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Enable support for riscv64
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Authored by alexfanqi on May 2 2022, 1:40 PM.



Game play works well, but runs slow.

Test Plan

nvtt doesn't support this ARCH and spidermonkey doesn't have jit yet. Otherwise,
all features work well with no errors.

Test hardware:
Sifive Unmatched with a cheap Radeon graphic card.

Diff Detail

rP 0 A.D. Public Repository
Lint OK
No Unit Test Coverage
Build Status
Buildable 20241
Build 48658: arc lint + arc unit

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alexfanqi created this revision.May 2 2022, 1:40 PM
Owners added a subscriber: Restricted Owners Package.May 2 2022, 1:40 PM
alexfanqi requested review of this revision.May 2 2022, 1:40 PM

I would say the game on this Arch just works, but too slow to be in a playable state. I upload this patch mainly for 0ad lovers using riscv or people who are interested in riscv to try out. It is totally fine for me if this patch is left unmerged or ignored.

This arch probably will need more time to evolve, but it is very promising and fast growing with all major distros supporting it already.

Stan added a subscriber: Stan.May 2 2022, 2:02 PM

Hey thanks for the patch! I heard rumors it worked but never saw the distribution patches for it.

How slow does it run ?

Can you upload your system_info and userreport_hwdetect with this hardware ?


Is it hard to do ?