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[gameplay] Themistocle aura 1 modify
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Authored by Grugnas on Sep 12 2017, 3:43 PM.



Actual Themistocle aura affects Ship class and multiply their BatchTimeModifier value for 0.5 while garrisoned.
After 30 or more units batch size, the aura effect is bigger than intended and thus unwanted because a player could garrison the hero in a ship, enqueue a batch of units, then ungarrison him and repeat the same operation over and over with different ships ( reported by temple ) .
This patch converts the aura from "garrison" type to "global" to affect directly units template BuildTime entry in order to handle the otherwise exponential build time growth.

Test Plan

Start a game, train Themistocle hero an check that units are affected by aura with no need of garrison the hero in a ship.

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temple added a subscriber: temple.Sep 12 2017, 8:28 PM

The batch time modifier for most buildings is 0.8 or 0.7, and the lowest is 0.6 for Seleucid's fortress after researching "Parade of Daphne". Athens triremes are 0.7, and Themistocles's aura cuts that in half to 0.35.

The batch time modifier = p gives a bonus for training multiple units at once, with n units taking n^p times as long to train as one unit instead of n times as long. Here's a table comparing them:

modifr	batch size
	1	2	3	4	5	10	20	50	100
1	1.00	2.00	3.00	4.00	5.00	10.00	20.00	50.00	100.00
0.8	1.00	1.74	2.41	3.03	3.62	6.31	10.99	22.87	39.81
0.7	1.00	1.62	2.16	2.64	3.09	5.01	8.14	15.46	25.12
0.35	1.00	1.27	1.47	1.62	1.76	2.24	2.85	3.93	5.01

For example, if you wanted to train a hundred mercenary archers, it would normally take you 10s * 25.12 = 251s = 4:11 to build them from a ship (or 398s = 6:38 from a dock), but with Themistocles garrisoned it only takes 50 seconds. Normally in 50s you could only train ten men.

I guess it's not game-breaking to have a modifier of 0.35, but it's pretty weird. So I like the proposed change.

Grugnas updated this revision to Diff 3649.Sep 13 2017, 1:56 AM
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updated. Now the aura directly affects the wanted units.

I think like this it would apply to the gym champs as well? Might need to add in "Sword".

In D904#35300, @temple wrote:

I think like this it would apply to the gym champs as well? Might need to add in "Sword".

thank you for noticing that!

Grugnas updated this revision to Diff 3653.EditedSep 13 2017, 9:24 AM

added Sword class to the affected Champion not Mercenary class.

elexis added a subscriber: elexis.

global hero auras are boring, I liked the fact that its linked to the ship he is in. But 0.35 just seemed over the top?

Although avoiding global auras is a good policy, the original idea was to force the player to garrison a ship to benefit from a good bonus with the weakness to lose the batch, the hero and the ship if the ship sinks ( which is interesting ) but the aura is exploitable as long as players are allowed to garrison and ungarrison the hero as they please in order to have many ships benefit from the aura and it is unwanted. Perhaps not game-breaking for the high metal costly champions but the situation gets different when units cost is lower e.g. mercenary archers and possible affecting training cost auras.
Directly affecting the interested units instead of the structures training them grants more control over the training flow.

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