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Add gui scale to options
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Authored by Angen on Oct 15 2020, 5:48 PM.


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There have been quite a bit of number of questions how to change scale of the gui, because this option is hidden from the user.

This is exposing it using bounds from 0.1 to 10 and requires application restart.
0.1 instead 0 because scale of 0 is dumm but 0.5 is reasonable so maybe 0.1 for someone is reasonable too.
10 looks like overshooting to me and I do not think someone would need to scale gui above 10.

Q: should be max number be removed, or is there some another lower reasonable max bound (5?, 4?) ?
Q: slider vs number - I see disadvantage of slider with decimal numbers if user wants some exact number, I think it is easier to type it
Q: it is gui, so is general tab acceptable or we need to clean/split graphic options

!Q: There is still possibility that user will overshoot scaling and will have to edit config file to get application to usable state.

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change scaling in options
check spelling

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As for adding this setting to the in-game options, great! This is long overdue and should have been added years ago.
As for the position, I'd strongly recommend putting it at the top of graphics tab (i.e. directly above windowed mode); that's were I sincerely believe most users would look first.
As for sane values, 0 A.D. requires a minimum width of 1024 (session panels) and a height of 768 (main menu, options; D2568 would allow 720 for the main menu). I have a 3840×2160 screen and for me 2 is reasonable; 3 is already slightly too large (3×768=2304). There are wider screens, but the limiting factor is the height, not the width. But perhaps a factor 4 should be allowed, in case screen with at least 3072 pixels vertically are sold; I don't know.

0.1 instead 0 because scale of 0 is dumm but 0.5 is reasonable so maybe 0.1 for someone is reasonable too.

Did you actually try this? Due to how text is rendered, I very much doubt anything below 1 is readable.

I disagree to add it as a free number, our interface isn't ready for that. Pls, take a look:

Angen updated this revision to Diff 13638.Oct 16 2020, 5:59 PM

dropdown, 100%, 125%, 150%, 175%, 200% (1, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2)
show nothing when custom value in config ?

Any update on this?
The gui scale is an option many could benefit from, but most people are unaware of. Being able to set it from within the game is important.
I still think it ought to be listed under “Graphics”, but since there is no room there (D3034 hasn't got much traction lately), it's better to have it under “General” than not at all.
While I doubt anyone would really need a value greater than 200%, I'm not against allowing giving people the choice of a scale up to 300%, in case someone wants to make very little use of a very high resolution screen (who knows).

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It requires D406 for precision. I believe it no longer requires game restart too @wraitii might know more.

I think ATM it's still required, but one could probably use a config hook to avoid that. Not sure.

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need way how to recover without editing config again