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Move static GUI<>::SetSetting operating on IGUIObject to a member IGUIObject…


Move static GUI<>::SetSetting operating on IGUIObject to a member IGUIObject::SetSetting.

Remove PSERROR codes from SetSetting (let std::map throw an out_of_range if a caller wants to Set a setting that doesn't exist without having checked with SettingExists, equal to GetSetting from rP22789).
That also simplifies std::function SetSettingWrap construct from rP22570 to void IGUIObject::SettingChanged.
Don't trigger debug_warn or exceptions in GUITooltip::ShowTooltip if the XML author specified wrong tooltip input, and dodge another dynamic_cast.

Rename existing IGUIObject::SetSetting to IGUIObject::SetSettingFromString and comment that it is purposed for parsing XML files.
Remove SetSetting default value, so that authors are made aware explicitly of the need to decide the function broadcasting a message, refs rP21728, rP22785, ...
Change const bool& SkipMessage to const bool SendMessage, so that a positive value relates to a positive action.
Clean AddSettings whitespace and integer types.

Differential Revision: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2231
Tested on: gcc 9.1.0, clang 8.0.1, Jenkins
Comments By: Philip on IRC on 2010-07-24 on GUIUtil being ugly, in case that one counts