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Fix visual-replays not processing turn 0 commands.
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Authored by wraitii on Sat, Nov 7, 10:32 AM.
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As noted in #5546, the Turn 0 commands are not executed in visual replays. That is because the visual replay turn manager pushes commands on "NotifyFinished
Update", which is run for the first time after turn 0 has been processed.

I couldn't find any particular reason why rP16727 (the OG visual replay diff) or rP17746 didn't use FinishedOwnCommands instead, which seems more logical.
This reverts some hacky-looking code from rP17746.

(Note that MP games can't actually have commands on turn 0.)

Reported by: Freagarach

Test Plan

Run a visual replay with commands on turn 0.

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wraitii created this revision.Sat, Nov 7, 10:32 AM

Successful build - Chance fights ever on the side of the prudent.

/Applications/ file: ../../../binaries/system/libsimulation2.a(precompiled.o) has no symbols
/Applications/ file: ../../../binaries/system/libengine.a(precompiled.o) has no symbols

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