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Fix incorrect prop height for floating objects.
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Authored by Stan on Tue, Oct 13, 12:31 AM.



Currently the game adds some weird height to props that adjust to terrain, when the parent mesh is floating. (eg. docks) This patch addresses that by using the waterheight in this case instead.

Test Plan

Try to place docks as far as possible from the shore. Notice it breaks without the patch. Agree this is an improvement.

Event Timeline

Stan created this revision.Tue, Oct 13, 12:31 AM

Successful build - Chance fights ever on the side of the prudent.

/Applications/ file: ../../../binaries/system/libsimulation2.a(precompiled.o) has no symbols
/Applications/ file: ../../../binaries/system/libgraphics.a(precompiled.o) has no symbols
/Applications/ file: ../../../binaries/system/libatlas.a(precompiled.o) has no symbols

Link to build:

Stan requested review of this revision.Tue, Oct 13, 12:49 AM