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Merge entity templates

Authored by Nescio on Sun, Jan 6, 11:25 AM.



template_entity_full.xml and template_entity_quasi.xml are two small, virtually identical files, both with only two children each:

  • template_formation.xml and template_rubble.xml have no parent
  • template_gaia.xml and template_trigger_point.xml inherit from template_entity_quasi.xml
  • template_structure.xml and template_unit.xml inherit from template_entity_full.xml

The above is not reflected in the template file names. Because both entity files are only about a dozen lines long, it makes sense to deprecate them and merge the relevant lines into their respective children.

Test Plan

Probably unproblematic, but check nevertheless.

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Build 11083: arc lint + arc unit

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Nescio created this revision.Sun, Jan 6, 11:25 AM
Vulcan added a subscriber: Vulcan.Sun, Jan 6, 11:47 AM

Successful build - Chance fights ever on the side of the prudent.

Link to build:

Stan added a comment.Mon, Jan 7, 11:24 AM

I've never been confident with this so I need a second opinion maybe @elexis ?

elexis added a comment.Mon, Jan 7, 1:52 PM

quasi and full aren't really descriptive. Bit more duplication, but doesn't seem that bad, in particular because the parent doesn't have a clear definition indicating its use. Otherwise, otherperson is betterperson to ask.

Stan accepted this revision.Tue, Jan 15, 9:43 PM
This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Tue, Jan 15, 9:43 PM