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Update (and debundle) fmt dependancy


Update (and debundle) fmt dependancy

We now support the most recent released version of fmt available (at the time
of committing).

As we no longer patch fmt to get it to work within pyrogenesis, this commit
also mostly removes its source from our code-tree (some headers are retained for
Windows builds).

If you are a user of...

Linux/BSD: You will now need to have fmt installed from your distribution's

         package repository. The minimum supported version of `fmt` is `4.0`.

    OSX: The source is acquired and compiled (in `build-osx-libs.sh`),
         then included and linked automatically.

Windows: The relevant header files are retained and, along with a pre-built
         library, are the only things still bundled.

Accepted by: wraitii

Tested by:

  • Freagarach (Lubuntu 18.04, fmt 4.0.0)
  • Krinkle (MacOS 10.14, fmt 6.1.2)
  • nephele (Alpine Linux)
  • wraitii (MacOS 10.14)
  • Nescio (Fedora 33, fmt 7.0.3)

Windows library files built by: Stan

Fixes: #3190
Differential Revision: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2689