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Split treasures from ResourceSupply.


Split treasures from ResourceSupply.

Removes some hardcoding and allows for easier modding of treasures.

Refs.: #5888
Differential revision: D3303
Comments by: @Imarok, @Nescio, @Stan, @wraitii

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Stan added a comment.May 5 2021, 7:46 PM

It seems TreasureCollecter should TreasureCollector the former doesn't seem to be an english word at all. Could also have been TreasureGatherer.

Oops, you're right!
Well, I've mostly chosen the Collect[e|o]r for its explicit difference from resource gathering.

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Angen raised a concern with this commit.Aug 1 2021, 7:11 PM

Another one.
Order missing for formationcontroller causing formationcontroller going to individual state so breaking it.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. make formation
  2. order to collect treasure
  3. ignored because formation controller went to individual state

bug 3.1 formation controller is out of formation controller state
bug 3.2 members are not responding until reformed with new formation

UnitAI.prototype.GetBestAttackAgainst = function(target, allowCapture)
	var cmpAttack = Engine.QueryInterface(this.entity, IID_Attack);
	if (!cmpAttack)
		return undefined;
	if (this.IsFormationController()) {
		error("Formation controller in GetBestAttackAgainst()");
		return undefined;
	return cmpAttack.GetBestAttackAgainst(target, allowCapture);

will result in ERROR: Formation controller in GetBestAttackAgainst()

This commit now has outstanding concerns.Aug 1 2021, 7:11 PM
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