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damage resistance from nonNegativeDecimal to integer
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Authored by Nescio on Aug 27 2020, 11:12 AM.


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This patch changes the damage resistance (formerly armour) data type from a nonNegativeDecimal to an integer. The armour values are levels, not amounts; all armour values in 0 A.D. and in all mods I'm aware of are already integers in practice; I'm not sure either how to visualize a decimal level, e.g. 3.14; allowing something that's unlikely to happen seems a bit unnecessary, hence the change from decimal to integer.
As for dropping the nonNegative, this would make it easier for mods to implement a counter system via armour levels; e.g. instead of hard-coding a 1.5× bonus attack vs a specific unit type, one could simply give the target −4 armour of the relevant damage type to achieve the same effect.
See also D2247.

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Verify everything still works as before.

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bb added a comment.Aug 27 2020, 1:23 PM

Don't understand the change from decimals to integers, sounds like a regression to me. If all known mods use integers fine, but why disable any future mod wanting decimals? Also what about techs/auras wanting a +x% on armour?

Allowing negative values, might be worth considering, but needs some good look at the code to find potential loopholes.

Also what about techs/auras wanting a +x% on armour?

There are none. Unlike attack damage, health, resource costs, etc., resistance is exponential: +x means damage taken is multiplied by 0.9^x. The question is whether decimal levels really make sense.

bb added a comment.Aug 28 2020, 2:45 PM

Also what about techs/auras wanting a +x% on armour?

There are none.

Currently yes, but why disallow it for any future mod?

The question is whether decimal levels really make sense.

Again if a mod (let be the vanilla mod) wants integers, let it have it in the templates. While I see a benefit in keeping the more general decimal (namely more general modding support), I haven't found a benefit in restricting to integers. The handling code already is general enough. So what problem is solved with this patch?

Whether a parameter is a decimal or an integer appears to be a bit arbitrary in 0 A.D.; e.g. attack and heal ranges are decimals, whereas alert and vision ranges are integers.
For this patch it's very important to understand how armour/resistance works in 0 A.D.

  • In Age of Empires, armour is a flat value: if an enemy inflicts X damage on an entity with armour Y, then the target loses X - Y health.
  • In Age of Mythology, armour is a fraction: if an enemy inflicts X damage on an entity with armour Y, then the target loses X × (1 - Y) health.
  • In 0 A.D., armour is exponential: if an enemy inflicts X damage on an entity with armour Y, then the target loses X × 0.9^Y health.

Many (decimal) parameters in 0 A.D. allow both "add" and "multiply" operations; I'm not arguing that should be restricted. However, for armour those have different meanings: adding to an exponent is effectively a multiplication, whereas multiplying an exponent is effectively a power, an operation not allowed for other parameters.
The other usage of exponentials I know of in 0 A.D. is <ResourceSupply/DiminishingReturns> (in fields). However, here the (decimal) value is the base, whereas the exponent is the number of workers, which is an integer; e.g. 0.2 workers is not allowed either.
Realistically the only situation in which a mod would want to multiply or use decimal armour, is when armour works differently; but that requires that mod to alter code (at least simulation/helpers/Attacking.js) and while that is certainly not forbidden, it is not something the public mod should account for.
That the armour is the exponential is also the reason why – unlike for other parameters – negative armour values should be allowed: 0.9^-X = 1 / 0.9^X. Division by zero is impossible (0.9^0 = 1).

For what it's worth, there was debate already on D268...

Overall I've since aligned with @bb on this -> it doesn't seem very useful to restrict to integer when decimal does the job just well and enables better mod-support.

Freagarach requested changes to this revision.Oct 23 2020, 12:50 PM

Either abandon or change to decimal to restart discussion on that topic.

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Oct 23 2020, 12:50 PM