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Unify UnitAI and AnimalAI.


Unify UnitAI and AnimalAI.

r8995 / rP8995 (#563) introduced an ANIMAL-state from a separate AnimalAI-component (introduced in r7763 / rP7763).
This patch merges that separate state and brings the ROAMING and FEEDING (renamed to LINGERING) under the INDIVIDUAL.IDLE-state.

This enables e.g. city-building mods to have human units that linger and roam or animals that behave like humans.

The specific values for animals might need tweaking after this.

Differential revision: D2646
Fixes: #1832, #5593
Comments by: @Angen, @Langbart, @Nescio, @Stan, @wraitii
Refs.: #3919

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Freagarach added inline comments.May 8 2022, 8:45 AM

How about reactive? That seems to cover the stance?