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[GUI] increase msgbox button size to fix text overlap


[GUI] increase msgbox button size to fix text overlap

Report: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/82754-alpha-26-pre-releaserelease-candidate-build-testing/page/6/#comment-504135

rP25978 added a new button which has more text and can span have multiple lines in some languages.
Fix: increase the size.
possible todo for the future: unify button sizes or make them adaptive depending on the text size.

comments by @Langbart @Stan

accepted by @wraitii

Differential revision: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4707

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Langbart added a comment.EditedJun 24 2022, 5:07 PM

I have to say that I am very disappointed with the decision to proceed with this patch. Detailed comments were simply ignored I will definitely not continue to work on this project if this carries on.

09:06 wraitii I think this is a strong 'who the f cares' situation

Comments like this make clear why former participants have left the project.

Stan raised a concern with this commit.Jun 24 2022, 5:36 PM

Can we mitigate this? Now that we have a new RB we gained more time to fix things better.

Too big buttons

  • Reset option
  • ScenarioEditor
  • Unsaved options
  • Multiplayer lobby (create new account / login)
  • Basically any small popup? Hopefully one change for all?

Mod loader seems unaffected. Actually it doesn't even seem to work there ?

Comments like this make clear why former participants have left the project.

That's an oversimplification of what happened though.

This commit now has outstanding concerns.Jun 24 2022, 5:36 PM

@Langbart I am sorry, but don't think I understand.
I agree with you comments on the patch ( didn't ignore your comments on purpose/ thought I addressed them by replying on the diff that this should be done ), the only problem is that I have no time to do it the way you described right now and so the question for me was: rather have inconsistent button sizes or overlapping text for the next release.
Maybe I misunderstood your comments/ didn't wait long enough in case you wanted to comment again, but given these two options, would you rather have overlapping text ?

@Stan sure, easiest thing is to just revert this.
The only problem is that it takes time to do all the points @Langbart mentioned and to go through all the buttons and make sure nothing overlaps / everything is correct.

Stan resigned from this commit.Jun 26 2022, 6:08 PM
This commit no longer requires audit.Jun 26 2022, 6:08 PM