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There have been quite a bit of number of questions how to change scale of the…


There have been quite a bit of number of questions how to change scale of the gui, because this option is hidden from the user.

Use dropdown with values. Implement confirmation box with countdown to revert scale change because buttons can get unable to click.

Differential revision: D3037
Comments by: @vladislavbelov, @Stan, @wraitii, @pieq, @sera
Tested by: @Langbart

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vladislavbelov added inline comments.Oct 17 2021, 1:12 PM

500ms? It's too short.




Wrong order.



Silier added inline comments.Oct 19 2021, 10:12 AM

Its actually 500 x tick

vladislavbelov raised a concern with this commit.Oct 19 2021, 4:04 PM
vladislavbelov added inline comments.

Its actually 500 x tick

It depends on FPS. And that's bad.

This commit now has outstanding concerns.Oct 19 2021, 4:04 PM
[20:04:32] <elexis> to whom it may concern, ./common/timer.js                                
[20:25:11] <elexis> for Angens concern
[20:25:21] <elexis> in the options timeout
[20:26:10] <elexis> also if one wanted to one could use the size property, which is a JS object, modify the width/height/post of that object and push that object back, this way one doesnt hardcode the 50%

hmm, yes, but thats again /mod dependent on /public
probably would need to move it to /mod
also, need a way to get remaining time

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