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Add accelerations in unit movement.


Add accelerations in unit movement.
This helps preventing arrow dodging.

Differential Revision: D3200
Reviewed By: Freagarach
Comments By: wraitii, vladislav, Palaxin, Stan
refs: #5106

Event Timeline

When units get pushed, they keep the walking animation although they're idle. See the attached replay (r25958) around ten minutes.

This change makes it very cumbersome to use formations when moving units around the map. Since the formation is set to the box formation by default (rP24480), new players will be shot to pieces. At least change it to "none".

Testing it on the sceanrio map - Pathfinding Demo with 33 units (1 cavalry, 16 spearman, 16 archers).
First with rP25952: (35secs)

Second with rP25953: (43secs)

In tests on some other obstacle courses, the time increase is usually ~20-30%. The gameplay feels much slower. I personally do not like this change.

I would only give this to special units like ships or battering rams, but not normal human units.

marder added a subscriber: marder.Mon, Oct 11, 2:52 PM
Freagarach added a comment.EditedMon, Oct 11, 8:05 PM

It looks that formation members outrun the controller and have to move backwards every now and then?

finally got to try it and this is my first impression: It multiplies all the issues that are there already with the normal pathfinding. So rams take extremely long to turn and reach their goal, which makes them way less effective, formations struggle even more as currently, as they are always shifting and therefore stopping and accelerating again.

I like the way ships accelerate, but it looks a bit strange if you have this smooth acceleration and then an immediate stop when the reached their target position.

Stan added a subscriber: Stan.Tue, Oct 12, 12:41 PM

Does this warrant for a concern?

Has anyone tested this on the dancing demo?

I want to test it a bit longer before raising a concern. That is just my impression from one game.

marder added a comment.EditedTue, Oct 12, 9:11 PM

this is my best attempt to measure the impact on rams

with this patch (25963): ~ 23 second to destroy the temple

before this patch (25937) ~ 19 seconds

Doesn't seem much, but it multiples with the distance and the number of obstruction in the way.
So if this stays in the game, rams need better armor.

General opinion: while I thought it would be a nice improvement to the unit motion, the only place where I really like it are ships, for all other units I don't feel like it is an improvement.

I always felt rams were much too mobile. But one may want to balance it with armour/health I guess.

marder added a comment.EditedWed, Oct 13, 8:44 AM

maybe also as a general note: What I wrote about rams and @Langbart wrote about formations applies more generally. This basically makes all ranged units and especially buildings stronger (Don't have to move that often), while it at the same time makes melee units weaker (longer path, more stops and turns). So one might also want to think about re-balancing that when this stays in.