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Tooltip on End of game summary charts, showing the y-value of the graphs for each player.
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Authored by thehiggsfield on May 24 2022, 6:30 PM.
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"Add a Tooltip to the end of game summary charts, which displays eachs player's collor indicator followed by the displayed y-value of the graph for that player, at the time the mouse is hovering over."

Test Plan

"I opend the Summary screen from the Replays menu, during a game and after a game. For each of these I moused over the two charts with Score/Total score, Miscellaneous/Kill-Death and Miscellaneous/Feminization selected (since they each have one of the 3 different y-vlaue types). I then confirmed the look of the tooltip with "Group by team" on and off.

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Build 49063: arc lint + arc unit

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thehiggsfield created this revision.May 24 2022, 6:30 PM
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thehiggsfield requested review of this revision.May 24 2022, 6:30 PM

Hey, I just wanted to add a comment.
I have a decent amount of coding experience (not with JavaScript though), but I have never participated in large scale coding collaborations. Therefore I would greatly appreciate any feedback on this revision, especially if I have committed any big no-nos, so I can learn how to better contribute moving forwards.

Both thanks and apologies in advance.

no need to apologize :)
congrats on your first patch!

The only real problem is that there are not that many people around who work on the gui -> so it might take quite a while to get good feedback.

and I can't really say anything about this specific patch as I tend to never look at the summary screen and therefore have no opinion on if this is something the would be cool to have or not.