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Fix a few template oversights in recent commits.


Fix a few template oversights in recent commits.

This patch fixes a few oversights:

  • When redoing D3287, a typo slipped in, spotted by @borg-: “wood” instead of “food”.
  • From the same patch, @Angen suggested to change a technology name, from “Metal Shield” to “Metal Rim”.
  • When redoing D2494, I missed that the ptol polybolos has a third less reload time; as a consequence its damage per second is now 50% higher than that of other bolt-shooters; this patch fixes that by adjusting its damage.
  • Likewise, D3235 adjusted archer attacks but omitted the crossbowman, which currently has half the base damage of its champion counterpart but three times the reload time, which means its damage per second is only one-sixth the archer's; this patch raises its base damage sixfold to give the crossbowman the same damage per second as the archer.

Patch by: Nescio

Reviewed By: wraitii

Differential Revision: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D3375