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[gameplay] Make wall turrets upgrade into proper towers.

Authored by wraitii on Jan 24 2021, 10:37 AM.


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Wall turrets are rather problematic: they don't have build restrictions, but they can be used to protect garrisoned units for firing, they are much slower and much costlier to build than other wall pieces (to the point that if you just want to wall, you should just delete them), and they are also OP but I hope to merge D3465 so this won't be relevant.

This diff changes all that by basically just making them fancy short pieces. It:

  • Makes it possible to visibly garrison them, but not to garrison-fire them. This makes them much more like other wall pieces, and the lack of build restrictions is no longer problematic since you can just kill the turrets.
  • Therefore, it makes them cost about the same as a short wall piece.
  • Gives them an upgrade to a proper Defence tower (with build restrictions & build limits).

This is indirectly a major rebalance of walls, because their cost was mostly driven by wall towers in both cost and build time. They suddenly become much faster and less costly to build.

The 'problem' is the graphic element.
Some civilisations will work right out the box, such as kushites:

Others look absurd, like Maurya, where the wall towers also don't work for visible garrisoning.

Finally we also have civs that have proper wall-towers for visibly garrisoning but improper Defence Towers:

So we need to:

  • Rework the wall turrets of civs where visible garrisoning isn't possible (Maurya at least)
  • Rework the defence towers of civs where they look ridiculous inside the wall. For some civs (e.g. Iber I think) an oversized sentry tower would actually match quite well.

It's possible that we don't want to use the actual defence tower template/actor, I merely did this out of diff convenience.

Test Plan

Agree with the change. Then work on the templates & arts to fix issues, this is a little WIP.

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So step one would be D2769.

Oh yeah this is almost a duplicate of that, in fact. I've posted some of my comments there, I'll change this bit here to be about upgrading wall turrets into proper towers then after that diff goes in.

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Need to keep in mind this breaks reconnecting walls (wallsets have only one tower template) D1190 for another improvement.

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This is undesirable. Wall towers are fundamentally different things than free-standing towers, despite their name. The latter shoots arrows by default and is relatively easy to destroy or capture, whereas the former is part of city walls, the purpose of which is to block movement and be hard to destroy.
I'm in favour of removing the <Attack> (and <BuildingAI>) from wall towers and giving them unit slots (turret points), hence D2769, but before that can be done, some actors have to be changed first.

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