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[maps] Adjust playerPlacementRiver to group teams on the same side in most cases


[maps] Adjust playerPlacementRiver to group teams on the same side in most cases

Brute forcing the right arrangement, which is unnecessary but accepted since it has only a negligible performance impact overall.

accepted by: @lyv @andy5995

Fixes: #6390

Differential revision: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4747

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I did some more testing. Teams are correct in a 3v2 or 2v3 or 3v4 or 4v3, but in a 2v4, the placement is incorrect.

But I think this is what @marder meant when he said solution 1 would fix the most common cases, but...

Solution 1 has some bad edge cases, especially on small maps, so the solution that is used in this patch is the second one.


So marder definitely made an improvement with no negative side effects, but the function still lacks support for 2v6, 3v5, 1v3, etc.

I propose the ticket be reopened so that placement could be improved further for a27 or beyond.

I don't think we should worry much about edge cases like 7v1. If players set that up on a map too small, they need to change the map size, the map, or the team setup, imo.

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Those were not forgotten, and there are more than two team cases as well. See the comment on the diff.

Feel free to create a new ticket. At least we can try to come up with alternative ideas that way.

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