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Options button in game setup gui named "Settings"
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Authored by ffffffff on Dec 16 2017, 11:20 PM.



This can help open and setting game/setup options in game setup gui also when combined with possible change in options categorie order D797 and possible D816 cause else its not possible to open and change game settings while in gamesetup, which can be needed if you want to change something while hosting a new game ańd waiting for players.



maybe also in combine with bringing more options to gamesetup options page (from D797 idea)

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Tested, works. Very useful: new people always asking how to set batch size and maybe other options. Needed here and in lobby (D1055). D1055 conflicts with this patch if D1055 applied first.

Should trigger the same action as pressing the options dialog hotkey. The hotkey can likely be overwritten.
Labeling the button "Game Setup" is wrong if the page is already called "Game Setup", it should just be "Options" in accordance with the window title and other button(s) leading to that dialog.

Since the other patches propose to add more buttons from the main menu to individual GUI pages, we should determine a layout that fits for all buttons before committing the first button.


unneeded parentheses

The term "Options" is very near to "More Options", that we already have in the gui and that therefore can be easily mistaken. Therefore I thought about "Game Setup" respective from the options categorie (as it sets up the game in term). Maybe "Settings" term?

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Settings term

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Isn't it better to rename More options to More settings and keep Options name consistent across game?

Yea. Good point. Just wanted to keep gamesetup gui and instead taking this name. I am feeling fine with "Settings". Other opinions?

The "More Options" button can become "More Settings" if we have to (after all its called Match Setup and gamesetup), but bb wants to kill that button anyhow.

Until then I fully agree with mapkoc in that we options dialog must be opened with a button called options.

Notice that it removes space from the tooltip and cheat hint string which is quite ungood considering that the length of the strings currently about fits for most civ tooltips.

somehow i cannot get the tooltip to the correct size as the function rightAlignCancelButton() for some reason not making it correct setted even if i pass instead of the "cancelGame" button name the "gameSetupButton" name.

so tooltip text underlayed the cheats enabled tooltip

bb added a comment.Jan 30 2018, 3:46 PM

More options button killed and related code renamed to settings, wouldn't this button be better positioned under/above the lobby button with an icon (perhaps the ai setting icon is usable as placeholder for now)


no need for newline


imo the button should just open the upper most tab (or if there is some kind of saving, the lastly viewed)

jes good idea. then we save the tooltip space.




jes that would be the other idea or both having last tab opened saved per gui. so in game would that also nice.

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as above

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