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[gameplay] Move bireme to village phase and balance.

Authored by borg- on Sat, Sep 5, 4:43 AM.


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Trireme is only in phase 2 and quinquereme in phase 3, it is fair that bireme is already in a village phase.

I think it would be interesting to be possible water wars in the first phase of the game. Some maps like oasis or new maps by @badosu would be quite interesting.

Bireme is little used today because it is available with trireme, this patch should help with that. Also encourage more actions early in the game instead of boom.

DefaultArrowCount decreased to 1 so it’s not too strong against units and ships when it’s not garnished.

Test Plan
  • 1v1 water maps
  • Check mistakes

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  • The change is correct.
  • The proposed bireme in village phase, trireme in town phase, and quinquereme in city phase is sensible.
  • It does make early gameplay more interesting.
  • Especially useful for e.g. the “Migration” random map.
  • The only flaw is not all civs have “biremes”; however, that's not a serious objection; not all have archers or slingers either.
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tag can be omitted since there is no phase preceding village phase, no?

This seems sensible to me.
The fact that Biremes were enabled at town phase dates from rP12240 which introduced tech requirements for warships. It seems to me that biremes have no particularly strong reason to not be in village_phase, given the commit.

That being said, I wonder if they should be slightly nerfed in consequence, or not?

That being said, I wonder if they should be slightly nerfed in consequence, or not?

Maybe lower <DefaultArrowCount> or <MaxArrowCount>?


You're right, neither template_unit.xml nor template_unit_ship.xml has a <RequiredTechnology>, thus this line could be purged.

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DefaultArrowCount 1.