animation change from rP19095 that only causes the units to not have any animation while moving, for both Delenda Est and the public mod.
Cathaginian and Ptolemian Brracks cost 300 resources, just like the other Barracks.
Display rallypoints in the playercolor instead of plain blue.
Visual move order indicator.
Display the targer marker in the shroud of darkness as well.
Fix lineendings of new files and the ones in source/ that didn't receive the eol property yet.
New unit selection textures for the healer and mods/future usage.
Move catafalque relic templates from the "other" directory to the regular units directory.
Move all units (which only is the Mustang plane) from the templates/other/ directory to the templates/units/ directory, refs #4770.
Fix lineendings of the new files in rP20459, rP20514, rP20420.
Attack Range Visualization.
Render the range visualization of auras, heal and attack component in a separate RangeOverlayRenderer component instead of abusing Selectable for that. This also allows non-selectable entities like building previews to cast range visualizations.
Display attack range in building previews.
Use only one getter for range overlays instead of three to four in the Heal and Auras component. Move default Heal range visualization texture properties to the template and only display Heal ranges if the template was given.
Rename RangeVisualization component from rP19519 / D238 to RangeOverlayManager for consistency with the RangeOverlayRenderer from rP20622 / D555. Refs #4899, #3915
Move player templates from special/ to special/player/.
Move domestic animal Cost to the trainable templates new in rP20542 / D1071. Fix lineendings of recent templates.
Add uncapturable special filter and use it on Danubius to prevent the palisade walls from being captured right at the gamestart following rP19694. Arbitrary special filter AI compatibility was added by rP20162.
Move ruins templates to a new gaia/ruins/ subfolder.
Move ruins templates from other/ to gaia/ruins/.
Move gaia/special_treasure_* to gaia/treasure/. Rename metal_persian_bigl to metal_persian_big.
Move other/special_treasure_* to gaia/treasure/.
Fix non-existing rubble.
Add desert bush variant which was used in r8695 but became unused by rP10276.
Remove _unpacked from rome_mechanical_siege_onager since it doesn't have a Pack component, refs rP20810. Fix lineendings.
Implement walls on Jebel Barkal, beautify the map, improve the trigger script and add stables/cavalry attckers, refs #5040. Display "Napata will attack in %(time)s!" to observers, string addition permitted by Itms.
Remove an invalid parent template that was never used since its introduction in rP13648.
Remove an ancient unused placeholder template.
Fix mirages (and any other entity that blocks something but not BlockConstruction) blocking foundation construction following rP21597 / D21. Clean the code by removing the animal hardcoding in the Foundation component and adding a flag DeleteUponConstruction to the Obstruction component.
Fix lineendings in source/, simulation/, maps/, gui/, globalscripts/.
Sort components in templates alphabetically using the templatessorter.
Revert sinkrate change from rP21732 which was too drastic (15x).
Fish should not block foundation construction.
Moar lineendings.
Move domestic wolf from templates/trigger/ to templates/gaia/, refs rP19323, rP19254, D176.
Fix svn prop lineendings following r22497, r22577, r22610.
Revert the move from territory_pull to special/ in rP22266, introduce template variants to make the feature more versatile, fix missing the Visibility component, refs rP16022.
Move other/wallset_palisade to structures/wallset_palisade, refs #4770, D1002, D1798.
Fix lineendings.
Fix alphabetic template order using
Remove hardcoding and quadruplication of the StatisticsTracker unit and building classes following rP14703, refs #686.

enrique (74):

Added new theatron version to athenians civ. -Modified entity athen_theatron.xml to reference visual actor "hellenes/theatre_new.xml"
Added rubble_stone_6x6 and set to CC deaths
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Set some buildings to spawn stone_rubble 2x2, and added custom decals sizes for wall segments rubbles.
Added custom civic centre rubbles for each faction except Iberians.
Mauryan fortress size increased. Added custom iber_civil_centre rubble
Added custom docks rubbles with ao for each civ except Mauryans. Fixed Hellenic dock origin Added custom decal for celt docks
Maur_champion chariot and hero chariot with animations added
Added generic stone rubbles for sizes 4x2, 4x4, 4x6, 5x5 and 6x4 with AO and their respective destruct decals. Modified several templates to spawn its correct rubble on death.
Fixed Mauryan temple selection ring size and obstruction
Added Mauryan stables with AO map
Fixed Mauryan dock selection square and obstruction size
Added Mauryan fishing boat from contributor Ndragu
Added contributor Ndragu mauryan trireme
Added mauryan wonder "Great Stupa" with AO. Mauryan market AO texture scaled down.
Added Mauryan birreme from contributor Ndragu. Added details to Mauryan Great Stupa fence.
Mauryan walls added with AO. No gate animation yet.
Added mauryan hero chanakya and mauryan elephants static meshes.
Hero ashoka added. Fixed maiden holding parasol in chariot. Added hero turban prop Hero Chanakya now uses elite healer template
Added a base with flowers and playercolor to mauryan pillars. Added contributor Paperkat merchant ship.
Added mauryan healer skin and head. Added roman army camp rubble with AO Added AO map and normal map to roman army camp
Upgraded and cleaned up hellenic fortress. Shield props now displays depending on faction. (AO + normal + spec)
Updated greek farmstead
Updated greek theatron for all greek civs. (AO + normal + spec)
added effects and upgraded greek docks for each greek civ
Upgraded greek temples an assigned one variation per civ.
Added gaul houses, fixed brit houses and added a new variation. New effects applied. Added Ludo's new stonehenge model.
Gaul_civic_centre updated.
brit_civic_centre, celt_barracks and brit_crannog upgrade added non-transparency with AO material and non-transparency-parallax-ao material
Upgraded britons and gaullic fortresses.
celtic fortresses actor and barracks actor errors fixing reported by Sanderd
Upgraded britons market and added new gaul market
upgraded gaul defense towers and celtic storehouse
Commited experimental field for athenians (propped farm field)
Added Lordgood's new britons barracks and defense tower with minimal tweaking
ptolemaic galatian shields for basic, advanced and elite with specular maps.
ptolemaic houses and statues with ao. Added ptolemaic struct texture and 4 ptolemaic round shields variations
Added ptolemaic fortress with ao. Updated ptolemaic struct texture
Added ptolemiac civic centre with ao and custom decal dirt_7x5
Added obelisks to ptol_cc
Added and applied normal and spec maps for ptolemaic struct, paintings and statues, added ptolemaic temple and farmstead. Fixed ptolemaic CC footprint + little fixes
Added ptolemaic ptolemaic storehouse and Lordgood's new cart temple and ptolemaic defense tower with little fixes.
Ptolemaic lighthouse and LordGood's new carthaginian defense tower. Fixed ptolemaic fortress garrison flag
Fixed persian and carthaginian camel trader prop position. Scaled down several AO textures bigger than 1024 Ptolemaic barracks commited
Increased ptolemaic barracks size
Edfu temple commit. Needs normal and spec map tweaking (coming soon). Fixes #2220
garrison flag fixing in ptolemaic civic centre, edfu wonder and macedonian temple. Centered athenian temple, selection and obstruction adjusted.
Added wonder placeholders for civs without wonder.
added wonder placeholders for generic hellenes and celts
Added greek, arabic and big tents as eyecandy, they will be used in the ptolemaic mercenary camp. Added Stanislas69's new gaul farmstead with some fixes. (Thanks Stanislas69!) Added carpet texture fragments to the ptolemaic struct texture
Added Stanislas69 iberian corral with several fixes. Fixed iberian struct normal and specmap.
Added 4 stall variations as eyecandy with different cloth textures. Added material for barley/wheat props. Modified spec and normal maps of ptolemaic struct (for matching last edit adding carpets)
Ptolemaic market commit
Ptolemaic mercenary camp commit.
Added ptolemaic quinquereme. Fixes #2232
Ptolemaic dock upgrade. Fixes #2217
Added Ptolemaic healer body and head textures. Fixes #2234
Ptolemaic bireme commit. Fixed error in sparten temple when destroyed found bi Sanderd17
Ptolemaic trireme commit. Fixed some texture stretching in the bireme.
Ptolemaic merchant ship commit. Model by Stanislas69 with some fixes.
Mauryan trader basic commit with idle and move animations. Needs zebu animation and trader texture or use a mauryan one. Model and texture by paperkat, move animation by Wijitmaker, blender exportation by stan
Syntagma formation animations added to all hellenic pikemen.
Gaul farmstead reshape (smaller) by stanislas69
Ptolemy I hero for ptolemaics by stanislas69
New mastiff and wolfhound units with full animations modeled by Micket (Thanks Micket, they're awesome!) three variations of mastiff texture for its different ranks with different armor levels. Wolfhound unit not yet applied to the template, but it has its own animations New rhino unit, modeled by Micket too. It has a duplicated template from the bear as placeholder.
Added new tree acacia and variations. Upgraded aleppo pines. New Oaks and dead oaks variations. New generic dead trees. Upgraded grapes texture by Stanislas69. Thanks Stan!
Improved farms from LordGood.
Updated Gaul Tavern. Thanks for Stan for the model and actors and wackyserious for the texture fix
Let's start the year with the right foot. Implemented new unit meshes with animations. (thanks wowgetoffyourcellphone for helping out with actors) Added Tobi95's capitoline jupiter building as roman wonder Added Stanislas69's Stupa upgrade, terrain textures, and kausia cap helmet. Several updated textures from wowgetoffyourcellphone Delenda Est mod, improved smoke and rain particles, and tech icons & portraits (some not used yet) Added new death screams from
Batch of patches from Stanislas69 Fixes #3813 Refs #2524 and #4440
Adds garrisoned variant to carthage super dock. Patch by Stanislas69 Improves carthage market obstruction and rubble actor. Patch by Stanislas69
Small improvement in Carthaginian normal map. Fixed carthaginian market actors. Fixed gate structure template. Patch by Stanislas69 fixes #2524
Fixed ptolemaic skirmisher portrait as mercenary Fixed mauritarian archer portrait as citizen soldier Fixed judean slingers portrait as citizen soldier Thanks wowgetoffyourcellphone for the portraits!
Improved structure icons by wowgetoffyourcellphone. Thanks!

erik (2):

Amish's lioness added
Updated tooltip to reflect the new max gatherer limit

evans (2):

Added Building AI, and some small changes to GarrisonHolder
BuildLimits. Needs some configuration changes to work

fabio (1):

Add missing file in r16064.

fatherbushido (96):

Mauryan wall to gate conversion costs wood instead of stone as they are made of wood.
Fix missing actor.
Use decimals instead of integers to allow relative templates for resource costs, as proposed by sanderd17, fixes #3818. Use relative templates following r17706.
Walls templates cleanup. Use relative templates for Health. Let gates inherit the long wall template instead of the defensive structure template to reduce redundancy / duplicate entries. Remove unused costs as gate is a wall upgrade. Let a non zero cost build time to gate to fix infinite repair rate, ref #3707, #3811.
Prevents training of unexpected units in buildings introduced in r18024, lets mace trains 2 mercs in captured stoa or in their own stoa for scenario map, fixes #4011.
Deletes unused technology file forgotten in r14719, removes 2 tooltips duplicated with aura tooltips. Reviewed by elexis.
Removes duplicated unused unit templates. Greek references by Itms. Reviewed by elexis.
Updates Identity classes and visible classes documentation. Cleans inconsistencies (identation, some classes were sometimes in Classes and other times in VisibleClasses, adds missing class for javelinist cavalry hero, removes Camel classes from traders and seleucid cavalry, removes unused and misleading Light, Medium, Heavy classes). Comments by Sanderd17, elexis and s0600204. Refs #4147
Cleans simulation templates xml files: sorts components by alphabetical order, fixes identation and removes tabs. Reviewed by elexis. Fixes #4160.
Removes 3 redundant numerical informations in tooltips. Reviewed by elexis.
Reverts r18500 (excepting the buildtime part of iberian and macedonian fortress templates) as #3818 must be fixed in a cleaner way. Fixes a typo. Refs #3818.
Adds melee cavalry to garrison arrow classes for some buildings and ships that can garrison cavalry. Previously all ranged units and all infantry were allowed wich was misleading. Discussed with Yves and reviewed by elexis.
Fixes village, town, city classes inconsistencies in templates. Reported by WarBeast. Refs #4147.
Removes duplicated entries in crannog template. Noticed by Imarok.
Removes Town class from wallset template. It was misleading because palisades and walls are not Town structure and they didn't even count as such buildings because the built walls don't inherit class from wallset.
Restores armour entry in economic structure template wich was mistakenly removed in r18045. Slighty reduces stats compares to a20. Fixes #4195. Reported by Warbeast. Agreed by scythetwirler. Reviewed by elexis.
Uses MatchesClassList for restricted classes tests in order to allow more flexibility as whitelisting. Uses it for fishing boat template and fixes a cursor inconsistency. Patch by erraunt and elexis. Fixes #4092
Adds the missing hero garrison aura to Chanakya hero. It was missing as the template doesn't inherit of an hero template. Adds back entries of this template mistakenly removed in r18738. Noticed by elexis. Fixes #4233.
Adds missing preferred classes in some templates. Fixes #4194.
Reverts r16907 as capture doesn't work for units with BuildingAI. Refs #3356, #4189, #4000.
Reduces attack of garrisoned arrows in buildings by 20%, since champions were nerfed in r18025 and while buildings became much harder to capture in r18045 and r18157. Removes a duplicate entry. Reviewed by elexis and FeXoR.
Slightly increases armour of mauryans macemen champions wich had been signifantly nerfed in previous alphas. Agreed by scythetwirler.
Removes old depreciated technologies from production queue of atlas only (or skirmish map) structures. Refs #4170.
Disable upgrade for the gaia palisades rock fort template. The bugs was noticed by elexis in gauls sandbox map. Refs #4125, r18754.
Remove friendly fire for splash damage of quinquremes to make it coherent with catapults. Decided in dev meeting.
Tweak obstruction size of the stonehenge wonder. It seems it was not updated when the model changed. Reviewed by elexis. Fixes #3861.
Adds melee visible classes to war dog, so it's affected by military selection filter and some upgrades. Noticed by elexis.
Tweak elephant hero stats. There were some inconsistencies with champion elephant template. Remove some hard bonuses forgotten in previous balancing commits. Reviewed by elexis.
Tweak elevation bonus of sentry tower to match his height. Add elevation bonus to attack tooltip (it was missing in structure tree and selection panel). Reviewed by elexis.
Slightly nerf champion cavalry archers by reducing a bit accuracy and pierce damage. Reduce a bit accuracy of basic cavalry archer to keep consistency. Agreed by scythetwirler.
Change order of preferred classes for ships attack. Refs #4194.
Clean some templates with useless Identity entries.
Remove useless Rollover element from Identity schema. Fix a related unit template.
Add missing Mercenary visible classes to thracian mercenaries templates.
Use relative template for non champion mercenaries costs. It prevents some inconsistencies like for cart slingers noticed by Vercingetorix. Apply that policy to all non champion mercenaries.
Fix some mistakes I did in templates.
Don't use range queries for global auras. Fix related team bonus. Add Mauryan team bonus. Based on a sanderd17 patch. Reviewed by wraitti. Differential Revision:
Replace tab with spaces. Refs r18939.
Add Persian and Carthaginian team bonus. Reviewed by mimo. Differential Revision:
Fix identation issues, line endings and remove a not working entry in templates. Refs r19095. Refs #4440.
Fix alphabetical order in simulation templates. Accepted by elexis. Differential Revision:
Add some missing auras and remove some tooltip. Accepted by elexis. Differential Revision:
Remove useless empty specific name and history entries in templates. Refs r17988. Fix #4445.
Add missing history entries to Macedonian units and set their slinger as mercenary in agreement of design doc.
Add history tag to Carthaginians units from design docs. Replace a generic one by the specific one. Remove a TBD tooltip.
Fix portraits icon leftovers in templates. Accepted by enrique. Differential Revision:
Remove an unused duplicated unit. Accepted by Itms. Differential Revision: ​
Some changes for Ptolemies. Allow training their new champion pikeman in the fortress. Train their heros in civic center instead of fortress. Replace the Nubian archer with the more historically accurate Cretan one. Train mercenary skirmisher at the civic center and the archer at the barrack. Accepted by scythetwirler and elexis. Differential Revision:
Fix a portrait icon reference. Accepted by Enrique.
Add a linear splash damage for boltshooters. Reviewed by elexis. Differential Revision:
Remove some cost leftover in civ specific templates. Patch by Grugnas. Differential Revision:
Make Builder list of some units more consistent. Patch by Grugnas. Reviewed by elexis and wraitii. Differential Revision:
Use armor instead of armour in some strings reported by translators. Reviewed by wraitii and domdomegg. Differential Revision:
Make projectile speed templates values more consistent. Reviewed by wraitii. Differential Revision:
Make some wooden structures give a wood loot instead of a stone one. Patch by Grugnas. Differential Revision:
Clean identation and sorting in xml templates.
Use per 100 meters spread values. Fix a bit the related help. Change and use  simpler template values. Units will be a bit more accurate. Reviewed by wraitii. Differential Revision:
Fix r19438, one template did not validate. Noticed by phormio.
Remove duplicated, unused, leftover wall templates and actors. Fix the related references. Patch by Grugnas. Reviewed by s0600204. Differential Revision:
Add Spartan team bonus. Patch by Grugnas. Differential Revision:
Remove a not validating unused sound marker template. While at it remove another unused template in the same folder. Patch by Stan. Differential Revision:
Actually delete files in r19521.
Add Iberian heroes auras. Patch by Grugnas. Differential Revision:
Make phase technology researchable in all captured civic center. Reviewed by elexis. Fix #4572.
Team bonuses for Britons, Gauls and Romans. Reviewed by elexis. Refs #4082. Differential Revision:
Add barter multiplier for barter prices. They can be altered by technologies or auras. Reviewed by mimo. Differential Revision:
Add Macedonian team bonus. Refs #4082. Reviewed by mimo. Differential Revision: ​
Rework heros costs. Make their costs more consistent with champions costs and so make them more expensive. Use relative templates for costs and armor. Adjust attack repeat time with last champions changes. Patch by Grugnas. Differential Revision:
Tweak many auras. Do some cleaning, increase or decrease some effects to induce more choices. Add an aura to Alexander. Change the effect of the effect of Marcellus and add an aura to Scipio based on a design doc. Fix some strings. Commented by elexis. Largelly discussed and reviewed by Grugnas and borg-. Differential Revision:
Allow walls and fields to be captured by territory but not by capture attack, by using restricted classes. Reviewed by mimo and Imarok. Differential Revision:
Reduce slightly armor of gaul fanatic unit and make the run speed more consistent. The purpose is to balance it a bit more but also keep and emphasize the specificity of that unit. Reviewed by elexis. Differential Revision:
Cleanup of rP19691: use relative templates and change prepare times. Noticed by elexis.
Use PlacementType instead of Category in BuildRestriction for the hardcoded dock special constraint. AI patch by mimo. Reviewed by leper and s0600204. Final review by mimo. Fix #4290. Differential Revision:
Increase sentry tower attack range to prevent archers to fire at it whithout being shot at. Patch by Grugnas. Reviewed by elexis. Differential Revision:
Nerf a bit pierce damage of javelin units. Make those damages a bit more consistent with archers ones. Patch by borg-. Viewed by elexis. Reviewed by Grugnas. Differential Revision:
Splash damage on death. When an entity dies, it can do a splash damage. Fire ship and fire raiser templates provided as example. Fix #1910. Patch by Mate-86. Advices from leper. Reviewed by fatherbushido. Differential Revision:
Remove a misleading fishing bonus tooltip. Reviewed by elexis. Differential Revision:
Add a generic healer hero template and make the mauryan healer hero inherit from it. Follow discussion with elexis. Differential Revision:
Remove a Brit fortress bonus. Agreed by scythetwirler. Differential Revision:
Remove some leftovers in wonders templates. Differential Revision:
Delayed damage. When a projectile hits the ground, it makes its damage (or its splash damage) a specified time later. It can be use for grenades. Refs #1911.
Fix a wrong sound file reference.
Get rid of special_units templates for packable siege units. Refs #1718.
Remove some wrong references in root templates.
Use relative templates for unit speed. No significant value change. It makes balancing easier and will permit to change the speed of all units by changing one number. Refs #4352.
Leftover in rP20230.
Add a new function to emit a sound from a position not attached to an entity. Use it to improve the attack impact sound code and allow to emit that sound even if the attacker died meanwhile. Use the sound provided by Pureon for catapult. Fix #4779.
Removed health leftover from Seleucid wonder.
Remove unneeded Vision and UnitMotion properties from gaia templates.
Tweak the decay special filter: decay time is set in the rubble template. Refs D938.
Revert a naked fanatic armor nerf done in r19697. It has now the same armor as other champions but don't have the armor bonus of spearmen. Requested by Feldfeld, borg-, Grugnas.
Display fruit tree as fruit and not as wood on the minimap. Rework a bit inheritence of fruit tree and of wood bushes. The noticeable change is that fruit tree block movement as other trees. Patch by: Temple Differential Revision:
Missing added files in rP20345. Noticed by Imarok.
Tweak a bit citizen cavalry costs. Follow the same infantry vs cavalry policy as for champs and heros. Motivations are: infantry vs cavalry consistency (from the abstract unit role point of view), preventing some unbalances, enforcing a more realistic infantry vs cavalry ratio in game. Accepted by: Nescio, Grugnas Differential Revision:
Template organization: move some structures from other/ to structures/ Patch By: Nescio Differential Revision:
Remove duplicated builder list. Patch By: Nescio Differential Revision:

fcxSanya (14):

Summary screen. Closes #638.
Changed treasures gathering: now units will gather treasures immediately, rather than carry resources from treasures to dropsites.
Adding necessary BuildRestrictions/Category element to some templates
Fixed Cost element in template_unit_mechanical_siege_ballista template
Units promotion. Closes #697.
Disable promotion component for elite Iberian units.
Fix promotion element in Carthage units templates
Simulation templates sorting. See #801.
Add 'Not implemented yet' note to healer tooltips.
Oops. Revert market template changes.
Fix couple simulation templates.
Barter. Closes #23.
Trade. Closes #30.
Training limits. Limit heroes to one living per player. Allow heroes to be trained again. Closes #1432

gallaecio (14):

Typo: enemey → enemy.
Fix typos in template files. Refs #2185.
Fixed typos reported in Transifex by qwertz and Loki.
Changes to English strings after reports in Transifex by translators
Removed trailing spaces detected in translatable strings
“All nearby bipedal melee units” → “All nearby soldiers” (suggested by Mythos_Ruler on the IRC)
Solve some issues reported on Transifex, and update translation files
English review of cavalry unit references
update workshop tooltip
update fortress tooltips
legionnaire → legionary
legionnaire → legionary (2)
standardize resource tooltips
list heroes after champions and correct some structure tooltips

gregory (2):

Added boar animations, changed boar attack range to 2 and fixed unrealistic sheep walk animation
Added the peacock.

leper (52):

Make domestic herd animals controllable by the player
Implement healing. Fixes #999.
Add attack ability to outposts. Fix a issue with dying units with stance standground.
Add Preferred and RestrictedClasses, based on patch by Zsol. Fixes #1144.
Read formations from civ JSON files. Fixes #1234, #601.
Add repair order queueing to formations. Refs #592.
Add heal order sound.
Add garrison order sound and remove the old garrison sound. Fix some map errors, tabs in templates and update docs.
Fix non-pch build.
Make batch time factor tech modifiable and a template property. Fix unit test map.
Rename property. Refs #1717.
Take distance between attacker and target into account when fleeing. Patch by mimo. Fixes #1723.
Some template fixes from qwertz/kosmo.
Add tribute stats to the summary screen. Patch by alpha123. Fixes #1831.
Fix roman merchant ship trading distance. Fixes #1874.
Fix typo. Fixes #1935.
Add flag to VisualActor for entities that should only be visible in Atlas. Patch by KareemErgawy. Fixes #1411.
Handle empty token list gracefully.
Show combined costs in the gate conversion tooltip. Based on patch by Jgwman. Fixes #1591.
Backport r13563 to the older APIs and allow for empty buildable entites token list.
Create a special starting unit entity for skimish maps.
Really add special starting unit.
Fix typo (Cepio -> Caepio), reported by qwertz.
Healers should not heal animals. If we want war dogs to be healable we should change the class to Domestic.
Remove MaxDistance from Roman merchant ship. See r15910.
Fix selection issue with mace champ cav.
Fix some greek unit names. Patch by pstumpf2. Fixes #2746.
Change tooltips with incorrect garrison count. Patch by thamlett. Fixes #2748.
Translation fixes.
Some source string fixes.
Use a gaia specific player entity.
Check if components exist before using them.
Clean up tooltip code a bit more.
Some text fixes reported by translators.
Removes generic hele and celt civs. Based on patch by prodigalson and comments by s0600204. Fixes #2619.
Fix some issues in r16416.
Show a different notification if livestock is attacked. Patch by fcxSanya. Fixes #3176.
Change ResourceTrickle schema to match all other resource schemas. Patch by s0600204. Fixes #3303.
Increase bench size to meet minimum obstruction size. Fixes #3316.
Some string fixes reported by translators.
Improve Mauryan corral specific name. Patch by stanislas69. Fixes #3555.
Use the tech name as it is used everywhere else.
Use inheritance instead of redefining properties.
Add support for undeletable entities. Fixes #3590.
Remove Armour from fish templates. Fixes #4169.
Allow specifying the gravity affecting projectiles.
Move placeable templates out of special/.
Add float depth support to cmpPosition.
Move formations/ templates to special/formations/.
Move special_filter/ templates to special/filter/.
Make rubble non-decaying by default.

matthijs (3):

git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Persian Bireme
Persian Fishing Ship

michael (957):

git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Authentic Greek unit names.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#Fixed healer duplicate in Greek temple UI queue.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Made the Hetairoi a little stronger in charge (they are actually beaten by Elite Hypikkoi in basic combat, lol). I also toned down the Cavalry meat gathering bonus.
Tweaked armor and other stats based upon 2 weeks of play testing.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Added some of Amish's icons to the icon sheets.
#Egyptian Cliff textures.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#Gather food from Apple Trees.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Edited tooltips.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Added a cheeky tooltip to the pyramids.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Rebalanced the gather speeds for Advanced and Elite unit levels. Players will need to research econ techs in order to speed up gathering.
Re-worded the tooltips a little bit.
Tweaked the tooltips again.
Adjusted build times for buildings.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#New Greek Scout Tower and textures.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#New Greek Wall Tower by Brightgalrs. Continued work on a new map.
new Greek Wall
adjusted the Greek wall entity and adjusted my working copy of Arcadia II.
New "Stoa" object.
#Arcadia II is done (might tweak it later). Tweaked the FISH entity. Re-ordered the buildings for the Female Citizen.
Made a new "grape vine" object and added it to Arcadia II.xml
Fixed a couple of things.
New Savanna "metal mine" slab entities and textures.
#New giraffe fauna.
New: Pegasus, freestanding column, edited the maps a bit, testing out an Aphrodite high-poly statue (it needs a proper texture though).
new date palm, wall foundations, map tweaks, and celtic longhouse.
Some new fallen columns eye candy.
#More eyecandy stuff.
Edited some Celtic and Greek unit animations and some entity stats (namely footprints and such). I probably missed some. In fact I am positive I did, so we'll have to keep tweaking these in the coming weeks. I made a new Mediterranean city tile texture too, so check it out.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Texture tweaks. Animation tweaks. Building entity tweaks.
#New Celtic Corral and Greek Wall Gate.
Tweaks to some maps and entities. Added Celtic dog kennel for testing.
Gave Celtic house a smaller foundation.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Playing with LOS ranged of towers to make them useful to use.
A remodeled Greek gate. Changed the name of the Greek cavalry swordsman to the more accurate "Hippeus."
I made the selection ring for the field a little bigger. Previously it was covered by the wheat objects.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Tweaked foundation sizes.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Fixed icon.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
New foundation mesh and actor for the Corrals. Tweaked the corral entities for gameplay testing. Tweaked the fauna footprint radius.
#Re-exported the Celtic house meshes to Collada format--added player color fiddly bits and increased their size about 20%. Re-exported the Celtic broch and added some cool stuff (!) to it.
Moar eye candy and an update the Arcadia II.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#New Celt Barracks.
Tweaked some templates. New 'heal' cursor for Healers (eventually). New 'command' icons for the GUI.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#Re-exported Celtic Mill and Farmstead to Collada with some tweaks and additions. Can now delete their *.PMD meshes. Added a Celtic "hut" eye candy building.
Messed with the GUI backgrounds to make them fit better. Starting a new Arcadia III map.
Tweaked the names of these units.
Messed with the sizes of the Health bars. See what everyone thinks.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#New Celt Market
Touched up the waypoint textures. Continued work on Arcadia III. Tweak footprints for House and Barracks.
New Celtic Dock. :) New Celtic waypoint banner.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Another "campaign" unit for people to play with in Atlas for Alpha II--The Theban Sacred Band.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Lots of art tweaks. Brand new Celtic Civic Centre.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Final 3 waypoint flags.
Adjusted resource value of the Metal Mines.
Fixed a few stats.
Tweaked cavalry footprints/obstruction to be consistent.
Footprint and Status bar height tweaks.
edited some Health for animals. (Elephants needed Health boost)
A new stoa for the Greeks.
Made the war dog 1 pop. Fixed an attack range thing where the dog was unable to attack or hunt.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Decal for Celt CC. New Celt Temple.
testing making new, better looking pine trees. added a new "farmland" terrain texture. added the FIF tree as a fruit bearing tree. Added a jagged stone mine quarry for the Gold Rush map.
#New Camel fauna.
Hunting added for females (they needed an attack value). Their hunting and unit behavior will need some work. Maybe for Alpha IV or something. Added treasure gathering to all units, specifically so that Heroes could gather treasures.
New Greek fishing boat. There seems to be a problem with the entity though.
Fishing boats fixed. Edited fishing demo map.
Deleted old PMD files for Celt SB. Re-exported Celt SB in Collada, plus some tweaks and props for it. Re-did the Celt Civic Centre. Moved the "old/new" round CC to a special object called a Celtic Homestead.
Renamed some objects.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Temporarily using the old Celt Market actor until a new market is made.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
1. Re-exported the Celt fishing ship (was missing mast).
chicken health reduced.
chickens are now skittish. ;)
#Brand new Celtic Market. Unit entity tweaks. Starting to re-balance units. New table and bench eyecandy objects.
Messing with stats. Made a roof tile texture for the giant Greek temple that will soon be coming.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Updating Super Infantry templates.
#Editing stats for Super Cavalry and special Roman units.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Temp portraits for public Roman units.
Re-exported Greek Civic Centre to remove some of the vases (seemed cluttered before), and to make player color more prominent. Gave ships farther vision.
New epic Greek temple, primarily for eye candy. UV mapped by Amish.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Continued unit balancing. Edited actor projectiles animation times, etc.
Rudimentary ship stats.
Fixed a stat error.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
New Greek merchant ship. Model is not final though.
A bunch of new portraits. The hero portraits are just temp until they are painted.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#Updated Greek trading ship with cargo. Split up 3 dozen UI icons into their individual files. Began testing an idea discussed in the irc chat room.
Fixed oasis map AGAIN. Fixed names of some units. Slave template.
started work on Median Oasis. Fixed the fact that the Celtic special building cost zero (!) resources. A "slight" oversight.
Garrisoning for ships. This is only temporary for play-testing until final garrisoning code is implemented.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
trying to create a 'whale' object that moves around and must be killed first (probably by warships). Then fishing boats can gather from it. I get an error though when I try to place it in Atlas. Can someone take a look at it for me? <3
Deleted the whale. It is an interesting experiment whose time has not come yet (needs some new attack code for units and possibly unitAI for attacking units).
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Added costs to these buildings.
tweaks on these buildings to make them buildable under certain circumstances.
Altered the "generic name" of the Cretan Archer from "Infantry Archer" to "Mercenary Infantry Archer" to emphasize the reason they cost only Metal.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
A bunch of stuff.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Fixed some template stuff.
Template fixes and tweaks. Gave ships larger Health bars. Fixed some range things with ranged units.
Fixed hoplite prop switching (heads) when gathering meat. Tweaked maps. New "Bog" map, w.i.p. Tweaked ship health.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Treasure/Ruins tweaks and additions.
Food treasures.
#Treasure objects.
Removed stone_light. Adjusted the footprint of the field entity.
Adjusting build times.
new vase food.treasure. New vase meshes. A brontoburger slab.
Basket for shuttling grain.
Hacked the dock to be a dropsite. Will probably need looked at further by a programmer duder.
Tweaking treasures. Warships no longer gather treasures. Fishing and Merchant boats have greater capacities.
Made civ centres more expensive.
Fixed some ship problems. Edited cavalry.
1st of the new Greek houses. A bunch of other stuff, trying to get projectiles to work with towers. I propped a Celtic jav dude into one of the Celt towers to test propping. First graphics (borders) for a new loading screen.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
removed the Corinthian trireme entity (but not the actor).
Adjusted the desert stone. Adjusted costs and other things for defensive structures. Continued work on the Saharan Oases map.
shooting fortresses
Adjusting rates
Rate adjustment.
#New Celt ships.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
New berry bushes. Finished Cycladic Archipelago.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
New Greek gymnasion by Amish. :)
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
changed tooltip
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Removed rally command from these buildings, since they neither have garrison capacity nor do they train anything.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
yet another awesome tip. :)
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
New Greek corral by Amish.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Building tooltip tweaks for Alpha III release. These tooltips will be updated as we add more relevant features.
Adjusted health/train time of the Corrals.
Removed the dudes from the top of the wall gate. Made a bolt projectile for the Oxybeles.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Template for super cav swordsmen.
Celt ram edit.
Fixed obstruction.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Farm field edit for decal
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Fixed parent code.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Greek naming tweaks.
name change
Fixed some Iberian Monument issues.
Name updates.
Added Iberian javelinist. Need a name for him though (and added to the Wiki entry).
Added projectile to Iberian fortress. Fixed icons for Iberian ships.
Some fixes to the Iberian Corral.
Corral footprint.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Beginning stages of balancing Iberian units.
#Falling leaf particles. New foundation for Greek Temple. Tweaking Gold Mine sparkle.
Adjusting some iberian units.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Some nice updates to the Death Canyon map (I think this should be the next 'default' map for Alpha V).
Fire Arrows for a few structures.
Iberian Javelinist named and shields added.
Iberian javelinist tweaks.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Lots of Neareastern Badlands stuff.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Ram tweaks.
Matching the Iberian names with the Design Document.
Name fix.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Tweaked the Median Oasis map a bit. Slowed down the slinger projectile a little bit so we can see it in-flight. :)
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#Updated Iberian unit stats and balance.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Fixes ticket #808.
Tinkering with XP/promotions
New Mediterranean stonemine "quarry."
Made promotions a little easier for this release so it is more obvious for end users who install the Alpha.
Rebalancing some armour stats.
Made aggressive animals a little more formidable. Previously they only has 1H1P attack.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Promotion stuff.
Extra starting resources for Median Oasis.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Playtesting a water map, I came to the conclusion that ships took way too long to build.
Finished the new Cycladic Archipelago map.
#Ship balance.
Made huntable animals easier to kill. We may change this again later, so we can have some hunting techs.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
New aeroplane stuff.
P-51 Mustang
Updated the Plane entity.
Portrait for plane.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Balancing war elephants.
Celt Temple costs Wood, not Stone.
Temp solution to Ship finished sound.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Champions. Commit #2.
Champion FIXES commit.
Changed tooltip to reflect the current uselessness of this structure.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Fixed an error with the Iberian fortress.
#New Thracian unit.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
made Triremes and Quinquiremes able to garrison siege engines.
Fixed portrait.
Fixed something in the description.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Added <GenericNames> to some Greek units.
Made the siege tower's status bar bigger.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Stats tweaks.
All Public scout towers/outposts shoot arrows from the correct spot. :)
Tweaked Loot values to be roughly 10% of the unit cost. Still seems kinda weird to get Food loot from a corpse.
Changed Tholos to Prytaneion.
Temperate stone and metal quarries.
Palisade "forts" now have ranged attack.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Increased walking speed 0.5 for almost all units.
#New Cretan Date Palms.
Carthaginian portraits.
Additional Cretan Date Palms.
Touched up Mediterranean Coves map.
Temporary fishing boat (Greek) and merchant ship (Iberian) for Carthage.
#Added ranks to Carthaginian units.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#Mauritanian Archers.
Tooltip for Carthaginian Temple.
Touched up some animal stuff. Added Asian elephant entity.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Tweaks to Carth corral.
Unit actor work. Updated some portraits. Started work on a samnite shield, but the collada files are being goofy (looks like the normals are flipped, but they aren't).
A bunch of "Samnite" i.e. Italic Cavalry stuff.
Samnite portraits.
Territory tweaks for structures. Playtest and see what you think.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Territory demo map.
More vision adjustments.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Roman Arch
Beefed walking speeds.
Pikemen walk at 6.0 now.
A couple of dock foundations. Tweaked some Carth dock stuff.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Foundation for the Super Dock. Updated Carthaginians Sandbox demo map.
New foundation for Carth Market.
Made female only trainable from the Civ Centre, then made them train faster. This is a test to see what everybody thinks.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#Unit balancing for Carthaginian unit ranks. Closes #923
Removed legacy description.
Projectile prop point work for Civic Centres and Fortresses.
Remove rally point for House (females previous removed)
New foundation for Hellene dock.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Adjusting territory effects.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#3rd new Celtic Market. :) #Horse fauna entity.
Lowered TerritoryDecay from 20 to 5 (hps). Disabled territory decay for Docks.
Cart tophet extra building.
New "standing stone" treasures. Updated Gallic Fields with Standing Stone treasures. Updated Celtic Temple to not use the large celt_struct texture. One more building to go before we can delete this texture forever.
Carthage embassy and unit updates. Some Barracks cost updates.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Improvements to the Cart Wall entities and to the general wall templates.
Updated Cart trireme portrait.
Tweaked ship health and Super Dock health.
Carthaginian entity tweaks. Made Super Dock construct biremes and quinqueremes. Adjusted cost and health for embassies. Made the commercial port less expensive.
Added Carthage to Serengeti map. Tweaks to Celt SB and Celtic "Trireme."
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Sacred Band Cavalry Easter egg unit. Trainable from the Carthaginian Tophet structure.
Portraits for Carthaginian Bireme and Quinquereme.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Maps fix #950.
Carthage building names.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Oasis tweaks.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Scorpio tweaks
Updated tooltips.
More entity tweaks. Alexander and Cretan Archer.
Berry bush updates.
Changed selection and complete sounds.
Fixed tooltip.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Fixed persian trader to use Carth trader actor for now.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Updated background.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Fixed the Palace portrait.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Messing with whale actor/entity.
Persian Healer
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Misc stuff:
Updating Persians. Added Persians to Oasis IV map.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Persian texture updates and chariot updates.
#Miscellaneous units. Thanks SMST!
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Tweaks to thorakites and thureophoros.
Made Greek prodromoi use knives to gather meats. Balanced hyps and thors.
A bunch of Persian chariot stuff.
Chariot portrait.
A package of chariot updates.
projectiles speeds.
some small updates
#Big Persian unit update. Still need a lot of work.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#Tweaked unit walking speeds.
Moar unit tweaks.
More work on Persian units.
Fixed a mistake.
Updated the names of the Persian units and structures. Removed Tachara and replaced with Apadana.
Fixed prop points on Celt tower.
#Roman Temple by Enrique.
#Changed up the Greek hoplite.
#Persian Kardakes hoplite.
Fixed Advanced Persian Archer's rank.
Actor updates trying to get Persian War elephant to use the running animation, with no success.
#Fixed Celt temple prop point.
Agrianian Peltasts.
Kardakes Skirmisher.
2nd Kardakes texture.
Tweaks to Death Canyon II.xml Fixed Persian bireme template. Added Persian bireme to Persian Dock.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Dead tree entity.
Updating the foundation actors and meshes, and dirt decals.
new Persian staircase texture.
Adjusted obstructions and territory radii of these 5 buildings.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Fixed an error in the plumed conical helm.
#New Persian Markets by Enrique!
Update to Zagros Mountains.xml Persian siege ram placeholder.
Fix to SB2
#New Persian Treasures.
Update to some maps.
#Cyrus The Great (Kurush II) Persian Healer
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#Xerxes starting to take shape.
Xerxes work. Not complete yet.
Persian stuff.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
New Persian Farmstead.
Oodles of Persian stuff.
#Darius The Great.
Added Darius to the Palace.
More accurate <SpecificNames> for Greek entities.
Oops. Fixed. ;)
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Garrison flags
A bunch more garrison flag stuff.
Beefed up Iberian scout tower.
Adjusting the fishes.
Fixed whale hunting thanks to philip.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Removed territory decay for these structures.
Removed territory decay.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Some name fixes and tweaking a map.
Template work.
A bunch of Roman template and actor stuff.
Updated Roman portraits.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#Balancing: Added a 2x bonus vs. siege engines for melee cavalry.
Some stats tweaks.
Tweaking Ballista template.
Stuff for Roman Veles--updated textures, new verutum javelins, updated actors. Still need wolfskin hat.
New "Outpost" class structure for all factions. Can only be built in neutral territory and is very weak. Same function as the "Outpost" in Age of Empires II.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Beefed up Hero Health.
Took away the garrison element for the outpost.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Trophy heads for Gallic champ cav.
Tweaked outpost entity.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Persian Apple Bearer
Roman ram template work.
Nerfed the War Dog a bit.
Tweaked a couple maps.
Hero attack balancing.
Outpost work.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#New audio additions, notably resource selections and ship selection and death.
*TEMPORARY* Roman Army Camp placeholder.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Added "Fortress" sounds to the Roman Army Camp. Fixed the errors with the Roman dock.
#Addresses some interim farming balancing issues.
I've noticed that a lot of times it's unnecessary to build houses, so I'm testing out some populationbonus tweaks.
Made temples heal units 2x faster than other buildings.
Renamed celt cav spear to celt war dog. Hopefully it doesn't break anything.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Tweaking pop bonuses. Updated "palisade" portrait. New Oasis VII map.
Made these elephants defensive instead of aggressive. Helps out the AI a bit.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Renaming "Scout" Tower to "Defense" Tower (to help differentiate from the Outpost).
Scout tower -> Defense tower.
#New Roman Market
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Some footprint changes.
Increased pop cost of Rams.
#Siege Ram balancing.
Persian structures bonus. Their structures are generally ~25% greater strength than others, but also take longer to construct.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Tweaking Barracks actor.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Temporary Roman bireme and trireme. Updated dock template.
#New Roman buildings from Enrique.
tweaked Market footprint.
Fixed some rally point stuff. Made Roman army camp cost 800 Wood instead of 1000 Wood.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Tweaking destruction smoke for Barracks test.
Rome healer texture and portrait.
Fixing typos and updating tooltips to be somewhat more consistent.
Added destruction dust to a bunch of structures.
Some footprint resizing.
More player color for Vesta temple.
Slightly smaller footprint/obstruction.
More pierce armour for siege engines.
#Iberian Fire Ship.
Some interim improvements to the Roman bireme and trireme in case Amish and Emjer don't come through on modeling new ones.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Made fire ship a bit faster. Tweaked burnt wood texture.
Last big construction dust commit.
#Ishtar Gate.
stat tweaks
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Initial support in the templates for healer ranking
Tweaked Roman army camp and fortress.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Roman trireme portrait.
committed a couple minimap color changes
Siege status bars tweaked. Tweaked hoplite portrait.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
arch portrait
Some temp trader stuff until we can make them look prettier at a later date.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
trader tweaks. trading demo map
Updated Trade Demo map.
tweaked merchant ship tooltip.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Fixed Greek temple prop point error.
Tweaked garrison healing. Temple is now more important for healing than before.
New Greek trader portrait. Tweaked Greek and Roman trade cart footprints.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Fixed Celt slinger sound effects.
Ruins gathering sounds.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#New Roman army camp.
Tweaked Army Camp cost.
Carthaginians +25% sea trading bonus. Persians +25% land trading bonus.
Roman army tents. Try out Oasis IX. :)
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Roman Temple of Mars, and sword rack. :)
Tweaked garrison capacity.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Minor changes.
New Iberian civic centre. Made Indibil a cavalry dude. Tweaked Army Camp entity.
Cost tweaks and other things.
Tweaked a bunch of templates.
New loading screen tips for Roman Army Camp, Palisade walls, and Persian Architecture.
Some shield prop tweaking for consistency.
Random new stuff.
New Roman Merchant ship by Kenobi and Enrique.
Some more emblems. Some updated portraits.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Eggbird's new Iberian Temple.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Template tweaks, namely attack bonuses.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Units arent as efficient food gatherers anymore.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Updated Prytaneion template.
Spartan Helot Skirmishers less reliable. Spartan female citizen stronger.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Buildings now unlock per phase. :)
First tech pair.
Moved 'plough' tech from Civ Centre to Farmstead.
Added "Citizen" class to these templates. I feel like "CitizenSoldier" class should be split into Citizen and Soldier, but I was told that this might break some stuff.
Selection texture tweaks.
Selection tweaks.
Returned the "looter" ability to these units because as an unwanted side-effect they could not gain promotion.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Fixing some name stuff.
Yet more tech tweaks.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Nerfed default mining rates slightly, since we now have mining technologies.
Fixed some javascript things because the names of the phases were changed. Changed thickness of mine selections.
Fixes #1349
A bunch of stuff.
Selection ring tweaks.
Tweaked techs + 2 more techs for Barracks.
New Spartan hero Agis III.
Testing out a new selection shape. Should work for citizen-cavalry if you want to try it out.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Enrique's new Roman siege walls. :)
Territory radius of Civ Centre increased.
Template and tech tweaks.
Fixes bad character.
Really fixed this time. ;)
Technology stuff.
Two new technologies (they need debugged for JSON syntax though).
First crack at a Special Technology.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Siege wall moved to City Phase.
Preferred Classes for these templates.
Wallset stuff for Athens, Sparta, and Macedonia.
Palisades for all civs. Tweaked stone walls for errbody too.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Palisade costs.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Work on some descriptions.
Meat units now cannot attack walls.
Temporary palisade foundations for Alpha 10. (We should probably make better looking ones than these.)
"Herocide" attack bonus for Alexander.
Trying again.
New Greek barracks by Enrique.
Spartans can't build stone walls.
Fix promotion.
Healer has a "Run" value now. It didn't before, so would skate around the map when fleeing.
Greek market by Enrique.
Nerfed hero Health for Alpha 10 (until we get build limits).
"Delian League" bonus for Athenians.
Added territory effect to stone walls in order to prevent the creep of enemy territory. Ensured that palisades do not have this effect.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
New shield prop textures for Macedonians.
Spartan shield stuff.
Removed these wall entities, which were throwing errors.
Tweaked these structures.
War dog footprint increased.
Removed territory effect from Roman siege walls.
Fixed foundation size.
Selection groups for wall lengths.
Spartan females can make palisades.
Footprint sizes for these things.
Some Athenian shields for their buildings.
Persians: Cav techs to Stables. Infantry techs to Barracks.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Kennel available in town phase.
Ranged infantry promotions now confer accuracy boosts instead of attack boosts. In the end, the accuracy boost ends up being an attack boost (in average damage per second).
Bunch of different stuff.
Traders respond when tasked to trade.
A pair of tower technologies.
Reduced accuracy for Basic-level ranged citizen units.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Testing branching phases.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Fixed up some Mauryan entities.
Adjusted splash damage for onagers. Adjusted stats for Mauryan houses. Added builder support for Mauryan Worker Elephant.
Trying to make Worker Elephant construct buildings, without listing a list of buildings in its UI.
Theban stuff.
- Updated Persian Stable and Barracks portraits. - Updated Carth and Pers civ files. - Updated some Carth structure templates.
Fixed costs for Carthaginian embassies.
- Fig Tree: Gave it the "berry bush" selection sound to help drive home that it is a fruit-bearing tree. - All Mauryan buildings: Removed the Persian structural health bonus, a legacy from copying over from Persian templates. - Mauryan Barracks: Added the Indian Light Cavalry to the training roster. Removed the Persian Barracks portrait icon.
Britons get the Kennl. Gauls get the Rotary Mill.
Fixed "specific name" for palisades, since they were taking "stone wall" from the defense_wall template.
Mauryan basic spearman.
Lots of Mauryan unit stuff.
Some preview images for these scenarios.
Specific names for the Briton/Gaul gates based on Bruno's research.
Specific names for elephant stables and worker elephant.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Added Omnri's new tracks to Macedonian and Athenian civ jsons.
Fixed the grapes.
Carth war ele uses Zaggy's new elephant.
Tweaked NA elephant walk speed.
Some template changes. Moves Dock and Fishing Boat to Village Phase. Warships to later phases. Increases accuracy of basic ranged units slightly. Based on patch by gudo.
New Hellenic dock by Enrique. Needs some fixes though.
Balanced some Dock costs.
Made cart walls considerably longer to build time.
Map preview for Acropolis 7.
Fixed decals on Celt Tavern and Mill.
Bigger foundation for Brit fortress.
New geo entity.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
A better Spartan hoplites tip pic.
Made Mace fortress use the new actor and meshes.
Fixed some templates.
Adjusted the Maur CC footprint a bit.
Fixed Spartan cc
Made theatron available to all hellenic factions.
Clarified Worker Elephant tooltip. Increased Worker Elephant builder speed.
Mauryan units can build elephant stables now.
A bunch of stuff.
Macedonian Library template.
Persian gardens template. Some normal and spec maps for Persian structures. Someone else please redo them, as they suck.
Higher health for the Persian gardens.
3x3 Destruction mesh for example purposes. Others will need to make other rubble meshes based on this example.
Added heroes to Persians Sandbox.xml
Enrique's stone rubble mesh and actor for 3x3 footprints (large houses).
Lowered the cost of 5 pop houses after discussion with quantumstate.
Nerfed stone throwers based on gameplay and discussion with quantumstate. More game testing will be needed.
-Mauryan population cap bonus (+10%)
New wood gathering tech (iron axes) at the Mill, paired with a capacity tech (wheelbarrows).
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Testing new hero selection ring.
Mauryan Maiden Guard.
Mauryans selectable in random map.
Bactrian archer cav.
Maiden Guard Archer, until we can combine them into one unit.
New Mauryan shields.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Fixed player color for Mauryan shields.
Brit War Dog nerf.
Made houses construct 20% faster.
Fixing the rubble.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Fixed an icon error.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Some normal and spec maps for these terrains.
Spartan woman defends herself. This is still a work in progress. Not quite right yet.
Delian League bonus given to the Athenians.
Theatron description isn't so chauvinistic in the Hellenic civ descriptions.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Adds "Long Walls" tech for Athenians.
Heroes only trainable in City Phase.
Mauryan chariot tweaks.
Beefed up hero health since you can only have one alive at a time.
Removes "root" attribute from the Mauryan elephant stables.
Gates added for Iberian player on Acropolis 7.
Hannibal is a bit slower.
Nerfed heroes and Champion Archer.
Portraits for some Mauryan unit. Celtic Fanatic is now a spearman (more historically accurate). Fixed some other things.
Reordered unit roster for Mauryan barracks.
Adjusting Mauryan barracks footprint and obstruction.
Miscellaneous Mauryan structure based on Eggbird's old Civ Centre.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
New Mauryan shields by Lion.Kanzen.
Elephant archer tweaks.
Fixed Mauryan Civ Centre footprint.
Test Ptolemaic elephant for Enrique.
War Dogs now have their own template.
Fixed indentation for Quantumstate. ;)
Fortresses and Docks build about 25% faster.
Fauna elephants for sounds now too.
Persian Assyrian Ram +50hp. Celt Fanatic uses round shield instead of buckler. Neareastern Badlands map preview image. Rubbles added for Roman market and army camp (though, Army Camp could use its own custom rubble). Cavalry meat gathering reduced from 10/sec to 5/sec. War Dog -20hp. Gathering rates adjusted for women and men. Another texture variant for the Mauryan woman.
Balancing for slingers and elephants: Slinger attack and cost small nerf. Elephant speed slightly reduced.
Fix slinger tooltip.
Adjusting starting units for all civs.
Portrait for Wonders.
Mauryan walls cost wood and have roughly 25% less health than stone walls.
Renamed some wonder templates. Let us know if it breaks anything.
Mauryans now have a cavalry swordsman.
Skirms bonus vs. elephants reduced from 1.5x to 1.25x.
Portraits for the Mauryan healer and Chanakya.
"Oh myyyyy" -- George Takei. Lots of stuff:
Lots of normal maps and spec maps. Ongoing project.
New food gathering tech for village phase.
Cavalry are a bit faster.
Wonder support for civs currently with Wonders.
Exponential Armor patch by Alpha123, with new updated armor values.
Snuck through without armor changes. Fixed now.
More armor adjustments.
Some armor changes. Also adds hero training restriction to hero elephant template. Fixes #1927.
Temporary Blacksmith structures for prototyping and playtesting.
Completely changed the "Stockbreeding" tech.
Bloody dead sheep.
New train time techs. For most factions, you choose either faster training infantry or faster training cavalry (either one unlocks Conscription, which boosts batch training considerably). For Persians, you get to research both at the barracks and stables, which unlocks conscription techs for both buildings. For Persians, I also moved the champion unlock tech to their Palace (Apadana), which now unlocks the "Immortals" technology (the tech that makes the Anusiya train twice as fast).
Bloody dead camel.
Persian Apadana build limit.
Some sound file changes to hopefully add more aural variation.
Tweaked Walls stats and costs.
Lowered crush armor for these buildings.
Tweaked armor stats for battering ram and siege tower.
Added a "wooden structures" civ bonus for the Celtic civs. Their buildings are 20% weaker, but they construct 20% faster than other cultures.
New techs for Carthage: Mercenary Captains, reduce metal costs for merc units, based on ethnicity.
New BRASIDAS Spartan hero.
Building completion and unit training sounds are now ubiquitous, meaning you'll hear them even if they are off-screen.
Fixed elephants. Can now attack walls.
Fixed war elephants. They can attack walls now.
Changed names and histories for Roman civ center and market.
Updated some building tooltips.
Persians and Carthaginians receive blacksmiths.
For most civs, made it so that Champions are unlocked by default in the Fortress at City Phase, but then also available for training at the Barracks, but after they are unlocked with a tech.
Blacksmith smoke.
Carthaginians can now only build 1 embassy at a time.
Updated the name of "Porus" on Punjab 1.
Technology to unlock female training at the house.
Tweaks to some templates and tech portraits.
Sahel. wide open 2v2 scenario.
Fix a few templates and techs.
New portraiture by LordGood.
Barracks buildable in Village Phase.
Non civ center units that are available at the village phase barracks are now not available until Town phase.
All animals now visible in Fog of War (FOW). Should help a lot with hunting.
Fixed some things.
Reduced Food cost of cavalry from 100 to 80. Reduced Food cost of elephants from 200 to 150. Reduced Metal cost of elephants from 200 to 150. Reduced Stone cost of Mauryan elephant stables from 300 to 200. Reduced Metal cost of Persian chariot archers from 100 to 0.
-Made starting units start at Elite rank (just for fun and testing). -Some new tech portraits for Divine Offerings and Agoge. -Fertility Festival technology increased cost. -New special technology for all Hellenic factions: Hellenization, researched at the Theatron, increases territory influence for all buildings +50%. This is a temporary technology until the real Hellenization effect can be implemented. -New special technology for the Mauryan and Iberian blacksmiths: Woot Steel and Toledo Steel respectively.
Specific Name for Mauryan blacksmith.
Hellenic building bonus deleted from templates and moved to a tech.
Added the Athenian civ bonus "Silver Owls" which gives them +10% metal gathering rates when upgrading phases.
Spartan tech "Agoge" altered. Moved to Syssiton from Civ Center.
Tweaked some maps.
Adjusted max gatherers for these trees.
Altered footprint of some elephant units.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Cavalry Swordsmen stats rebalanced.
Made the Cart trade ship avail in Village phase as a kind of "sea trade" bonus for them.
Cleaned up and fixed the whale templates. Still need a custom selection ring.
Increased armor for promoted Skirmish Cavalry. Previously this was neglected or missed.
Proper selection ring for whales.
Fixed some Corral errors.
'Crop Rotation' tech for the Gallic Rotary Mill.
Fixed some Greek corral prop problems.
Updated Stoa tip image.
Tweaked Army Camp tip text.
Mauryans and Britons now start with a cav skirm in addition to their special starting unit (Worker Elephant and War Dog respectively).
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Reduced "grazing" time for whales.
Increased build limit of Embassies to 2. This means you can build 2 of the same entity or 2 different out of the 3 available.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Fixing some Roman names. Thanks Robbob (on the forum).
Updated the logo.
Made the time icon slightly smaller.
Balance changes after playtesting with Alpha123.
Some tooltip tweaks.
Minor template stuff.
Changed the phase up sound.
All new techs for the blacksmith.
Tweaking the Athenian field.
Added build limits for Theater, Council Chamber, and Library.
Normal map and Specular map for warship sails.
3D farm fields for all factions.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Big gameplay experiment: Moved Civic Centers from Town Phase to City Phase to see what it does to multiplayer match ups.
Ptolemaic entity templates for Enrique.
Gauls get: Tavern and Naked Fanatic.
Reduce the health drain of the Nubian Archer.
Replacing these statue "treasures" with "ruins." Instead of getting the resources immediately, ruins allow the player to "mine" the resources at a fast rate.
Updated a bunch of things.
The first Skirmish maps.
New skirmish maps.
Added some Iberian walls to a couple of skirmish maps.
Fixed Gallic Outpost name. Fixes #2167.
Fixes #2152
Some more player names for Carthage.
Adjusting time costs for these Ptol buildings.
New skirmish templates for Brit war dog and Maur Worker Elephant. Added to current Skirmish maps.
Newly updated Ptolemaic champion cavalry.
Ptolemy IV.
Fixed typo.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Remove the attack restriction for units against stone walls. May add it back for ranged units like archers and javelinists, after some discussion. I also feel it would be kind of weird to "charge" a stone wall (except for battering rams and elephants). So, we'll have to talk about it some more. But for now, let's test this out.
Found a couple more. (removing stonewall attack restriction).
New unit for Romans: "Italian Allied Cavalry" which can help counter archers.
Fixed building requirements for Town Phase.
Corinthian Isthmus and Persian Highlands skirmish maps (wip).
Fixed starting unit for Ptolemies.
Simplified the Spartan population penalty.
Renamed the Arabian Oasis maps to Libyan Oasis, because the Egyptian eye candy assets insinuate the Libyan Desert instead of the Arabian Desert.
New Neareastern Badlands skirmish map and it's awesome with Whizbang Graphics (WBG) enabled.
Iberian walls for Deccan Plateau skirmish map.
Caspian Sea skirmish map.
Iberian walls for Caspian Sea skirmish map.
Trader speed tech!
Three new skirmish maps. 2 need Iberians walls though.
Basic Nubian archer textures.
Elephant changes and tweaks.
Round footprint for lighthouse.
Fixed Ptolemies and Macedonians death variations in these actors. They were previously throwing an error.
Deleting a bunch of scenarios.
New specific name for "Hellenization" = Exellinismós
Ptol camel archer a little faster.
A few new portraits from Pureon.
Partial commit of Seleucid entities and actors.
A /bunch/ more Seleucid entities and actors. They still need tons of props, textures, and models. Also, not all unit templates are there yet.
Some more Seleucid units.
Cavalry Archer templates for Seleucids.
4 new Successor/Hellenistic shield designs by Enrique. Each has a bronze, silver, bronze player color, and silver player color variation.
Reduced the size of a bunch of massive specular maps.
"Equine Transports" tech for the Persians.
Some tips tweaks and new tips.
A  bunch of stuff.
Temp fix for Nubian archer.
Tweaked Gallic Fields.
Reduced armor for palisade fort.
Added new Ptolemies track to the Ptolemies civ json.
Added Egyptian names for Ptolemaic buildings.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Mythos_Ruler's Christmas update for SVN users!
Remove attack from Military Settlement for now.
Fixed elephant stables class element.
Seleucids now have what used to be the Ptolemies' Military Settlement system (now called a Military Colony; needs a new model).
Trimmed the descriptions for most of the random maps, per Josh's request.
Name stuff.
Fixed bell icons.
Updated a bunch of civ jsons.
New map: Savanna River. Very defensive. Only 1 crossing, unless you cut through the trees around the river.
Completing the playability phase of the Seleucids. Now starts the long road of creating art and balancing and implementing bonuses (hero auras, unique techs, etc.).
Fixed Seleucid thureophoros accidentally calling on the Ptolemaic one.
Removed Civic Center from the Seleucid female. They don't build civic centers (heroes can though). Citizen-Infantry build Military Colonies instead to expand.
Some more tweaks for the Seleucids.
Removed the Cavalry Stables from the Seleucids. Their training buildings started to get unwieldy compared to other civs.
Reduced armor for Roman siege walls.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Shield tweaking for the Bronze Shield and Gold Shield pikemen.
Updated names for female citizens.
Siege Workshop for the Macedonians. Needs a new model.
Fixing pop cost for advanced Persian chariot.
For the Celts, moved Blacksmith to the Village Phase. This isn't much of a bonus yet until we get some unique tech trees for the Blacksmith.
Reduced number of gatherers for farms from 5 to 3 for testing.
Some naming stuff.
A bunch of updated portraits. Thinking of going this color-coded route: Blue for citizen-soldiers. Red for champions and heroes. Maybe green for mercenary soldiers.
Cavalry Spearmen for Sparta. Gives them a melee cavalry for proper anti-siege.
A bunch of naming stuff.
Iron Spearheads tech now affects all spear units (not just infantry spearmen).
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Sorry Brits. Changed "plough" (British spelling) to "plow" (American/Canadian spelling) after seeing more than one person on Youtube mispronounce the word.
Trying different territory weights.
Added more territory auras.
New history blurb for Skiritai by forum contributor Thorfinn.
Elite Egyptian Pikeman.
Portrait for Egyptian Pikeman.
Arrow shooting buildings only increase arrows when ranged infantry are garrisoned inside.
Aura tooltip for Ptolemaic heroes. Auras themselves are not complete.
Farm fields back to 5 workers.
Increased Fanatic armor.
Updated some portraits.
Pyrrhus template.
A test for Latin names for animals. Won't complete this until after next alpha.
Military Colony's territory weight reduced.
Added starting units to Deccan Plateau.
Fix civ for Ptol Military Colony.
Portraits for the Ptolemaic dieres, penteres, and octeres.
Minor tweaks to some particles.
Fixed female citizen selections.
Fix health for these cavalry spearmen.
Some population techs.
Some more portraits. Updated the portrait for the Macedonian siege workshop.
Train time changes.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Changed some formation spacing.
Fixed auras and tooltips for some heroes.
Spartans get Oxybeles (but no Lithobolos).
The attack notification should be less frequent.
Changed Ptolemaic and Seleucid Military Colonies to use the merc camp actor for now until proper Military Colony meshes are modeled.
A bunch of tech tweaks.
Switch Military Colonies to use the mercenary camp actor.
Elephants can transport aboard Medium and Heavy warships.
Portrait for Roman bireme.
Portraits for these two Ptol boats.
Auras for Roman heroes Marcellus and Maximus.
Proper double-click behavior for these champion units. Fixes #2586.
Added Sibylline Books tech for Romans.
Brit woman can build rotary mill now.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Iberians now have the Celtic war barge.
fix'd attack elements in these templates

mimo (93):

Remove ResourceGatherer for animals
Move ship to shoreline when tasking units to garrison inside, fixes #1391
allow units to guard/escort buildings or units, fixes #2034
add missing rallypoint to garrisonholder wonders
add more flexibility to eject units when garrisonHolder is destroyed, fixes #2242
allow the possibility to define route with waypoints when doing trade, fixes #1207, #1821 and #1822
temporarily disable trader formation, see #2528
set the right civ for mace dock
fix civ in template
give war ships at dock for carthage, for better balance of naval maps
make tooltip agree with buildrestrictions
fix previous commit
fix #2783
trained animals in corral should not respond to alert, adresses #2792
fix ptol_trader camel sounds, patch by thamlett
allow war dogs to garrison in ships
various small petra tunings
Non-fighting ships should not be agressive by default
allow the removal of entity limits when some requirements are satisfied. This allows to have starting games without cc
rename civ specific player template following r16119 convention
allow maps to handle garrisoned units, fixes #2984
do not let animals be preferredTarget
fix typo creating r16535
fix some selectionGroups
fix persian conscription_cavalry which needs persian levy_cavalry
fixes some wonder templates
allow changing the trading gain with tech + rework of market techs, fixes #3326
make a wooden tower template for each civ, refs #3059
cleanup of r16878
add garrison flag for wooden tower, patch from stanislas69, fixes #3059
update heroes and their auras for capture, fixes #3331
make siege tower able to capture, fixes #3356
add a new Repairable component defining a ratio of repairTime/buildTime for repairable entities. Fixes #633
make fences not capturable (as walls and palisades)
reduce the increase of decayRate from r17060
reduce the increase of decayRate from r17060
let the garrison regeneration rate depends on the phase, fixes #3434
temporarily disable the AttackAsFormation, refs #3086
fishing ships are not expected to be able to move in formation
fix attackAsFormation of special formations, fixes #3086
temple aura should only affect healable units, fixes #3482
fix passability of mauryan support elephant, refs #3539
add technologies for fishing, fixes #3576, fishing_net icon from stanislas69
add specific names for gaul and brit fishing ships, fixes #3490, patch from stanislas69
add a NOT when checking classes matching, fixes #3611
restore min range distance of defense towers, and make it removable with murder_hole tech, fixes #3559
update the XP loot points of animals, fixes #3701, and remove the outdated and not used elephant template
increase a bit the loot xp of fauna_hunt, refs #3701
decrease the repair rate of walls, refs #3707
add specific regeneration when idle, fixes #3606, patch by Guuts
let farms have the terrain ownership, fixes #3741
restore sorting in template, refs #3741
add a small vision range for aggressive/violent animals, refs #3783
Techs can now modify an aura Wonder population bonus is now an aura (reverted when the wonder is destroyed) with 10 pop (wonder) with an additionnal +40 with the tech patch by fatherbushido
fix garrison aura from heros, patch by fatherbushido
ships can be garrisoned in cart superDock with a heal rate, fixes #3810, patch by fatherbushido
allow the use of allied dropsites using tech, fixes #3791
decrease the hack armour of fields to favor rushes
nerf a bit wall towers
add diversity to corral production, fixes #3877
add a new market component, fixes #3277
Move the const from simulation/helpers/TraderGain.js into the templates (InternationalBonus and GainMultiplier) Add a tech to improve the internalBonus and give an improved bonus to cart Patch from fatherbushido, fixes #3917
remove hardcoded inconsistencies in some templates, fixes #3954, patch by fatherbushido
some cleanup, reported by leper
implement ptol civ bonus and optimization of ResourceTrickle component, refs #4082
change the diminishingReturns (used for farms) to make it more intuitive and mod-friendly, reviewed by fatherbushido, fixes #4356
Implement shared vision at the entity level
Add spying to the game Summary: With we can now add spying into the game: you have first to research a tech (available in phase 3, espionage), and then you can bribe a random unit (defined as Bribable in its template) from a chosen player and share its vision during 15s. There is also an option in the gamesetup to disable this feature, analoguous to the treasure disabling option. In the current version, only traders (land and naval ones) are bribables. Reviewed By: Itms, elexis Differential Revision:
few tunings on houses
counter espionage New tech to increase the cost for other players to bribe your units (by 50%). Move the spy tech and this new one to the cicil center. Decrease the spy cost to 500 metal. Include the patch from D173 because of conflicts.
Fix an oversight in structure min distances. As civil centre and colony are civil centre, the current distance test of colonies should be versus civil centre
Add a cost for unsuccessful bribe attempts.
ConquestCritical consistency
petra: allows stables and siege workshops build orders for all civs
template organization: elephant stables
remove town_phase from crannog techs as this tech is required to build the crannog, and that gives a weird structree
Fix Ptolemy catapult packing entity
Workshop templates reorganization
workshop repair aura
Allow civ specific techs with {civ}
allows Healers to be ejectedOnDestroy from ships
Move Pack Time to parent template
fix leftover in rP20804
Increase vision range of fishing boats from 24 to 30
cleanup temple_mars tooltip
Small floating debris should not block ship movement.
Fix UnitAI behaviour inconsistent with its stance for packed units and set default stance to standground for packed units.
petra: allow the ai to use ranges for mod who support them, and add Archery class to ranges to allow differentiating them from barracks
fixes a few templates
Ptol catapults should unpack to ptol catapults, not mace catapults
fix kush walls SelectionGroupname
few templates fixes

niektb (5):

Fix Roman Siege Wall after r18467. Patch by fatherbushido.
Add Open animation to Ptolemian Gate. Made by Stanislas69. Fix the Ptolemian Gate obstructions on the fly.
New icon for the Temple of Vesta by Stanislas69 with help from Lion.Kanzen en a little retouching from wowgetoffyourcellphone.
New icon for the Persian Hall made by Lion.Kanzen
New icon for the Persian Ishtar Gate, made by Lion.Kanzen. Refs #3959

peter (21):

Improve ship sinking. Patch by wraitii. Fix #1921
Allow building walls along the shore. Patch by sanderd17. Fix #1610.
Infinite farms with diminishing returns (but no farmland). Refs #1318.
Give an elevation advantage to ranged units. Patch by sanderd17. Fix #1960.
Enable diminishing returns for farms.
Increase farming speed by 46% for females and 42% for males. Combined with diminishing returns it was waaay too slow prior to this commit.
Change the formula for diminishing returns to something less flawed. Also add a lot of comments explaining how it works.
Implement landing and go-around for UnitMotionFlying. Patch by scythetwirler. Fixes #2062.
Make planes about 20% cooler. Fixes #2067.
Adjust cavaly swordsmen advanced and elite stats. Change attack from 21 -> 12 and 22 -> 14 (since the basic rank's attack is 10), and change armor from 4 -> 6 and 6 -> 7 (since the basic rank's armor is 5).
General scrollbar improvements. Patch by Josh. Fixes #2080. - Don't show the scrollbar when the contents aren't overflowing the visible area. - Fix bugs in minimum bar sizing. - Add capability to set a maximum bar size. - Correct outdated/incorrect comments.
Revert r13771. I accidentally somehow committed my whole working tree on this computer....
Nerf Iberian champion cavalry a bit.
Nerf/rebalance siege towers.
Buff catapults slightly. - Add 'Siege' to the RestrictedClasses of towers, wall towers, and fortresses. A fortress by itself should not be able to shoot down a catapult, it should require some defense. This also nerfs building a ton of towers and fortresses, which was previously very difficult to penetrate and led to long, boring wars of attrition. - Increase armor from 2h/10p/5c to 2h/30p/10c (matches siege rams). - Increase attack from 30h/0p/30c to 0h/20p/35c. Would like to add techs to increase damage further. - Reduce splash damage to 0h/15p/30c from 40h/0p/40c. - Increase maximum range from 68 to 75. May increase this more or add techs. Motivation is that siege catapults are relatively weak late-game, as they have great difficulting penetrating fortified positions, leading to both sides turtling. Additionally, this makes them roughly as strong as siege rams, having less damage output than rams but having the ability to attack from a distance. This balances out the civs without rams and gives the ones with both rams and catapults an additional choice to make.
Adjust siege ram. - Decrease attack from 50c with 2x vs buildings (3x vs gates) to 80c with 1.5x vs gates. - Increase charge attack from 40c with 2x vs buildings (3x vs gates) to 100c with 1.5x vs gates.
Build on r14174 based on discussion on IRC. Allow fortresses, towers, and wall towers to attack siege again, but debonus them 0.5x against it. Bonus catapults 1.25x vs fortresses, but reduce their attack vs buildings slightly in order to make them effective against all buildings but slightly better against fortresses' huge HP. They still have far less DPS than rams, even against fortresses, but are more flexible and are ranged. Enforce a minimum distance of 60 between fortresses, meaning that fewer can fire on siege weapons at once, and turtling is slightly less effective in general. Minor stat changes dealing with range of towers, fortresses, and catapults. Increase catapult splash radius and decrease splash damage, to make catapults more effective as semi-static defense against large numbers of infantry.
Remove unnecessary Territory element from the fortress and defense tower templates.
Reduce splash radius of catapults from the rather ridiculous 20m to 10m.
Balance fix for CCs. Decrease build time from 600 to 500 and increase foundation armor from 3h/10p/3c to 5h/15p/3c.
Make chariots faster, and give them a more consistent (and slightly smaller) obstruction radius.

philip (84):

# Rewrite of the game's simulation system Giant merge from Infrastructure is largely complete, gameplay is largely missing Disabled by default; use command-line flag "-sim2" (Second attempt at commit...)
# Added initial support for players and population counters in new simulation system, plus various infrastructure improvements. Merge from 22b478ffed8d. Pure scripted interface definitions. Entity creation from scripts. Improved messaging system. Messages on entity deletion. Basic player entities. Player ownership. Bug fixes.
Updated entity template conversion script, to convert population costs and names and civs
Disable the default slide-down-hills behaviour
Convert footprint data in entity templates
Convert health, armour, attack data in entity templates
Convert walking speed data in entity templates
Convert resource data in entity templates
Support disabling of inherited components in entity templates Allow units to walk through farms
Convert ranged attack data in entity templates
# Construct buildings from foundations. Display construction costs in tooltips. Stop buildings leaving corpses. Add debug info option to GUI.
Load build speeds and foundation actors from entity template files
Sync new entity definitions with old
Convert sound data in entity templates
Update entity template conversion to be more correct and consistent
Convert training queue data in entity templates.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Convert minimap data in entity templates
# New unit movement system, which does a far better job of approaching targets and avoiding obstacles. Add short-range vertex-based pathfinder. Integrate new pathfinder into unit motion code. Change obstruction system to get rid of circles, and differentiate structures from units. Make PositionChanged messages synchronous. Try to prevent some accidental float->int conversions.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
# Handle terrain passability and movement costs in pathfinder. Simplify terrain code (remove Handle indirection). Delete unused terrain properties.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Fix references to nonexistent celt_fortress
# Added AI for chickens. Add scripted HFSM system. Add very basic animal AI. Support script-only message types. Add shift+D hotkey to toggle dev command panel.
Extend animal AI to all animals.
Slow down animals, so they don't pathfind quite so much. Make farms a better size.
Multiply vision ranges by 4 (convert from tiles to metres)
# Add corpse decay and building collapse. Make 'delete' command kill the unit instead of destroying it. Make projectiles vanish after a timeout. Fix projectile landing positions with low framerates.
# Add rally points for newly-trained units, based on patch from evans. Fixes #521.
Make animals spend more time eating, to save pathfinding costs
Expand some selection circles
# Use more sound effects
Disable broken cavalry movement sounds
Fix GUI errors on broken entities with no icons. Delete some bogus icon sheet references.
Fix fence obstruction
Re-enable cavalry movement sounds
Fix lithobolos size and projectile. Fix projectiles launching from actors with no ammo prop. Fix default camera location on maps with no civ centers. Avoid units getting stuck on the edges of buildings.
Switch default multiplayer map. Change infantry-train sound to something a bit more appropriate.
# Population limits. Fix #531 (Enforce Population Limit), based on patch from evans. Empty training queue and refund resources when buildings are destroyed or captured. Specify Cost defaults in XML instead of JS, to simplify some code.
# Add repair command. Fix #537 (Repair functionality for damaged buildings) based on patch from evans. Make some unnecessarily optional template elements required.
# Initial support for formation movement. Support asynchronous path queries. Allow escaping when stuck in impassable terrain tiles. Split Update message in multiple phases, to cope with ordering requirements. Support automatic walk/run animation switching.
# Add fog-of-war. Move Vision component to C++, for more efficient FoW processing. Disable FoW on demo maps.
Change flora entities to axis-aligned obstruction shapes, to improve pathfinder performance
# Add victory/defeat conditions, based on patch from fcxSanya. Fixes #565.
# Add on-screen health bars
Add resource supply status bars. Change bar size for buildings. Only highlight one entity on mouse hover, and only if it's not a unit. Display status bars on foundations.
Use voices for infantry/cavalry units. Make arrows quieter. Handle order-related sounds via the GUI instead of simulation, to make them player-specific and to reduce latency.
Fix highlighting of obstructed building placement previews. Prevent building in non-visible areas. Fixes #594.
# Add hunting (animals get killed before gathering meat from them)
# Fix units killing their own farms
Improve obstruction shapes of some wall-related objects
Make fields and fences brown on the minimap
Split unit icon sheets into individual textures, for easier editing
# Add resource shuttling. Add resource-carrying animations/props to an actor for testing. Warn more quietly about invalid cursor names.
# Add initial basic player AI framework. Support direct access to serializer streams, so serializers can be nested. Make component script "this.template" read-only. Stop globally-subscribed component scripts receiving messages posted to local components, to reduce out-of-sync risks. Move pathfinder data out of entity template directory. Fix GuiInterface deserialization.
# Support AI construction of buildings. Pass terrain passability data to AI scripts. Expand pathfinder passability data to 16 bits per tile, to allow more classes. Support 16-bit ints in serializer. Partially support JS typed arrays. Allow foundations to be placed on top of units (fixes #499). Stop farms and fishes blocking movement (fixes #534). Add obstruction flags to allow finer control over what they block. Associate entity IDs with obstruction shapes, to allow finding colliding entities. Support moving to the edge of a target entity with inactive obstruction. Support foundation entities in AI. Support playing as non-hele civs.
Fix template validation error
Block new buildings being placed on top of existing not-yet-started foundations. Fixes #740.
# Improve animal AI, based on patch from Badmadblacksad. Fixes #563.
# Minor AI fixes. Avoid script errors on Miletus. Use pre-existing female citizens as workers. Fix autostart.
Make non-combat units flee when under melee attack, and not attack enemies automatically. Fixes #703.
Stop units wasting their lives chasing animals they'll never be able to catch. Let AI players collect treasures.
# Render unit silhouettes when behind buildings. Fixes #144. Start using stencil buffer. Simplify materials a little.
Avoid hardcoding the actor entity template details.
Make actor entities stay visible in FoW.
Fix some obstruction shapes. Fixes #808.
# Add support for many formation shapes, based on patch from Badmadblacksad. See #13.
Fix entity validation errors
# Add experimental fighter planes.
Avoid errors when using planes in formations, by not allowing them to join formations
Fix XML error and probable typo
# Initial support for territories
# New dynamic territories design
Delete seemingly bogus file
Fix broken entity reference
# Health decay for buildings not in a civ center's territory.
Tweak build limits to match what r10145 attempted to set them to
Fix invalid characters in entity templates. Add script to find unrecognised characters. Fixes #960.
Fix XML formatting
Tidy some whitespace
Detect and fix characters missing from fonts
Fix XML error

quantumstate (19):

Added civ support to the attack bonuses and removed unnecessary classes
Fixed qbot for the scout tower to defense tower rename and updated the build restriction for the defense tower for consistent naming.
Update healer templates and scenarios to add ranks.
Make selected stances and formations more obvious.  Patch from leper, fixes #1190.
Technologies.  Refs #3.  Full unlocking technology implementation.  Only unit gathering rates can be modified currently because the patch was big enough already.
Added randomized arrow positions with hit detection when the missile lands and splash damage.  Fixes #18.
Decrease trader income to 20% of the previous and increase the cost of traders to 100f 80m.
Don't allow people to train heroes because they are not balanced.
Removed stray cd from a template file.
Add a Foundation element to the Armour templates for structures.
Added a Slaughter attack type which instantly kills all herdable animals with a melee attack.  Fixes #1652.
Restructured phase_city techs so that phase_city is auto researched. This means that there can be civ specific techs for phase_city, but phase_city is always researched so can be used as a requirement. Added phase_city_generic which is the tech which will actually be researched from the building.
Make markets and traders non conquest critical (from alkazar).
Added Introductory Tutorial
Increase cavalry health (70 for melee, 30 for ranged) and pierce armour (3 for melee, 1 for ranged).  Also increase melee cavalry speed by 1.  Thanks to alpha123 for his stats changing script.
Add battle detection support to the simulation.  Refs #1425 (Patch by Zoot)
Balance changes, decrease build times for houses and mills, increase train times and non food gather rates for women.  Patch from TheMista.
Improvements to battle detection.  Patch from zoot.  Fixes #1425.
Make towers weaker by reducing range fro 80 to 70 and decreasing the arrow tech multiplier to 40% more arrows from 100%.

s0600204 (7):

Show entity upgrades in the Structure Tree
Purge all History strings from entity templates.
Amend wallpiece lengths in preparation for D900.
Remove civ-specific hardcoding in rmgen wall-placement script.
Fix sound inheritance from template_unit_hero.xml
Remove a couple of empty/nonsense History strings that have crept in
Rename kush teambonus file to be consistent with the filenames of the other teambonuses

sanderd17 (129):

health regeneration
Improved building AI. Refs #2010
generalise kill vs eject garrisoned entities on death of garrisonHolder
fix typo for garrisoned archer classes. Reported by scythetwirler.
Fix function that decides which units can have which formations, and remove formations for animals and the maurian worker elephant
revert wrong changes to support and female_citizen template
add splash damage to quinquereme
let gaul and brit healers upgrade to their local templates instead of the generic celtic templates. Fix double-click to select all healers after one of the healers upgraded.
fix quinquereme splash damage
fix whale altitude (no floating whales). See r13749.
let maurian elephant corpse sink fast, temporary fix until there is a real corpse
fix bridge edge obstruction size and rotation of hele bridge edge
let entities change entity limits. Fixes #2076
change build distance restrictions to work with classes. Fixes #2012.
fix theatron build limit
add skirmish defense tower and houses
add different skirmish structures + skirmish demo map containing all skirmish templates so far
Implement the js side of auras. Refs #2048. Patch with the help of Alpha123. Only the temple aura is added as example, all other aura components are removed from the templates to be created from scratch again.
fix some flaws in the preferred classes. Patch by Jammus, Fixes #1985
- Fix garisson and formation aura types - Implement tech mods for UnitMotion speeds, Fixes #1958, based on patch by wraitii - Implement athen_hero_themistocles ship speed aura as a test
fix error when selecting multiple elephants
fix ptol cav archer upgrade. Fixes #2282
fix some aura typos + implement iphicrates aura
implement all athen auras + add missing files from previous commit
brit + cart hero auras + small code fixes
make loot tech aware + implement celt and gaul hero auras
implement hele auras + fix vircengetorix (part 2)
implement mace auras
implement pers auras
implement spart auras + female boost for males
make the movement of formations and ships more natural
add iberian monument aura
Implement town bell * the icons are temporary, and can be replaced later * The sounds are created by LAVS, but may also need some polishing, so the current ones are placeholders too * The patch code is created by Itms fixes #2154
try using footprint instead of obstruction for separation space between formation members + Fix some footprint sizes of siege units
make the elphant stables count as town phase structure. Mentionned by Zeta1127 on the forums
define the limit changing elements together with the limits, so they can be queried by the GUI and the AI. Fixes #2187
add outpost skirmish entity, and apply it to the Gambia River skirmish map
add wonder victory condition. Refs #1649
Fix units chasing each other. Fixes #1537
use UnitMotionFlying for the hawks
fix oos problem mentioned by Yves on IRC
allow garissoning a small number of support units in houses as protection against early raids. Patch and suggestion from dumbo
Split the formation template in different templates. This can be used later to remove hard-coded formation statistics and forms to attributes in those templates
Remove some hardcoded formation shapes. Some special formations still have a special treatment though. Also implement speed modifiers for formations, so we can have faster and slower formations.
Treat the flank formation as a regular formation, rather than a special implementation.
Remove wedge formation from being a special case in the formation code
Take the box formation out of the special case formations
Fix tests + fix classes Ashoka. Fixes #2362
Clean up the mess of different ways to note the formations (capitalised, with spaces, with underscores, concatenated ...) by always referring to the template name.
Implement the ability to switch animations based on the formation position
Make the tooltips and the required members part of the formation template + fix allowing the wedge formation only for cavalry
improve rearrange of idle formation when units are tasked away from the formation + fix formation-settable idle animations
* add a (currently useless) attack state to formations * add a formation attack component that will be used in the future to coordinate formation attacks * clean up some related methods, and move some to more appropriate places
differentiate between formations that can attack, and formations that can only move. Use the differentiation in the range calculation.
Let certain formations stay in formation while attacking
Add testudo animations to the right actor files and use it in the formation template
A spearman isn't ranged
Clean up the gate transformation tooltips as it caused problems for mods.
Make skirmish entities better moddable. Fixes #2523. Patch by Idanwin.
Add sloppyness and separate icon path to formation templates (makes it possible to have multiple formation templates - like different settings for different civs - with only one icon file)
Let trading range depend on obstruction. Fixes #2556
Remove remaining MaxDistance. See r15190
Add visible class names to all common buildings
Add ptol and sele hero auras. Fixes #2444. Patch by Silk.
Disable syntagma and testudo for champion cavalry
Add the Engine code for turrets + use them to get units on walls. The scripted TurretHolder isn't included due to lack of usability for now. Refs #2577
Add a bonus to units on walls + disable placing units on palisades (which was enabled by accident due to inheritance)
Correct mime-types and end-of-lines for the XML files in simulation/templates
Allow for unification in identity class matching + add the opportunity to combine with AND and OR. Fixes #2612
Continue the transition to the usage of visible classes. Fix Hero inheritance for that.
Take aura descriptions out of tooltip, let auras be defined in the entity template rather than in JSON files, as they can't be reused anyway. Fix tooltips and auras for all heroes from athen to gaul.
Futher clean up heroes tooltips + move auras to the templates. Hope they have a bigger chance of staying consistent now.
Fix walls + remove debug warning
Fix Iberian monument.
Fix theatrons
Make trigger points templates
Add engine support to triggers + a component to provide an easy interface and to be extended by triggers. Thanks to SpahBod for the biggest part of the code, and Yves for the review.
Disallow placing some special entities in Atlas. Fixes #1696. Patch by trompetin17
Rename athen archer, as it's not a default unit. Naming it as a default unit makes any capture code more difficult.
Revert wrong commit r16494
Rename Athen marine archer as a special unit should have a non-standard name
Rename spearmen with pikes into pikemen. This avoids problems with civs that have both pikemen and spearmen.
Rename some _2_ templates to regular names. This is possible since the pikemen were renamed too
Rename cart mercenary units to distinguish them from regular units
Modify ProductionQueue of Civil Centres in preparation of capturing. Refs #2614
Make barracks ready to capture. Refs #2614
Rename ptolemaic mercenary units to reflect their mercenary state
Rename Seleucid mercenary units to reflect their mercenary state
Make docks ready to capture. Refs #2614
Make all champion, hero and siege producing buildings ready for capture. Fixes #2614 (hopefully)
Fix athen archer selection
Implement building capturing. Fixes #996
Try out some replacement animations for capturing on athenian infantry
Fix line endings of some template files, and add the native line endings svn prop
Visualise auras by adding status icons to affected units. Implement the visualisation for the temple aura. Fixes #3180
Add different icons to the range auras. Icons by niektb. Fixes #3224
Implement methods to find the neighbour of a certain territory, and use it for territory decay. Fixes #3204
Let technologies replace other technologies, and use this for the town and city phase. Main implementation by niektb, structree fix by s0600204. Fixes #3208
Add some structure to the voice files. Use the structure in the templates to enable parameters. Resample the voices to be mono/positional. Patch by karamel. Fixes #3220
Fix the territory influence weight to fit into an u16 number. (no idea why the buildings have so many different weights though).
Fix Carthagian healer voices. Patch by karamel. Fixes #3220
Fix female support template
Fix healer support template
Clean up advanced and elite templates by defining the modifications as technologies. This will not alter gameplay for now, as the advanced and elite units are disabled in game. Fixes #2620
Allies only share vision when researching a tech. Based on patch by niektb. Fixes #2055
Revert tech applying to auras due to issues. Patch by fatherbushido. Fixes #3830
Fix promotion of barrack champions for the Macedonians. Fixes #3853. Patch by fatherbushido.
Cleanup of the Auras code in preparation of stackable auras. Implements auras being enabled by techs. Refs #3792. Patch by fatherbushido
Remove useless History tags from the templates in preparation of #3212
Don't show bridges on minimap, and don't let them change ownership
Remove stamina completely. Patch by fatherbushido
Fix indentation due to pastebin patch losing a newline
Improve selection rings for animals. Patch by Palaxin. Fixes #3786
Disallow certain civs to use certain techs (which could have become available after capturing a building of a different civ). Patch by fatherbushido. Fixes #3902
Remove build limit from tooltips (the limit text is generated automatically).
Remove two more build limit tooltips. Patch by fatherbushido
Improve the length of the new wall models a bit (still doesn't fit perfectly)
Make order of persian buildings concistent in the panels. Patch by bb
Implement team bonuses. Patch by fatherbushido. Fixes #2445
Remove gather penalty from some more units (the penalty is added as tech). Units discovered by fatherbushido.
Add some useful warnings on missing or abnormal template/technology data.
Let auras and techs modify tech cost. Patch by fatherbushido. Fixes #3930
Move old athenian actors to separate directory + rename the not-so-new actors to regular names
Rename the not-so-new celtic actors
Fix skirmish replacements
Fix garrison flags of hellenistic civs + remove duplication for a number of athen vs hele actors + clean up some actors
Remove duplicate temple actors
Implement damage variants with an example for the Iberian fire ship. Fixes #3983
Fix skirmish entities to use Hellenic actors after removing the Athenian duplicates.

scythetwirler (59):

Gameplay rebalance after a long period of testing and rebalancing. See for details on changes.
Buffs ranged units slightly as massing melee units was slightly overpowered.
Nerfs sele hero aura, transitions a tech, and fix spaces.
Buffs melee cavalry attack by 20% and overall cavalry speed by 2.0.
Fixes #2831. Patch by prodigalson.
Slightly buffs swordsmen and fixes a couple inconsistencies.
Fixes cavalry upgrade inconsistencies.
Fixes #2937. Thanks to Lion_Kanzen and Pureon for making icons.
Balance branch merge.
Increases tower range and nerfs archer accuracy.
Reduces cavalry vision and makes palisade fort count as a village structure instead of town.
Lessens the range difference between units and adjusts vision accordingly.
Allow cavalry spearmen to do a little more hack to better counter siege.
Hero balancing.
Nerfs melee cavalry slightly and increases spearman bonus.
Updates pikemen counter bonus to match that of spearmen.
Fix a bug that triggered errors when loading Roman champion cavalry.
Siege balancing.
Fixes extraneous attack. Reported by zzippy.
Buffs walkspeed of pikemen slightly.
Nerfs the robustness of ranged siege against melee units.
Nerfs hero aura and deletes hardcoded health.
Reverts half of r16354 due to string freeze.
Nerfs skirmishers slightly.
Buffs rams for better durability.
Makes palisade fort cheaper than defense tower.
Adjusts skirmisher cavalry closer to that of their infantry counterpart.
Building defense adjustments for health/armor values for organic units.
Increases swordsmen damage slightly to match spear.
Removes some outdated techs due to string freeze.
Nerfs bolt shooters, especially against buildings.
Adjusts female citizen attack.
Slight ranged cavalry health nerf and cost adjustment for cavalry archer.
Fix a couple oversights and address cavalry skirmishers.
Decreases HP of peacocks and both HP and crush armour of female citizens.
Nerfs ranged units, though to a lesser extent for skirmishers/javelinists.
Increases fortress build time and cost and nerfs attack and armour of crush-dealing Mauryan champion swordsmen.
Re-enables promotions.
Buffs melee cavalry HP.
Nerfs fire rate of garrisoned ships.
Adjusts some capturing parameters.
Some capturing nerfs.
Make loyalty drain on decaying buildings much more punishing.
Reduces effectiveness of early camel rush
Slight nerf reduction.
Increases pierce armour of ranged siege.
Makes some powerful techs harder to obtain or less effective.
Lessens the effect of a very powerful aura.
Lessens the effect of another very powerful aura.
Decreases slinger walkspeed so they have a slightly harder time slaughtering skirmishers.
Fixes #3507. Patch by Palaxin.
Adjusts female citizen HP cost correctly using relative templates. Fixes #3510. Patch by Palaxin.
Adds some more civ-specific structures and formerly atlas-only structures. Adds loyalty regen and epic healing auras..
Nerfs champions and slows champion production speed.
Makes siege less useless.
Adds a build limit to Persian Halls.
Increases hack armour on buildings, since we have capturing now. Increase garrison regeneration rate for structures.
Thanks, IDE, for proper indentation detection...
Remove Macedonian Fortress cost bonus Patch by Grugnas Reviewed By: elexis, scythetwirler, fatherbushido Differential Revision:

temple (29):

Disable attack as formation
Add rubble to stoas
Hero aura adjustments
Increased loot for promoted units
Adjust some structure stats
Adjust some unit stats
Nerf skirmishers
Give spear cavalry an anti-cav bonus
Increase cavalry train time and decrease champion train time
Remove phalanx formation from templates of units that don't use it
Adjust some footprints and obstructions to better handle spawning
Grid bounds and SinkRate debug version fixes
Town bell - use matching classes, add a market alert
Increase MaxSpawnDistance for ships
Enable the Kushite mercenary camps
Adjust melee and slaughter max range to better match animations
Disable speed bonus for formations
Remove war dog slaughter attack
Kushite tweaks and balancing
Remove ResourceGatherer and trample tooltips for chariots
Add a nonbuilder filter template, use on survival of the fittest
Use correct promotion template for kush merc jav cav
Use Shanakdakheto name for kush catafalque
Fanatic and sword champ armor adjustment
Reduce defense wall gate health
Disable ship formations
Formation debug update
Make structures not block construction
Increase min range of catapults and bolt shooters

vts (7):

Better selection boxes. Closes #914, #295, #810.
Hotfix for broken field selection boxes. Closes #1030.
Rendering marker lines between buildings and rally points Added command button to focus on rally point (implements #524)
Pretty unit selection overlay rings. Fixes #824.
Wall placement. Closes #786.
Dropped some unused templates Gave spartans their walls back
Forgot one spartan unit in r11789

wackyserious (1):

Texture Update: Judean Slinger

wraitii (39):

Fix some mistakes with class definition for stone/palisade gates and wallsets.
Limit the number of gatherer per resource, as described in #1387. Based on work by crezax. Fixes #1387
Fix fishing boats not being able to gather from whales. Reported on the forums by Gildas.
Add textured, normal-mapped, animated Nile crocodile to the game. Need to do a female version, possibly a saltwater croc version for mauryan maps? Add crocodile entity, which is about similar to the lion. Add a (temporary?) crocodile portrait. It uses the lion sounds which are probably the closest we have right now.
Change shark model, skeleton, and change its animations. Add a shark entity that will roam the map and can be attacked, but will not attack and yields no food. Change Polynesia demo map to have a shark.
Ptolemy fishing boat (along with props). fixes #2237
Take unit obstruction size into account when checking if in range for garrisoning. Reduce CC loading range in consequence. Fixes #2190 .
Commit Micket's hawk model/rigging, textures using photos by unarmed, add an entity that moves around the map, change maps to use the entity and not the idle actor. Fixes #1228, Fixes #1975.
Make hawks selectable in Atlas and alleviate their tendency to congregate in the upper right corner of maps.
Fix [14444]
Revert Surprise commits by Mythos_Ruler, r16447 and r16444 following team decision. They will be put in a separate git branch. This is done to avoid conflict with scythetwirler's balance branch and potential other work in that area.
Make "no formation" the default setting but keep formations activated to help pathfinding in A19. Use at your own risk. Refs #3505 and #3565.
Lowers the minrange of towers and the briton fortress, which were too big and resulted in units close to them being impossible to attack. This seems like an oversight and not a feature, as we currently do not have murder holes or similar technologies.
Bump fishing ships gathering range since their obstruction size was effectively increased with the new pathfinder. This resulted in them sometimes not being able to deposit their resources at docks.
Change tree obstruction sizes following [17161] as it looks better and will help units navigate through forests.
Fix an issue where square diagonals were incorrectly handled when checking the distance to the target. Fixes #3577 properly. Patch by mimo.
Experiment: lower the cost of palisade walls a lot and of stone walls slightly, make them both faster to build. Make palisades less resistant (in particular to hack attacks). Reduce the efficiency of stone wall towers since those could be used stand-alone to have more towers.
Allow entities to upgrade into other entities.
Fix to the upgrade commit, including one by fatherbushido. Refs #2706
Fix prepare times.
Let Fauna cast silhouettes to make them more visible inside forests or behind buildings.
Let the template define the actor used for the projectile. Also let projectiles have an impact animation (such as an explosion).
Move more things in the projectile part of the Attack/Ranged component
Change Run Speed into a Run multiplier.
Rename generic ballista template to boltshooter and onager to stonethrower to avoid ambiguity. Remove template_unit_mechanical.xml and remove '_mechanical' from ship and siege template paths.
Allow entities to be affected by Status Effects from ranged attacks.
Wrap damage types in a Damage element in XML templates to prepare for genericizing them.
Formation animation refactor - use animation variants instead of special move override.
Fix Formation walking / other orders with the new UnitMotion
Replace {gender} by {phenotype} and support this tag in VisualActor.
Fix rP22586 - phenotype tokens were added instead of replacing.
Generalise Attack effects. All attacks, including death damage and splash, can deal any number of attack effects (damaging, capture, giving status effects.)
Common template name change: hellenic_royal_stoa → stoa
Remove Mechanical class in favour or using Siege and Ship.
Match unit classes with templates names
Move palisades from other/ to structures/
Fix mistakes in rP22982
Enable workshops for all civilisations.
Remove specific macedonian workshop code and template usage now that all civilisations ahve them.
  1. Old svn entity template commits:

git shortlog 29b5247bd5811365a2b405758bba019b2db93e81 -- ./binaries/data/mods/official/entities/

acumen (13):

Added Dudette entity to test GUI button.
Fixed offset to avoid floating tree problem.
Cavalry Dude.
Icon fixes.
Updated entities with generic type and placeholder hitpoints.
Updated entities: changed placeholder Initial HP to proper HPCurr; changed naming conventions to suit proper structure from Art Dept; added most ID attributes. More parenting organisation to come.
Entity updates to finish off Mark's big combat demo.
Slight modifications for compatibility.
Rank attribute.
Some extra entity rank and looting attributes.
Update for entity promotions.
Implemented basic combat economy (kill opponents to plunder a pitiful quantity of resources, which you can't actually use anywhere).
Support for grunts and cries of pain when units attack.

alex (2):

Territorial limits applied
Field size

allen (17):

#For the Celts only, these functional buildings add #2 to the population limit each because of the #historic factor of Celts having functional #structures built off of houses. This will add a #different dynamic and bonus to the Celts. I did not #include the civic centre and the scout tower #because the centre did not seem to make sense as #being attached to a house and the scout tower is a #basic structure that would not logically be paired #to a house. It could be however that would probably #mean remodeling the Celt scout tower etc. # #celt_barracks.xml #celt_dock.xml #celt_farmstead.xml #celt_fortress.xml #celt_fortress_b.xml #celt_fortress_g.xml #celt_market.xml #celt_mill.xml #celt_sb1.xml #celt_temple.xml # #_____________________________________________________ #Changes by Allen ROBOT Van Wert 03/17/08
#Speed of units realism modification work documentation #Allen ROBOT Van Wert 03/18/08
Correction to Celts pop adjustment for The fortresses and market. (I did not know those buildings already gave a population space addition)
This is some of my work on making the movement speeds realistic. I will be working on more individual speed stats for different "tribes" etc.
I am going to start over on individual units. I removed the remaining alterations I had made.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
I am going to start over on individual units. I removed the natural speed and I am working on a more in between of real and gameplay.
I have the template units all at a pretty good speed ratio now.
Update of the Hele units... buildings are next
some more hele units.
I did some of the celt unit stats: Creation time reduced by 5 Speed increased by 1 for walk and .8 for run I also cleaned up some of the template files. I am going to do heros and super units next.
This change allows the unit to charge attack to run people over as well as its normal ranged attack!
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797

andrew (14):

Entity heal update.
All units start out with 0 run speed.
Entities default to run speed = 0 Notification event
Secondary order script support; run order addition
Added health regen/decay with time delay, corrected continual run bug (once running, disregards reorders to walk until destination reached).
Thank Stuart for the new attack properties (split into ranged and melee).  Also, if running, the unit will use crush damage instead of melee.
Various fixes to notifications and orders Added escort--follow can be done by simply changing the default and secondary actions from NOTIFY_ESCORT to NOTIFY_FOLLOW in entityEventTargetchanged.
-rank/formation stuff and fixes. To give a unit a rank texture, just set in the entity's XML to the filename of the texture e.g. or
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#Fixes to flank penalty, notifications, sectors, terrain conformance.  Added speed bonus based on terrain slope.
#Configurable game speed, techs, elevation attack bonus
# Aura and territory rendering

bobby (1):

complete bush set for the Temperate and Mediterreanean biomes.

christoph (1):

git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797

jan (2):

fix soundGroup paths for "lumbering" *.js: update constants to their new values as defined by dacian's netcode
Fix failure to close Hack resp. Crush tags (see

jason (47):

Internal name adjustments for the hellenes entities
Committed some updates for: * Seems I missed some of the sign xml files when I changed the png to dds commit * I changed foundation actors to make it so that they flatten terrain when you place them - handy for screenshots (place and delete them to level terrain) * Uploaded some of the animations I have been working on * Modified a few of the celtic dudes * Modified the male meshes because they were holding the shield wrong * Made a nicer temporary celt texture * Included the map I used for the "Charge" screenshot
Changed the footprint size to a 2x2 (propper size) tile vs. the 3x3
changed the temple's footprint to the proper size of 3x3
updated some paths to the actors
Updated the Celt upgrade entities... hope I did it right :p
celt_isp_e.xml added
Updated some stuff.  Basic texture for the swordsman, elite javalinist.  Got some ideas for making the spearman a bit different than the swordsman.  Fixed some entities that I think I broke a few weeks ago by pointing to the wrong actors.
removed celt CS swordsman
hmm, must this was pointing to the csw instead of the csp, so fixed
dudes die faster when attacking
some entity tweaks - change unit footprint size and attack rates
A ship for testing purposes.
renamed some shoreline textures, painted the terrain on the 0ad map, and fixed a bad link in the roman barracks entity
Alexander Hero (hopefully I included everything)
Leonidas Hero
Ooops forgot some xenophon files
Hero Thermistocles!
Celtic Fortress, and scale fix for the Celtic tower (to match the other towers in height)
Celt wall entities
Celt special building
Finishing of the last of the greek buildings for Milestone VII
Greek horse cavalry stuff
Greek Ships!
Here are the celt ships!
Entity fixes, new greek material
More Greek unit tweaks
Fixed some entities and added the missing greek ships
few more tweaks to entities
Doh, one more fix for some history and naming updates for the celtic dock
fixed some collision radius issues
Fixing the phalanx stuff - new shields, and a walk animation
Female fixes - new head, new head texture, new dress mesh, new celtic texture
trying to test out the running stuff - deleting some old actors for the celts we no longer need
run tweaks
to entities that I'm adding to fix errors
Vercingetorix, our first Celtic hero (minus his horse)
formation test1
# Updated test actor and script for prop switch testing
# New Roman Temple and Farmstead
Correcting the drunken units walking over uneven terrain
# Horses now walk as well as galloping
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Removing redundant files for the gaia tree entities
#Fixed the icon specifications for the Celts
Fixing of projectile size, and female gathering animation
Dae Files

john (2):

git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797

luciano (1):

Added traits.promotion.entity to unit entities that gain ranks, so that we don't have to use file names to find unit's upper ranks.

mark (5):

Gathering and unit training (engine-side); also other minor improvements
Fix to gathering script
Script integration work - valueOf() is no longer required most of the time; also property-change watches and enumeration over entities (but not yet other native objects), rudimentary beginnings of a global events system, and adjusted the status orb to update only on changes.
Jason's animation events. Also reworked entity-types system.
Projectile code and updates to some actors that can use it (celt_ijv and hele_iar)

markt (9):

Added PASAP entity XML
Added tree-entity data files.
A new field in /Dude/'s XML for the pathfinder.
Miscellaneous property changes.
Update to entity data files in preparation for orders sytem
Added/rebound some keys
Directory structure shuffle.
Updates to the entity XMLs (they work like the DD says they should, now - more or less)
Added some combatant entities.

matei (87):

Modified health bar height on buildings and added default of -1.0 (which means don't display health bar) on all entities.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Added a fairly primitive water plane. This includes several things: - Hotkeys Q, A, Z to toggle, raise and lower the water plane respectively. - A unit trait, named anchor, that says whether it attaches to the terrain or the water. - Small changes to rendering code.
Changed entity script to to allow Gaia units to be attacked (gather will still be higher priority though).
Made the LOS properties slightly more realistic.
Fixes to entity death and event handling (buildings should no longer be able to move, all units should be able to die).
Trees can no longer move.
Added aura scripts and 3 auras: a Courage aura of 15 on Themistocles and 5 on Alexander, a Fear aura of 5 on Leonidas, and an Infidelity aura on female citizens.
Rewrote InfidelityAura in a more correct way (if there are units from several players but none from your owner near you, you should switch to the player with the most units, not remain with your current owner; also, don't count other infidel things as units of your own player near you, so groups can be converted together).
Archers should now be able to fire, though I don't know what exactly the problem was (it seems that you need the "event" parameter to be 0.5 and the "load" parameter to be 0 in the animation for it to work, and the animation is not completely right; not sure if this is intended).
New entities and associated changes to scripts.
Added the new entities.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Sheep should no longer be overly fond of trees & rocks.
Updated unit training to work with the new entities.
- Fixed the issue that was causing crashes when you tried to place one of them. They had 2 problems: first the template_structure_special whose parent was itself, as Phillip pointed out, but second also incorrect actor names. I also made the Carthaginian wall refer to the right parent template.
Added time parameter on infidelity aura (currently sheep convert instantly but female citizens take 10 seconds).
Generic orders data commit (changes to the entity scripts and XML's).
- Added pause game functionality. - Removed CDamageType from the engine - damage is now handled only within the entity script (easier to mod/modify).
Renamed processAttack, entityEventAttack, entityDamage, etc to avoid confusion since several people didn't like the functions having different names than the properties of the entity object. Now the generic action handlers are called performAttack, performGather, etc and the damage function is simply called damage.
Fixes to the melee/ranged attack split.
Health regen fix for ranged attack.
Fixed a JS error message when corpses were attacked (because they had no armour).
Tiny fix to the "unit AI" in the damage event handler to make ranged units fight back when attacked.
Fixed a bug that was causing resources to go to NaN when you killed something.
Added production queue system and associated events. It might still need some extra features but it should be functional.
Construction JavaScript and XML changes, at least for houses (still need to convert the other building types over).
Added foundations for all the building types.
Tweaked foundations' LOS so it depends on their sizes.
Fix for the rank rendering issue (turns out the rank height was not set in the XML's).
# Completed the new unit production system and tied it in with the GUI.
Script changes for the updated construction system.
XML and script fixes for running and pass-through-allies attribute.
# Fixed a bug which was causing the gather action to not actually gather resources.
Made the gather animation start slightly faster after a unit starts gathering, though it's still not perfect.
Entity script changes for per-player templates and an extra sanity check on prepareorder for build.
Jason's skybox as well as entity changes for the new heal, trample and repair actions and fixes for the per-player templates.
Updates to the water shaders and a fix to stamina bar display on ships.
Renamed tech and formation directories for better organization, and created a scripts directory for the game startup script, entity scripts, and eventually things like victory condition scripts for different game modes, or possibly triggers.
# Various gameplay updates.
Added a simpler entity init function for quasi-entites to speed up simulation init time.
Entity changes for territories (added the traits.is_territory_centre field).
# More work on territories - Settlements are now claimable.
Data changes for new entity bar rendering code. (All the bar info is now in one attribute, rather than having separate info for health bars, stamina bars and ranks).
Some optimizations to entityInit and entityInitQuasi, as well as bug fixes (GUI code assuming traits.promotion!=null and trying to convert null/undefined to title case).
# Fixed a unit rank upgrade bug.
Increased SettlementAura radius so it looks nicer on maps where scenario designers have placed settlements by hand. Eventually we should decrease it back to 0.1 when Atlas supports socketted placement.
# Added 4 sample techs.
Two new techs, to demonstrate negative bonuses. These are the infantry spearman speed and armour techs for Hellenes.
Modified entity XML's so regen and decay rates are actual rates rather than "time to full health".
XML / JavaScript changes for new case-aware XMB format. Mostly deals with changing things like structciv to structCiv and subtype to subType, and ensuring parent is specified with Parent on all entities.
Converted many entity property names to CamelCase and added TerritoryRestriction property for buildings. Also moved building-related stuff (foundation, socket and territoryRestriction) inside traits.creation.
Fixed up (the default value was not set to false).
XML and JavaScript changes for unit stances.
Changed default stance to Hold so units don't look like they're attacking each other in Atlas (eventually we can make this be "aggress" in the game but hold in Atlas).
XML/JS fixes to movement and terrain conformance.
Changed cavalry conformance to only the X axis.
Added minimum range to archers as well as ProjectileSpeed property to all ranged units.
Hellenes and Celt barracks can now train things, and female citizens can build.
Fix to female citizens building.
Bug fix: Entities had infinite LOS by default, which caused a significant slowdown.
# Bug fixes and more game setup options.
# Unit AI for gather and build.
Ensure that corpses have bounds.
- Fixed some bugs with Aleppo pine, GUI messages and projectiles hitting quasientities like rocks and trees. - Removed some unnecessary computation in water shader.
#Several gameplay changes: #- Modified female citizen gather rates and aura effects. #- Units automatically go gather nearby resources when done building a dropsite. #- Ore renamed to metal.
- Removed some debug spam. - Fixed skeleton entity.
For consistency, changed traits.extant from an attribute to a stand-alone tag.
Fixed some missing parents in entity tree.
Added entity graph image created using entgraph.
Fixed unit costs (the tags were in the wrong place). Also set all costs in template_entity_full.xml to 0 so it's less confusing.
Created a sample unit which automatically starts gathering the nearest object, for use in cinematics. Auto-gatherer versions of other units can be created by copying temp_hele_infantry_javelinist_b_gatherer.xml and changing the parent to the appropriate unit.
Fixed a bug in the XML (charge action should be in actions.attack.charge).
# Updates to the combat damage system.
Forgot to save some files last time..
Added some example sound definitions in template_unit_infantry.
Made bushes last slightly longer for cinematic.. though really the units should begin auto-gathering other bushes.
Increased projectile speeds.
# Animation bug fixes.
# Added field foundation object.
# Fixed XML bug in field entity.
# Made units that build a field start auto-gathering it. Also updated field foundation.
Field footprint size reduced.
- Treat units with health.max = 0 (the default when not defined as immortal and unattackable. This applies to Settlements, trees, etc. Should solve the problem of these things being killed by arrows by mistake. - Better "unit X has killed unit Y" message - now includes player number.
Use rather than for descriptions on train buttons.
Refactored "generic" order to just call it "contact action", and added support for intercepting targets if performing a contact action while moving.

matts (3):

git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797

michael (160):

git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Fixed the entity pointing to incorrect actor
A temp Themistocles to test Wijit's cool new animations.
new demetrius entity to test animations
Fixed someone else's "fix"... The Celts don't get a wall tower, they get a wall turret, which is not the Scout Tower, which someone made it into. :) Sooooooo, I changed the actor in the entity back from the scout_tower to the wall_turret.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#New Roman Hastatus texture and unit entity. Enjoy.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#New stone mine
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#New European Beech tree entities gatherable for wood.
Due to the requested actor changes regarding actors floating on water becoming a reality, I am now able to delete the temporary entites I created for the purpose. Thanks Philip and Jan and the programmer team.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#Roman Basic Equites cavalry unit.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#Corrected Unit Portraits for Hellenes Units.
Quintus Fabius Maximus texture, actor, and entity committed to the game. Amazing texture done by Brendan. :)
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#Added Roman cavalry hero of the 2nd Punic War - Marcus Claudius Marcellus "The Sword of Rome."
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Unit Entity stats for some Hellenes and Romans units. Actor animation speed tweaks.
Reset resource objects to their original resource values from before the video.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#Celt hero Vercingetorix now added to the game!
#Celt hero Vercingetorix added to the game!
#New texture, actors, and entity for Celt hero Cynvelin. New Roman Triarius texture variation.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
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git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
#New animals!
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git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
# Iberian and Karthaginian stuff. :)
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git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
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git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
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git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
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git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797

philip (13):

Requested changes
Random actor test example thing
Updated actor references to use filenames instead of names, to allow more efficient loading. Added backward-compatible file support to the Actor Editor.
Fixed support for extra-new actor format. Updated binaries.
Entities: Removed Tag attribute; it is taken from the filename instead. Made entity XML files be loaded on demand. Probably stopped crash when maps contain non-existent entities. Fixed a few bugs in entity definitions. Maps: Stored non-entity objects in XML instead of PMP, for easier manual editing. Updated existing maps to newest format, so that they can still work. Added undocumented _rewriteMaps() JS function. Also renamed _mem to vmem, and reclassified its undocumentedness as unintentional, since it's reasonably useful. Loader: added NonprogressiveLoad function, for ScEd/_rewriteMaps/etc which don't care about progressiveness. main.cpp: re-enabled vfs_display, since it doesn't crash now Vector3D: stopped warning
Actor reorganisation
Fail more nicely with invalid actors
# Fixed infinite loop. Also fixed sectorDivs so it's always initialised, since the complaints were annoying. Camera: Added a const. Super cavalry: Added required(?) aura attributes.
Restoring SVN repository:
Gathering entities for cinematic map
Fixed entity promotion bugs.
# Even more cinematic map updates.
# Final changes to map

rebecca (9):

# Implemented initial building resource costs.
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797
Upaded Excel file
Revised values for XML files. Updated Excel file.
Added Armor and Damage values using the new config system.
Put the Armor Points in the correct spot.
Updated Armor values in XML files
git-svn-id: 3db68df2-c116-0410-a063-a993310a9797

simon (1):

- JS functions to make use of new ordering and interaction APIs - selectLocation and selectEntity using the new interaction API - Implemented attack and patrol buttons using select{Location,Entity}

stuart (67):

Added default building LOS.
Added default unit LOS.
Added support for building icon sheets.
Added support for unit icon sheets.
Created entities for all Hellenic buildings created so far.
Combat fixes ... Increased standard entity movement rate, and made pain sounds only occur on death.
(Trying again, as it timed out last time I tried this.) Added various entity attributes, and struggled to get them to appear in GUI (seem to be issues with numeric interpretation and icons sometimes don't appear), but it's a start. Also made start on training
More GUI stuff, primarily to start implementing entity lists.
Implemented population of command buttons.
Various GUI fixes to get the scripts in line with Mark's revised data types (much appreciated!).
Updated GUI/entities to use Philip's spiffy new icon sheets. :)
Big GUI update to kinda-sorta-maybe put lots of previously individual GUI art into cellular sheets. Still needs some work.
Melee range adjustment that Jason requested.
Created placeholder entities for all civ's units and buildings (other than the last two ranks). There's also a problem with the text on their portraits not appearing (just a plain coloured background), but apparently the existing revision has the same bug, so I guess there's no harm in committing this first before continuing to try to fix it.
Went through all building and unit entities and added their unique names and histories. Also removed structure and unit entities that aren't used (eg Special Buildings, some defensive structures), and refined build and train lists to match civ profiles.
Went through all building and unit entities and added their unique names and histories. Also removed structure and unit entities that aren't used (eg Special Buildings, some defensive structures), and refined build and train lists to match civ profiles.
Went through all building and unit entities and added their unique names and histories. Also removed structure and unit entities that aren't used (eg Special Buildings, some defensive structures), and refined build and train lists to match civ profiles.
Went through all building and unit entities and added their unique names and histories. Also removed structure and unit entities that aren't used (eg Special Buildings, some defensive structures), and refined build and train lists to match civ profiles.
Went through all building and unit entities and added their unique names and histories. Also removed structure and unit entities that aren't used (eg Special Buildings, some defensive structures), and refined build and train lists to match civ profiles.
Went through all building and unit entities and added their unique names and histories. Also removed structure and unit entities that aren't used (eg Special Buildings, some defensive structures), and refined build and train lists to match civ profiles.
Apologies for the multiple commits. SVN refused if I tried to send it all at once. ;)
Entities for the Celtic Advanced and Elite units (although they don't actually work; not sure why yet).
Replaced unit histories with Paul's new descriptions.
Revised online manual. Added placeholder rollovers to all units. Improved coordinate system.
Quick change of Roman fortress name.
Fix to make first "official" randomised entity ... Iberian house now points to an actor that contains its three variants. Replaced the houses in the ph2 map.
Replacement entities for the remaining houses other than Romans (to allow variations), and switching of resource pool to localPlayer, which should hopefully now mean player resources are maintained across a hosted game (haven't tested it yet).
Fixed Celtic Advanced Swordsman entity that was pointing to a non-existent next rank.
Fixed unit lists that were pointing to ho_1, which doesn't exist anymore.
Update to create pine tree and rock entities to match Jason's revised actors.
Little more experimenting with unit training.
Created entities for oak trees and berry bushes.
Fix for NaN of resource types. Food resources still outstanding ... I think it's an issue where need to get the value of a supply object's subtype, but the evt .speed is only for the type. Will need to check with Mark.
Fix for subtype resources (food), so hopefully all resources should be gatherable now.
Removed Carthaginian Archer at Ken's request.
Train lists now support a basic progress bar and unit counters. Still to come ... Removing entries from the queue by right-clicking buttons, prerequisites and resource costs.
Unit training now costs ya (currently a consistent amount of Food/Wood/Stone for every entity, since I'm feeling lazy).
Advanced and Elite rank entities for all the civs.
Accounting for removed swordsman in Celtic CC.
Slight update to make the gather cursors work by subtype, and added a bunch of placeholder cursors shamelessly ripped from AoM. Any artist that feels like making non-copyrighted replacements would be most welcome. (Ironically, I could find few usable cursors for the different food types.)
Some little scripting fixes Jason noticed.
Temporary animal entities for Matei's RM development.
box_height parameter for Matei.
* Fixed the "can't interact with the world" glitch. Turns out it was my fault. :) * Restored the resource pool (and cleaned up the JS interface to it ... array and counters are updated in one spot (wrapper functions to add/deduct/define), without need for constant refresh). * Added crude boxes in game setup to enter initial resource value. * The command buttons still don't work when clicked (and clicking continues to be erratic, only triggering if hammering the mouse button ... I think it's related to the return function() hack Philip set up), but that's next on the list. :) * Oh, and the command buttons don't currently realign to the different corners with Alt+G, but all the rest should.
Command buttons can finally invoke the building painter or train units. Still plenty of glitches (particularly click-fest issues ... still an issue when updating the buttons directly rather than via hack, so it's probably due to constant onPress refresh). I've also had to disable the progress bar until I can make it work properly, but if you can get a unit in the queue it should eventually spawn. :)
Possible speed optimisation for gaia entities (don't inherit the usual events and the entity script).
Properties for LOS for Matei: (structures, units), (structures, gaia).
Updated the temporary Bireme so it inherited from the ship template instead of the Female Citizen (which was fairly disturbing).
Removed the gaia_ designation from gaia entities, at Jason's request.
Changed the create lists for the Civ Centres so they'e no longer invalid (needs to point to the _b versions of CSes).
Fixed some glitches in my entityInit code. Changed erroneous UP references to XP and promotion.
A few more manual fixes.
Some fixes to the resource pool counters to make them dynamically lengthen based on caption length, and to adjust Housing / Population when buildings and units are created. (It probably doesn't yet deny creation of a unit if it would exceed population limit, though.) Also fixed a bug where an attempt to modify a resource value failed if it was zero.
Added Matei's instructions to add a new generic order to the entity script. Not much of a contribution, but every little helps, eh? :)
Moved Run up to affect other units. Also added an Iberian house, which for some reason went AWOL during the entity revision.
AI stance properties and extended animal templates.
Snazzier resizing resource counters and some miscellaneous fixes.
Basic progress bar UI at the start of the game requested by Jan, so player is aware of and can cancel archive building.
Quick fix in the init(), where non-foundations seemed to produce errors (since their building property would be undefined). Just added an extra if check.
Initial commit of GUI changes. You're not liable to see much difference (in fact, there's probably less functionality than there used to be).
Last update for tonight ... Tabs and commands are now displaying (albeit very fragilely due to unpredictable error-checking), "pick lists" and events still disabled while I work on getting them right. Also need to reshuffle button locations later when adapting to Jason's new Status Pane shape.
Did more updates to commands. * Pick lists should now display, though no events yet. (Except I've disabled them for now, as their condition checks will fail in most cases.) * Building lists should now provide a building cursor when clicked, so Matei can work on his stuff (though it gets a bit glitchy after that ... The UI expects a portrait name and ID from the foundation, for example, and so fails to find them and therefore continue to refresh the command lists.)
GUI Updates: * Implemented Jason's new tabs for portraits. Shuffled buttons around a bit. * Started on Status Pane elements ... portrait, health and stamina bars, garrison and supply counters, and descriptive text.
* Removed portrait background from the large status portrait (by changing default sprites for all entities).
# Implemented "pick list" selection code in UI. (Stances and formations can now be selected.) # Added Explore tag for infantry units. # Temporarily assigned a standard set of formations to all units for testing purposes. # Fixed pick list tab style. * (Also updated traits.formation in Wiki to keep in sync.) * Added "loose" formation -- is there a better name for that? -- since presumably we'll need an option to disband the current formation. * Pushed selection tab behind the pane as an easy alternative to shifting it about. * Started working on lists with "mixed" items (from different sheets, like Allegiances), but decided halfway to commit the formation stuff for Andrew. * (Incidentally, as suspected, there isn't enough room for all these items. All four horizontal tabs are now maxed out on a typical CS. Might have to append the kill and player tribute items from Allegiance onto Stance.) * (Also, if we need more than 11 items in the list, that will also need to be adapted sooner rather than later. The representative formation list is maxed out.)
# As requested by Jason, now only one tab list in the Status Pane will be open at any time (hovering one will close any others that are open).
# Preliminary work on technology research UI

These are all commits to official/entities/, the predecessor to simulation/templates/ and allow to identify balancing commits prior to rP6385 / rP6389 / rP6390

elexis added a comment.EditedNov 23 2019, 11:43 AM

Balancing department heads:

  • (Wijitmaker was the creator of the game, had designed the gameplay, created the artwork and thus is listed as such. I could barely find any specific balancing commit other than rP2309. It seems balancing work had barely been performed until Michael showed up, as the game was too incomplete to be balanced.)
  • Mythos_Ruler was the project leader and gamedesigner for several years. He had committed ample amount of balancing commits, showing that balancing as a category of contribution exists and that he was the one in charge of that at the time.

Balancing developers are only added to the credits if they contributed a balancing patch to this repository, so various engaged community developers are not listed here.

elexis added a comment.EditedNov 23 2019, 2:47 PM

Balancing contributors:

(Evidence for at least one balancing commit per cited author)

  • Remove LordGood since it only seems to be artwork without explcit balancing consideration.
  • Remove MarkT since its the very first templates for Prometheus Dude and Dudette, no properties existed that could be called balancable
  • matei made many template changing commits. They were rarely relevant for balance, but there is at least rP3237 where the commit message yields the impression of having considered balance.

If someone thinks he is missing here or if someone knows someone else who is missing, they may speak now or not now.

In D2436#101559, @Stan wrote:


  • His fullname does not appear on IRC, his prename thrice
  • He was in irc between 2010-09 and 2010-12
  • On that public forum post it says "Please welcome our new OS Dev Manager, Andrew Spiering, also known as wacko!", so I will assume this to be expressed agreement to be credited for the work under that title for 0 A.D in rP7217, rP8399.
  • Trac displayed name is Andrew, trac username is "wacko" (click on CC on trac for example in #523)
elexis updated this revision to Diff 10391.Nov 23 2019, 2:52 PM

Add wacko, remove LordGood, markt.

Successful build - Chance fights ever on the side of the prudent.

Link to build:

Successful build - Chance fights ever on the side of the prudent.

Link to build:

In D2436#101535, @Stan wrote:

Any reason why you didn't create a separate file ?

History and Community+Management should have an own tab probably, "Miscellaneous" is not descriptive and not even giving a name to the category of work that someone does is not really giving credit.
So it would be better to split this misc.json file in three separate files in fact, i.e. clean the two existing categories then insert the third.

Stan added a comment.Nov 23 2019, 3:40 PM


Let me know if you want me to do more digging. I'd be happy to help.

Great initiative!
Perhaps there should also be a separate list for user-facing text strings? E.g. @Gallaecio.

Great initiative!
Perhaps there should also be a separate list for user-facing text strings? E.g. @Gallaecio.

I suppose that would be Internationalization & Localization, where translation is a subcategory.

No, I mean improvements to untranslated descriptions and tooltips, e.g. D2226.

This revision was not accepted when it landed; it landed in state Needs Review.Nov 23 2019, 4:45 PM
This revision was automatically updated to reflect the committed changes.
Owners added a subscriber: Restricted Owners Package.Nov 23 2019, 4:45 PM

Sounds like Documentation and would include things like Manuals too I suppose.
(We should avoid creating too narrow categories, as there would be possibly too many of them then.)

Sounds like Documentation and would include things like Manuals too I suppose.
(We should avoid creating too narrow categories, as there would be possibly too many of them then.)

You're right. At least it isn't really art or programming.

Nescio added inline comments.
91 ↗(On Diff #10382)

Weren't you and @Hannibal_Barca also lobby moderators? You're not in the community list.
Perhaps there ought to be separate sub-lists for lobby moderators and forum moderators?