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Send NetClient GUIMessages to subscribing GUIObjects instead of pulling them onTick
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Authored by elexis on Nov 7 2019, 3:24 PM.



This diff changes the way GUI messages created within the NetClient are obtained by the GUI.

rP7653 introduced the Engine.PollNetworkClient() JSInterface method which is called onTick from GUI pages listening to the NetClient.
This however means that if you have 100 FPS and 1 network message per second, you will get 100 function calls where only one of them is relevant.
This means that this is an unscalable pattern, if every event-subscription system would check onTick, the code would become very ugly on top of performing badly.
Hence this diff changes the way of propagation to have C++ call the JS functions if and only if there is a NetClient message pending.

rP23138/D2408 and rP22515/D1754 introduced the GUIManager SendEventToAll proxies for the CGUI SendEventToAll function.

Test Plan

Notice that if one doesn't clone the paramData object, the gamesetup will crash.
One can perform clone even on the JS side, but that seems compensating for an engine defect.

Notice that SendEventToAll does recurse through all GUI objects of all GUI pages, so that should be fixed as well if the performance should be maximized.
This can be achieved by keeping a list in CGUI of IGUIObjects that have m_ScriptHandlers for that event and then only calling these, similar to m_pAllObjects.

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Build failure - The Moirai have given mortals hearts that can endure.

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I always wondered if the logging was slow. In the end we only ask for Warnings and Errors so mainlog makes little sense in release versions.


Maybe you could also display which param failed ?

elexis planned changes to this revision.EditedNov 26 2019, 9:32 AM


  • XmppClient (edit: and UserReporter) equally pulls onTick but only receives messages occasionally, so it should receive the same treatment
  • One needs to subscribe to a GUI Object, but the GUI object itself is not involved at all in the processing of the event. So it would seem nicer to subscribe the event globally, perhaps similar to D2260/rP22851. (The event handlers must be destroyed when the GUI page is destroyed, yet CGUI should remain agnostic of NetClient and XmppClient)
  • To trigger a ScriptEvent, one needs to call RecurseObject. But that means on a GUI object page with 10k objects and only 1 object using the event, it will iterate over 10k objects with 10k function calls for no reason. (However not iterating using RecurseObject means iteration order will not be hierarchical anymore, which is sad, but appears that it can be assumed to be negligible. Secondly it means having to copy the pointers to iterate since that container can change while iterating).