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Fix various tooltip/text oversights.


Fix various tooltip/text oversights.

This patch fixes some oversights missed in recent commits:

  • pers.json entry in D2532/rP23746.
  • brit.json entry in D2533/rP23781.
  • Delete two auras rendered obsolete in D2686/rP23824.
  • Tooltip and mace.json entry in D2867/rP23836.
  • maur.json entry in D2821/rP23837.
  • sele.json entry in D2858/rP23838.
  • Indentation, tooltip, and {civ}.json entries in D2839/rP23840.
  • Indentation, tooltip, and {civ}.json entries of Hellenistic Metropolis technology.
  • Purged some non-existent things in various {civ.json} files.
  • Added a history string and updated the technology tooltip for the Immortals.
  • Fixed Cart walls civ bonus tooltip.

Patch by: Nescio

Reviewed By: borg-

Differential Revision: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2885