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Roll The Dice custom scenario map

Authored by wraitii on Apr 17 2017, 3:11 PM.


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This commit requires D274 and D281.

I have been porting over the classic "Roll The Dice" scenario from Age of Empires to 0 A.D.
It's a very fun scenario, checkout out ZeroEmpires' video about it (e.g.

This map also showcases the extreme flexibility of our trigger scripts, by changing simulation code without mods and even adding a custom ability to make the "abilities" such as the panic-button integrated into the GUI instead of using a workaround, like in Age of Empires.

I have not reimplemented everything, and this does requires 2 changes:
-Triggers support the "Attacked" message
-All units have an empty Abilities component by default, to support adding custom abilities.

Test Plan

Start a Roll The Dice scenario. Setting some players as AI will remove them, so leave them unassigned. This was done to have a scenario that still allows variable number of players, but it's a little broken obviously.

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wraitii updated this revision to Diff 1363.Apr 19 2017, 5:33 PM

Fix a bug with technologies (should be split).

Fix bugs with the map and improve gameplay. Added a semblance of AI if you play against AI players, and even though they're insanely dumb it does make the game mode already quite fun I think.

Also correctly upload the PMP file.

wraitii updated this revision to Diff 1364.Apr 19 2017, 5:55 PM

Version I uploaded of course had a bug. This one works.

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Removing this from the review queue until the dependencies are implemented.

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I'm taking this out of the queue of patches-that-should-be-finished too until the dependencies are implemented.