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Use JS::Heap instead of JS::PersistentRooted in IGUIObject
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Authored by elexis on Dec 19 2018, 4:18 PM.


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Philip added and documented a memory leak in rP5154 (Update: fake news, there is no leak).

At least with SM38, the JS value representing the GUI object is persistently rooted, and PersistentRooting means it's registered with the ScriptRuntime rather than the JSContext.
But GUI Pages don't have a custom ScriptRuntime, only a JSContext, so these JSObjects will remain allocated forever (Update: wrong, automatic unrooting upon destruction, i.e. on close page).
Other than that, JS::Heap also seems better practice than PersistentRooting (Update: only when initialization / rooting and unrooting is considered).

The patch uses a JS::Value instead of a JSObject to distinguish initialized from uninitialized cache.

Test Plan

It would be nice to measure the memory leak with a tool like valgrind+massif, but I failed to achieve that (
Even with memory allocation measuring (using ps) I could not notice an increase in allocated pages at all, with millions of registered objects.
Read the spidermonkey documentation.

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Successful build - Chance fights ever on the side of the prudent.

Link to build:

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Upstream SM do away with the context/runtime difference, but I think the change is fine regardless.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Dec 31 2018, 9:54 AM

I didn't expect SM upgrades anytime soon when I wrote the patch.

The code looks nicer when using a JS::Object than a JS::Value I think, as we don't need to convert between val<->obj.
So maybe we can reevaluate this when the SM upgrades are through.

Itms added a comment.May 26 2019, 2:23 PM

Regardless of the future merge between runtimes and context, I think we should use persistent rooteds as little as possible, so conceptually I agree with the patch.

Stan added a subscriber: Stan.May 26 2019, 2:25 PM

Would be nice to have the Valgrind report :)

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Based on new documentation we've had 2 days ago on IRC, I think this would better wait SM45 and use JS::TraceEdge instead, refactoring the thing a little more, but it's a step in the right direction.

elexis added a comment.Aug 2 2019, 1:30 PM

1. There is no leak:

So first step of the review of this patch should be whether it's most basic assumptions are true.

It says "fix a leak", but there is no leak here, because the objects are destroyed when the IGUIObject is destroyed, and with it the JS Value is unrooted.

As cited in the preceding comment in

There is "automatic unrooting on destruction"

Even the code in that commit doesn't seem to leak memory, because there is a JS_AddRoot and JS_RemoveRoot call.

See also somewhat long discussion with wraitii on #0ad-dev:

17:48 < wraitii> but yeah D1700 -> not fixing a leak

2. Alternative not have these objects hang around forever using up memory interpretation:

I can only imagine that Philip meant that the JS objects are not necessarily needed after they were accessed once, but they are not unrooted until the GUI page is closed, whereas before this commit, they were destroyed immediately after each access.

only a single JS_RemoveRoot is required to unroot the location.


objects hang around forever using up memory

could at best have meant

objects hang around for the lifetime of the GUI page using up memory

and that interpretation makes most sense to me, because Philip added the rooting code, so he should be aware, and the only behavior change in this commit is that the JSObjects exist for the GUIPage lifetime instead of the access request time.

3. To PersistentRooted or to JS::Heap

In D1700#79363, @Itms wrote:

Regardless of the future merge between runtimes and context, I think we should use persistent rooteds as little as possible, so conceptually I agree with the patch.

I'm not sure anymore of this, because PersistentRooting seems much cleaner, as it does avoid the Tracer code altogether.

4. Talk to SM devs

I joined #jsapi and asked the developers directly whether there is a significant performance difference.

Thanks a lot to tcampbell again for answering all of my questions patiently!

The results of the discussion are:

  • PersistentRooted and JS::Heap should have the same performance for the GC tracing. (The only difference is that PersistentRooteds can't be processed partially during GC slices.)
  • JS::Heap is faster with regards to allocation and deallocation, because it doesn't have to be rooted in a context

Considering that there are maybe 300 GUI objects per page, and maybe 100 event handlers, the rooting might not be significant.
But it would be preferable to chose the pattern that will be more scalable.

Therefore it should be JS::Heap.

5. Future of Rooting

tcampbell has hinted us at a new means to avoid rooting of JS values.
A C++ class only needs a trace function and then the GC can iterate through that if that was rooted in a context.
This means the Add and Remove Tracer calls can be removed in the future, leaving nicer code without PersistentRooted.

	struct SafeBox {
	  JS::Heap<JS::Value> stashed;

	  void trace(JSTracer* trc) {
		  JS_CallValueTracer(trc, &stashed, "stashed value");

        // Only one root for many JS values!
	JS::Rooted<SafeBox> stackSafe(cx);

5. Test with SM45

This piece of code doesnt work with SM38 nor SM45.

So the proposed solution is to update SpiderMonkey before doing anything at all.

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