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SpiderMonkey 38 upgrade: 02/35


SpiderMonkey 38 upgrade: 02/35

Update files for building SpiderMonkey.
Add a script for starting the tracelogger, as well as some instructions, to be detailed in the wiki.


ItmsSep 2 2016, 6:14 PM
rP18655: SpiderMonkey 38 upgrade: 01/35

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What is the license of ps/trunk/source/tools/tracelogger/tracelogger_options.sh?
Thanks by advance for the answer.

Itms added a comment.Jul 16 2019, 5:50 PM

Oh, well, I don't know. I usually license my stuff under GPL and it would make sense to put it under GPLv2+ like most of the 0ad code. However, seeing how barebones and easy to adapt this snippet is, maybe MIT would make more sense.

This is really not a meaningful script, just a dignified piece of documentation. Let me know if you have an opinion/preference on the choice of the license, it doesn't matter much as far as I'm concerned. In the near future, the script will probably be rewritten or replaced by something else depending on the more recent SpiderMonkey updates, just FYI.