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Stan's FreeBSD's build script

Authored by Stan on Jan 31 2021, 10:32 AM.
export CC=/usr/bin/clang
export CXX=/usr/bin/clang++
export LLVM_OBJDUMP=/usr/bin/llvm-objdump
export CPP=/usr/bin/clang-cpp
export CXXFLAGS="-march=native -mtune=native"
#export CC=/usr/local/bin/clang90
#export CXX=/usr/local/bin/clang++90
#export CPP=/usr/local/bin/clang-cpp90
#export LLVM_CONFIG=llvm-config90
#export LLVM_OBJDUMP=llvm-objdump90
CC_VERSION="$($CC --version | sed -e 's/version//g' -e 's/(.*)//g' -e 's/\s//' | sed 1q)"
CXX_VERSION="$($CXX --version | sed -e 's/version//g' -e 's/(.*)//g' -e 's/\s//' | sed 1q)"
cd "0ad" && svn up
THREADS="$(sysctl -n hw.ncpu)"
export JOBS="-j$THREADS"
SVN_REV="$(svnversion -n)"
if [ -e build/svn_revision/svn_revision.txt ] && [ "$(cat build/svn_revision/svn_revision.txt)" = L\""${SVN_REV}-dev"\" ]
echo "Already at the latest revision."
echo L\""${SVN_REV}"-dev\" > build/svn_revision/svn_revision.txt
cd build/workspaces && echo "Updating workspaces with $CC_VERSION/$CXX_VERSION using $THREADS jobs..."
#(cd gcc && gmake clean)
sh USES=iconv CXXFLAGS="$CXXFLAGS" "$JOBS" 2> ../../../../build-libs-errors.log
cd gcc && echo "Building pyrogenesis with $CC_VERSION/$CXX_VERSION using $THREADS jobs..."
gmake USES=iconv CXXFLAGS="$CXXFLAGS" JOBS="$JOBS" 2> ../../../../build-errors.log
cd ../../../../

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