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Show presence of players in lobby chat
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Authored by ffffffff on Apr 23 2017, 9:51 PM.
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As u cant know if u read something that the one who send this is actually present in lobby, it is necessary to show some hint on his name (in the line where the message stands) of his current state as busy (playing) or offline or if available only show name...

for now its just showing presence state in brackets next to name

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necessity and realisation of design

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also possible for alpha states when busy/away/offline:

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To make it official: don't add a textual indicator.

If another dev like scythetwirler agrees, we could maybe have an option to show have the chat of busy/offline players darkened as seen on this one

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ive been also worked on something with showing an indicator which is more decent (also if player switchest rapidly presence status and chattet before alot which wont make to much noise):

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The dots seem like the best solution to me.

elexis added a comment.Jul 9 2017, 2:25 AM

The feature seems interesting if we had a proper patch for it, the best GUI design and an option to disable it.

There were thoughts to add a new message "buddy X has joined game Y", but tht doesn't replace this feature.

I found the color effect actually quite nice. It should become optional. Not sure if enabled by default (but probably makes sense because noone checks the options.
There might be other ideas to show data in the chat line, for example buddy status or rank. But those aren't things we want to influence who people talk to, while we actually do want to avoid that people talk to players who are offline or in games.

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rework (performance) new approach:

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