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[WIP] Can the language options window be merged into options window?
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Authored by ffffffff on Dec 22 2017, 9:56 PM.
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[For now no patch, please dont apply it, it's only a previous patch as placeholder due to phabricator needs a patch to open new diff, but I only open diff here because I don't get to address people in trac (#4911) correctly, so asking here before I actualy implement this feature so patch is not correctly here and missing.]

So discussion:

For changing language in lobby or in gamesetup or in-game it can be good to have language changing possibility within the options window (when options window become globaly or also in lobby/gamesetup available) f.e. if want to change from native language like german to english, when ingame or in gamesetup, for looking up proper english name for a map or unit to talk to others in english, but then switch back to native language (german), this can be really helpful. Interest?

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To me this seems useful.
Scenario 1. Someone has the game in spanish and asks you about "arrietes" or any building or unit but you are not familiar with these words related to war in your own language because you have the game in english.
Scenario 2. Someone wants to post screenshots or questions in forums and could use a quick language switch to comunicate easily.

I applied the patch but could not find the language thing in options.
Maybe leave them both in the tools menu and also add dropdown list as a general option.

ffffffff edited the summary of this revision. (Show Details)Dec 23 2017, 12:32 AM

Yea. The patch is not the right one. Its only placeholder now, because phabricator want any patch for new diff :D. So for now only discussion. Thx for the opinion! Feeling same way in functioning. :)

I will implement the patch later when decision.:)