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Split tasks from ProductionQueue.
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Split tasks from ProductionQueue.

The task of the production queue should first and foremost be that; a queue for production items.
Hence, the specifics of training/researching are delegated to specific components.

As a side effect, this improves the test coverage and fixes:

  • Resource not refunding when hitting the entity limit. Introduced in r25753 / rP25753.
  • Autoqueue changing when unable to spawn. Introduced in r25779 / rP25779.

Modders can change their templates using https://code.wildfiregames.com/P256.

Differential revision: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4333
Fixes: #6363
Comments by: @Silier
Refs. #6364

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Silier added inline comments.Wed, Nov 17, 3:58 PM

this should be inlined


if this is -1 ?


so here you are saying it is or technology or entity while else in the code it looks like it can be both at the same time. which case it is?


this and below can be more generic and branches can be removed


if it is or technology or unit at the same time, why dont pass interface ID to item on creation and make both interfaces implementing same functions so they can be called without branching.
Also that would make it possible to remove this.entity and this.technology and have just this.item or something


why not inlined

Silier added inline comments.Wed, Nov 17, 4:01 PM

ok, wrong comment, but still can be merged into one here and checked in item

Freagarach marked 7 inline comments as done.Thu, Nov 18, 7:02 PM
Freagarach added inline comments.

I didn't want to modify the GUI (too much) in this patch. Hence I assumed here (and at the addition stage) only one of the two is possible. But the rest is flexible enough for it to be implemented some day.


Because e.g. the Researcher don't need the count, so their interfaces are different.
Also, someone might want to implement queuing both at the same time.


Since this was a (almost straight) copy-pasta.

Silier raised a concern with this commit.Sun, Nov 28, 7:54 AM

See comments on diff

This commit now has outstanding concerns.Sun, Nov 28, 7:54 AM